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Anyone compare the Jlab Epic Bluetooth to the Bluebird X and LG Tone?
I've had the Epics for about two weeks and I like them.They fit my ears well and don't come off. Had the Jabra Rox but would not stay in my ears. I've read positive feedback on Sony's SBH80. Some state it has the best SQ for a Bluetooth.  Sony claims "splash proof" so I chose to stick to a pair with at least a IPX4 sweat proof rating.  Jlab claims the Epics are sweat proof and washable.
Any workout songs?
Thus far, Jlab Epics for the win; Fit, SQ and form factor.
Maybe they sound similar to Powebeats?
Photive BTE70, which look similar to Powerbeats 2. Bananas, based on your experience and another long time head-fi'er, decided against the jbl.
Returned the Rox. Expecting Jlab Epic BT tomorrow and Photive
I'm trying out the Jabra. Getting a good fit/seal is challenging. If it rapped around the ears, as the Powerbeats, I would trust the phones won't pop out. So far, not hearing a lot of bass. Yurbuds advertise they don't come out of the ears; I wonder how they sound.
Any info on JBL Synchros Reflect or Jlab Audio Epic BT or Jabra Rox? Thank you
Heard a few songs with the EP SB.First time listening to a BT: I liked the clarity, nice treble and sub bass. I would prefer greater midbass, but not bass head, for a gym phone.The sound stage seemed small.I'm used to SM3 and EX1000.Suggestions appreciated.
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