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Hi there been trying to find reviews for the new sony h3 iem. Is it worth it? Lost my westone 4 and i have 18% off discount for sony products. That works out to be $400( singapore dollars). Thanks
Does the sansa fuze has a line out?
Hi there. Can you guys name the various types of source that has a line out so that it can be used with an lod and amp? And also,budget doesnt matter. Thnx for helping
Anyone knows where to get one of this bad boys? And is there a dicount? I want one of this bad boys :D
Theres a popular legend which says the fit of an iem can only be defeated by a custom iem. I hope you would find and read through the amazing story of the legend and be enthralled with it
Just to ask you guys a question. If i bought a used livewire 3 and reshell with um is it possible to add 3 drivers?
Hi there, just to ask can this lod which i have bought work with the teclast t51? Also im using it with madcap amp and my tf10. And lastly, any recommendation for the tf10 cables? Budget around $usd110
Hi,im looking for a portable source to be used with my lod,amp and tf10. Any recommendation? Only want it solely for music. Budget around $250
Just to let you know,im selling my atrios mg7. It is considered the best basshead iem,other than the ie8. Just search on my for sale thread
Adjusted my price. Pls pm me your offer
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