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So just for everyones knowledge, Noble Audio does have something up their sleeve for I'm assuming Black Friday, as per their twitter account. So we shall see I suppose.
Just a comment on the durability thing, Ive dropped mine twice ever, desk height. I was furious that it happened, but they escaped with no damage at all. These cans are tougher than people give credit, the only issue I'm running into after I think 3 years roughly is the rubber stress reliefs on the cans is about to come off, but some glue will very quickly correct it.    And mine are Lawton Damped, and have Lawton Pads. Doubt ill ever sell these things, I also did order...
Where? I can't find any info on this. Checked website and FB page. 
Were getting closer guys, if you find any good deals post em up.    Also Junker, I thought Schiit never did sales, or pre-releases or anything like that to keep costs down. 
Hey guys, I know theres websites and etc for stuff like this, but I thought it would be a great idea to get a thread going for us audiophiles on a budget.    My thoughts are, if you know of any great deals coming up around the holiday time frame, or are looking for a particular deal, throw it up here.    Example:    Im actually am looking for a great deal on CIEMs, from JH audio, 1964 Ears, or Noble, so if anyone knows when that will kick in, start, or be happening,...
Didnt make it on the list :( Please let me know if a second opportunity opens up...My next purchase will be a stax rig, just a matter of which ones. 
Would also love to know this about too. Stax list
Ive actually seen multiple cases of USPS deliverers signing for the packages themselves, and dropping them off at whatever house they suspect is the one is was supposed to be delivered for. Really cant trust anyone these days. 
Would agree here. Make it worth your time and whatnot. 
Hey would love to be on the stax demo! The last headphone meet in austin really made me want a pair, but only got a short time with them. 
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