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  Yes, I watched the video.  But did not hear that it is a good match for the HD650.  Do you like your Fostex HP-P1?  What are you paring it with?  Thanks for your input.  I appreciate it very much.
I am leaning on purchasing the Fostex HP-P1 but not sure if the amp will be compatible with my Sennheiser HD650? Please advice. I bought a Electric Avenues PA2V2 for my Shure SE535 and it sound excellent and I am liking more as day goes by.  I hope to use the Fostex HP-P1 will be a good match for the HD650. Please give me your input.  Many Thanks.    
Thank you for clearing that up. I didn't think the AOL CLAS has an amp built-in.
Do you think the ALO and Fostex amp is a good match for the shute se535 and the HD650?  Many Thanks.
Thanks.  I'll do some more research and see which one is best.  
Great,  I mean Amps and DACS.  I really like the Fostex HP-P1 due to portability.  However, it is not in stock in most stores yet.  I found in one in Moon Audio and tempted to order one.  Thanks again for clearing up the details.  
Thank You everyone for all your great feedback.  I am learning so much about these hi-fi headphones.  Many Thanks.
Thank You for your advice.  I will definitely take a closer look at the ALO Solo.  I just got my Shure se535 today and it sound pretty good but I know it can be better with the right portable amp. I will keep you posted on which amp I decided to go with.  Many Thanks.
Thanks for your advice.  I'll see if I can find a local store in Las Vegas where I can try out both amps.
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