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Is there solid evidence that smart phones cause morbidity or clearly safe? Is it probable that in 10-20 years the incidence of cancer due to smart phones be prominent?
Which iPhone 6 case is recommended?   I’ve used the Otterbox successfully for the iPhone 5S, the reviews are not very positive for the 6.   Thank you
Thank you for the info. Now using the larger Earsonics tips and bass is reduced. Comply offers enhanced bass but treble is reduced. I'll try one of the other options.
Preferably in the states. Thank you
Any comparisons between N5 and iPhone 5s, Note3?
In terms if SQ from using an iem?
Anyone had a chance to compare N5 to Galaxy Note 3?
How does the SQ of the Note 3 compare to the HTC?
I understand there are more Galaxy's sold Vs. the iPhone.   I have an iPhone 4 and considering the 5 or Galaxy 4s?   Opinions appreciated.
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