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So guys, it looks like Ive narrowed my choices down to two products. My criteria was, physical volume knob, works with Note 4, and portable size.   My only concern at this point is, are these going to be clear enough to not cause any hiss or static on super sensitive CIEMs, like my 1964 V4 Quads.    Fiio E18...
Where can I find this list so I might educate myself? Thanks for the help
Dacport, or C5D? 
Hey guys, quick question, I'm sure its been answered in these 400 pages somewhere, but don't have the time to read it all. Will OTG cable or Android phones such as the Note 4, play ALL audio through OTG, such as Spotify, Pandora, and onboard players like Samsung Media?    DAC wise lookin at the JDS C5D or something of the sort. 
Picked up some 1964 Ears Quads on the BF sale. Ordered with Translucent Black, and Aluminum faceplates. 
Hey sorry about that. But yeah thats basically what I meant, I know of course you guys can't actually tell me how good it would sound, but I just wanna make sure there are no glaring faults. With the CSI4 vs CSI6, I think they were both matched to that series of speakers, as polk does have a TSX series thats specifically designed for HT. The biggest difference to my knowledge is, one is bigger, handles more wattage, and designed for larger rooms.    On the subs, yes this...
Hey so this may be the wrong section, if so, my bad. Im setting up a HT/Music room for my family, and happen to work at an electronics store, where I get a large discount on certain brands. The point of this thread is to see if anyone knows of a better solution or possible setup for the room. Will be used majority for Home theater, but also some music listening, which I am a bit of a basehead.    Current Plans:  5.1 Sound, room size 10x12x9   Receiver: Marantz SR5009,...
Anyone have anything on this?
Hey guys, and gals.    So I'm building a home theater system, and am able to afford some things I normally wouldn't. So I'm looking at a 5.1 setup, for a combo of HT and Music. I currently have a Schiit Modi, and Asgard 1, which I use for my Lawton Modded D5000s, Vmoda 100s, and a few others.    The purpose of this thread, is to find out if a AV receiver is equivalent or of greater quality of sound than my Schiit gear.    The receiver options at this point...
So FYI to those curious, 1964, JH audio, Noble, and UM all had sales going on, some might still be going. Picked up some 1964 quads for a good price. 
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