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Thus far, Jlab Epics for the win; Fit, SQ and form factor.
Maybe they sound similar to Powebeats?
Photive BTE70, which look similar to Powerbeats 2. Bananas, based on your experience and another long time head-fi'er, decided against the jbl.
Returned the Rox. Expecting Jlab Epic BT tomorrow and Photive
I'm trying out the Jabra. Getting a good fit/seal is challenging. If it rapped around the ears, as the Powerbeats, I would trust the phones won't pop out. So far, not hearing a lot of bass. Yurbuds advertise they don't come out of the ears; I wonder how they sound.
Any info on JBL Synchros Reflect or Jlab Audio Epic BT or Jabra Rox? Thank you
Heard a few songs with the EP SB.First time listening to a BT: I liked the clarity, nice treble and sub bass. I would prefer greater midbass, but not bass head, for a gym phone.The sound stage seemed small.I'm used to SM3 and EX1000.Suggestions appreciated.
Continued success with the 615. How do Jlab Epic, Jaybird Bluebuds X and LG Tone Infinim and SBH80 compare in terms of SQ ?
Comments on LG Tone Infinim. Compared to other BT.
I'm considering the EP-SB for the gym, how did they break? Have you heard any of the LG Tones?
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