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Didnt make it on the list :( Please let me know if a second opportunity opens up...My next purchase will be a stax rig, just a matter of which ones. 
Would also love to know this about too. Stax list
Ive actually seen multiple cases of USPS deliverers signing for the packages themselves, and dropping them off at whatever house they suspect is the one is was supposed to be delivered for. Really cant trust anyone these days. 
Would agree here. Make it worth your time and whatnot. 
Hey would love to be on the stax demo! The last headphone meet in austin really made me want a pair, but only got a short time with them. 
They arent super important, but they do help increase the longevity of your cables. You may need to open the cups up to make gluing them easier. 
Hmmm....If you can then, you could wrap the outsides of the pads in fleece or a very soft cloth. Wont effect the sound a ton, but will hide the leather detoriation, and be very comfy. Warm in the summer though.  Ive seen it done before, cant remember where though. 
Its a stress relief. I would personally try hot glueing it or, super gluing it back on. To fix the pads, personally I would just buy Lawton Audios pads, they are better in every way than stock. 
Lol its all good, my main curiosity was if it was even possible to recable stax. In reality it would take me damaging the cable in some way to attempt to alter it. 
FWIW I was just asking for costmetic and usability standpoint. I know there probably wasnt going to be any if at all difference in sound. 
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