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well I tried doing that but even though my head is small and not big its still feel like something is squeezing the brains out of my head ....
I am really sad, even tho the SQ is good on my V-80 but every headphone i tried after my Beats Studio is super uncomfortable after just 15 min of use ... isn't there anything I can put around my ears so it won't hurt as much? like ear pillows or something? I wanna enjoy my V-80 for longer use. 
I just got it today, and I have to say. the V-80 looks beautiful, very portable, they do leak sound sadly buy I cannot give any certain thoughts about the sound till i burn them a little. so now im just playing some music to burn it then I will listen to them again and see. 
I ordered the V-80 version yesterday just because its cheaper than the M-80 on amazon and I do like the red color more than the all black tho lol so excited to get it tomorrow :)
Don't even think about it. I had the RED version but ... Ok nice color, very light and portable. But not really good sounding and not worth the price. It may cause discomfort because the cups are circules not oval like Studios.  Los I guess it's up to you but I won't throw my money on it if I had a lot of cash to spend.
if not being able to hear whats around me when I play Viva La Vida on rush hour next to a freeway means bad isolation, i really wanna know what it means to have good isolation.
  So you want to say that because a company stayed so long in a certain area means they are good at it? Can you explain Bose? you really think they worth their price just because they were in the music industry longer than beats? (btw, beats is only 3 years old and monsters 33 years old but since beats is under monsters to begin with so I think 33 years really long)   I think this whole idea od being around for so long means better is just a marketing scheme just like...
I agree with the quality built since I've tried it many times in Apple and BestBuy stores here in the US. but sounds wise I really can say around 120~140 euros Beats even worse but yeah I do get your point about it. Don't get me wrong I really wanted to have a P5 when it first came out but for some reason one thing led to another and I didn't. I want to see what new stuff B&W can make in the near future and decide my next headphone :)
well, at some point I think it became the selling idea in Beats I guess. there has to be a reason to be expensive and sound bad you know :)
Well, i don't blame heaven at this point :) I know he was referring to HD-25-1, I just compared the HD250 to tell him that my cheap headphones sounds better than Beats so it means without thinking much that his is better than beats by way up there. and dont be =( about B&W, we both just have different tastes and ears I guess :) I tried the P5, but really come on. 300$? why? its no different than beats at this rate, good looks but SQ come on, really? for 300$ dont u think...
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