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Bought brand new on 4/4/2015 from Headphone bar in vancouver. Put on 50 hours max. Brand new like condition. Local sale only.   $1080 Canadian.
Any holiday promos?
198,888 156,789 178,871
What's current market price for edition 9?
Nothing is wrong with the phone. It works perfectly. I need cash for expensive phones.
what?   BTW, I'm selling my sig pro, but I might withdraw it. I really enjoy it out of Sony ZX2.
Don't demo it. I demoed it yesterday and I want one.
Bought form here http://www.head-fi.org/t/802318/grado-rs1e . Put on less than 50 hours. $SOLD Canadian. Buyer pays the shipping and PayPal fee if needed.
Bought brand new soon after they came out. Not been used much, less than 300 hours for sure. Like new condition.  $SOLD Canadian plus shipping & PayPal fee if needed. Pictures will be posted this weekend.
No trade.
New Posts  All Forums: