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PSB M4U 2 HEADPHONES   I bought these 2 weeks ago for my trip to the US, they worked really well for the 14 hour flight! The sound quality is the best out of the phones I tested with noise canceling. Check out the reviews online and you'll see! They have an AMP builtin along with active noise canceling. The sound quality blows away the Bose. These list for 400+tax.    They are in perfect condition, I'm FIRM on the price and only want local pickup - in LOS ANGELES...
Firm on price, these are in perfect condition with all original packaging, barely used. I'm selling only as a combo, and I will not be selling them separately. Perfect combo for Audeze - sounds incredible.   http://schiit.com/ Bifrost is non-USB version, you can purchase on their site if you want, but recommend using optical. I prefer local pickups in LA if possible. Buyer pays Paypal fees and all shipping charges.
Dacport in great condition. Selling to help fund another amp purchase. Buyer pays shipping.  PM me if interested.   Thanks!
Schiit Lyr in really great condition, stock tubes, limited use. Selling to help fund another amp purchase. Buyer pays packaging and shipping.  PM me if interested. Thanks!
Good call on this one. I'm surprised this thread isn't more than just a few pages... Also digging "Roy Hardgrove - Earfood". 
Really enjoyed "Joe Henderson - Inner Urge" just now. Also about to play "Lee Morgan - Sidewinder", always a winner in my book.
Tried them at the LA meet yesterday. It was the first time I had ever listened to Mad Dogs before, so I can't compare to the previous pads. I have to say they were very comfortable, well crafted, and had a great feel/fit. I was blown away by the sound, definitely worth serious consideration in my opinion. 
Heard the Mjolnir at their table, listening through LCDs not HD800s. Different tracks, different source - so I can't say it was a real comparison. I have Schiit gear at home, and think that they do a great job with their stuff at a very reasonable price point... but today I had a 'WOW' moment for the first time with my LCDs, listening through North's Sonnet 2. It sounds fast, has snappy base, just great.
So much fun, lots of great gear and people. This was my first meet, and I wanted to thank everyone that let me plug into their rigs. I look forward to the next one. Highlights for me were Donald North's new Sonnet 2, really impressive in my opinion with my LCDs. I also enjoyed talking to Jeff and checking out his PS Audio Dac - really nice.  Thanks again all - just fantastic.
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