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Seems like the adaptor for HD800 uses different wires. If that's the case, does it have adverse effect on SQ?
Bought in January 2015 with Canadian warranty and original packaging. In great shape and perfect working order. Price $500 Canadian for local pick up (GVRD). Will ship within Canada, you pay the shipping.
Can WMC-NWH10 cable be used for any external DACs ?
Kimber Kable makes Z7 better. If you don't believe me, you should try it yourself. If you can't hear the improvement after you try it, you can happily return the cable. I've decided to keep the cable.
Can 5Z4G be used in wa6-se directly? Also where can U52 tubes be found? Thanks.
Put the stock cable back, garbage. Kimber Kable makes huge difference. My amp is max'ed out WA6-SE and DAC is old classic Marantz CD-7. If you like your Z7, get a better cable for her.
The Z7 kimber kable tightens up the bass.
$215 Canadian dollars.   Original owner. Phone in excellent condition, less than 6 month old.   Local pick up and price is firm.
How do you control the volume?
It's not listed on your website. Could you provide more info?
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