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Definitely a good buy - much cheaper than replacing the wife :) The Ether sounds fantastic across many genre, this is one aspect of these cans which repeatedly blow me away (although I always had fun with grados specifically for rock - not sure why).  The cable on the Ether does indeed detach.  Sorry, wish I could speak to the QP1R, but can't. Good luck!
The following is my point of view summarizing my path to the Ether. It's just my opinion, so be gentle. First off, I listen to all genre of music, but tend to bias towards jazz, classical, electronic.   My first real flagship was the Audeze LCD2, it is a great headphone, has great mids and base, but is incredibly uncomfortable, and found the sound a bit fatiguing as well. I ran these through multiple amps, including Schiit gear (which I loved).  Alas, I sold them,...
Back of unit posted - if still interested...   Thanks!
Sure thing - I'll unbox and shoot it tomorrow.
Hifiman EF-6 Amp  - In great condition!    Please, please don't ask for a lower price, I won't respond.    Selling at a low price, because I SOLD the phones I purchased it to power.  Check out my feedback here or on Audiogon.   US. Buyer pays Paypal + S&H.     PM me and I'll ship next business day.   Thanks!
Yes, you'd be entitled to the full three year manufacturer's warranty. I purchased the phones new through 'moon audio'. I have the manufacturer serials, and all original documentation along with receipts from moon audio. It's in the box, and ready to go. Also selling EF-6 amp if you're looking for amplification to go with it. For feedback ratings you can look me up on audiogon - I've sold my LCDs on that site a couple years ago. My user is : vcirelli    Thanks, and let...
HE1000 -  Like New - $2500   Incredible deal. Selling in perfect condition, in the box, all original items barely used.  Warranty good.     Please no offers - selling these for 2500. Please, please don't message me asking if I'll take a lesser amount - I won't respond. These are like new!      Buyer pays shipping & paypal. Sorry, US only. No trades.   Thanks! 
Great observation,  in many ways the HEK sound presentation to my ears is more like the HD800, although the HEK is a bit warmer, and the highs (which I tend to be overly sensitive to) aren't as harsh as the HD800s were for me. I like the EF6>HEK pairing, most everything is silky smooth.  Ultimately, I think you're right though about soundstage, I engaged more with the LCDs, which is why I ultimately sold the HD800s. And, once again this stuff all just comes down to...
This is true, I've experienced zero fatigue with the HEKs. I have experienced listening fatigue with the LCDs during longer sessions, and the weight and presence of the phones on your head is never forgotten - even with the vegan pads. So, I'd agree with you that the HEKs have a leg up on the LCDs in this regard. 
I'm running a Bifrost > EF6 > HE1000 and have done a couple weeks of listening... As others have mentioned, I find the clarity, and detailing astounding. I'm definitely hearing things in this rig that I didn't with my previous set-up Bifrost > LYR > LCD2. Yet, although I hear finer, subtler nuances I couldn't perceive before, I find this setup a bit boring to listen to. This is obviously just an opinion, and maybe it's tainted with an unrealistic expectations, that somehow...
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