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  Well that came out of nowhere, nice song ^^   2:17... incredible
  Push the SD card in further, it should click to show that it's fully in.
pop/click between songs - Barely noticeable (unless you're trying to hear it), hasn't bothered me at all.   no gap-less - This can be resolved by ripping a CD as a single FLAC/WAV file and using a .cue file to determine which track of the album you are on, and skipping between tracks. You only really need to do this on albums which are basically a single track split into parts, otherwise gap-less is not really necessary.
Absolutely loving Aeon's album Aeons Black   Amazing to listen to if you are pissed off at someone.    
Damn release date is March now :p Oh well better that they take longer to produce a good product than rush to release it.
From someone coming from a smartphone music player (a very good one, PowerAmp), there is nothing wrong with the C3 UI or the way it plays music. It took me about 5 mins to get used to the C3 UI and now it's almost second nature. Simplicity at its best.   Who doesn't have their music organized by artist and album in folders?   Stop whining and get organized!   If you want to shuffle your entire music collection then A: You're weird. and B: Don't get a...
ah I see, thanks.
Is the C3 meant to have a mind of its own when charging from the mains? It turns on automatically and random buttons are pressed automatically while charging, odd.
Please can you let us know when we are able to pre-order?
  I have now managed to rip an album into a WAV file with a .cue file for track references, works flawlessly with no gaps. Thanks for that suggestion nick n.     I can see 3 bars in the top right of the screen which I believe are the battery, not sure though, maybe someone can confirm.
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