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Price dropped!
Bump. bump!
Edit: Price dropped! These headphones are just about a month old now, and are still in perfect condition. I am the second owner of these between the two of us there is probably less than a dozen hours on them. I am including the original packaging, the original earpads, and a set of (only tried on) velour earpads. These headphones are just as great as everyone makes them out to be! However, I had some bills come up unexpectedly which is making me recoup funds where I...
I just got my HE-400's in the mail the other day. I gave them a good audition with the stock pads, but wound up switching them out for the velour ones today. They really do make a difference to me, and even if the sound signature was the same as the leather pads, they are a lot more comfortable to me. Have been running them straight off my laptop's headphone port so far, but my Magni / Modi stack should be here tomorrow. I've been enjoying them so far, and plan on...
Yes, I was curious about the new models - if there were any details or reviews on them already.
I haven't been following this thread very much recently, is there any more info on this? I have started eyeballing the HE-400 much more now at it's available reduced prices.Woody
I purchased these GR07's approximately two years ago, and have only used them on a limited number of occasions. They have since been sitting in a drawer unused. These earphones absolutely live up to all the hype and great reviews out there (do a quick Google search if you are not familiar with them), but my usage has changed, and I no longer need a mobile set of phones. They come with all original packaging, accessories and four pairs of unused Comply Foam...
Thanks again for all the info   It will definitely make for a good place to start from.
USB and 3.5mm is all I really need. Anything else is just added bonuses for future upgrades or expansion.   Edit: 1/4" output would be great, obviously.
Thanks for the updated info. The Yulong D100? They do look nice, but might be a bit outside of the budget right now. Do you have any suggestions of a setup to look into (portable or desktop) under $300 for the D5000?
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