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Btw im assuming from that post that it is possible to recable stax? Not a huge fan of the stock cord. 
Gotcha, just figured id ask, in case that amp was the equivalent of what I was planning on buying just newer.    So if I am to buy a SRM T-1, will I need to re-new the capacitors? How hard is this? And is it better to just have it done by someone else? 
Would also like to comeback and say thanks again for the guys who set all this up, Im sure it was quite a bit of work. If we do a meet in dallas im down, my main interest atm is getting some head time with some Stax Omegas before I commit.    But hearing some other phones and setups is always a plus too. 
Hey guys, whats the opinion on this amp for the Omega 2s? I like the idea of a new amp for 500$
Gotcha, so basically any brightish revealing DAC is fine correct? I guess then if so I just really need to find a good DAC in the price range. 
  Isnt the Mjolnir an amp? Didnt know it drives electrostats.  Or did you mean the Gungir DAC?   Mjolnir/Gungir is out of my budget probably atm. Maybe later, or the bifrost.    Was this in reference to my post? If so great, sounds good and pretty much mostly what I listen to. Electronic and whatnot simply may require a different headphone, which I already have. 
I figured as much. What source would you guys reccomend for my price range area? I understand I probably wont be able to get it under 2k, but if its mildly close including everything then its understandable. Currently using Schiit Modi. 
Hmm, tough call. I would consider modding, but I only know specific soldering like 3.5mm plugs, and etc. And even then it usually takes me a few tries. It seems that im stuck between the 323s and SRM-1 MKII Pro.    Btw I was planning on going with the Stax Omega 2 Mk 2 or Mk1. I usually listen to rock, electro, and occasionally classical. I have no idea of the stax sound signature in the lineup. Ive only heard the Omega 2 mk 1 myself, and those are basically the only ones...
Is that the general reccomendation these days? Does anyone still produce it, or is it discontinued? Id love to buy new but I kinda get the feeling that isnt gunna be possible. Ive heard the 727 sounded great, but I may have to wait on that one. 
Hey guys, im getting really interested these days in some Staxx. Especially after both meets ive been to ive never heard such perfection.    I was looking at maybe picking up some Omega 2s, mk1 or 2, no huge preference, I do know the differences. But my main issue then is an amp. To be honest I am on more of a budget than a lot here. Id love to keep it under the $1000 range, but if anything in that range isnt really worth it, then I may pass.    What are your...
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