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Are balanced inputs/outputs for convenience only?
@dannybgoode Personally I prefer open back to closed. Spent a couple of hours on Utopia last week. Wish it's 1K cheaper. But I think I will buy it sooner or later.
If you already have a better amp, another option is HAP-Z1ES. It's a little more flexible as well (e.g. balanced analog out/digital out). And it's probably a better source than most computers and new Sony Walkman.
I bought lots of stuff online from Europe. In every case to date, there were two prices, one with VAT included for EU buyers and the other with VAT deducted for outside EU buyers. The price listed for Euforia includes the VAT which should be deducted for us non EU buyers. VAT in Poland is about 23%. I believe it will generate more sales from outside EU for Feliks audio. @aqsw have your preordered one?
My point is VAT shouldn't be charged for buyers outside EU. In my case, I'm going to pay my local tax again once it's imported.
The price for the amp has VAT included.
I have been enjoying my HD800 out of ZX2/HeadAmp Pico Power. Since I do need a desktop amp and a source, I'll probably get TA-ZH1S first if I don't get a good price on Z1R.
Can anyone recommend me a microSD to use in ZX2? Thanks in advance.
Don't forget TA is also a DAC. That has to be taken into account when comparing it to other amps and/or dacs.
Which rainforest? The largest?
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