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Anyone that understands French, please? Really can't figure the final conclusions of the whole test and am very curious! Thanks for the help!
BTW, where does one buy KGSSHV, please? Thank you!
Thanks! Appreciate your appreciation, built the PC myself (always do, for friends and family too, really enjoy building those things).And, the best part: it's almost inaudible, really. I use air cooling but all my coolers are Noctuas (super-silent). The only noise you can actually hear is when gaming, then the CPU gets noisefull, specially the videocard (MSI GTX680 Power Edition), which is responsible for around 70% of the noise.You can only hear my PC fan sound, when the...
- - - -
Think I'll do it with Turbulent Labs, email sent!
And, about Woo GES, as far as this thread is going: I assume it is NOT dynamic and detailed (as in micro-detail retrieval) at all? Is that right?
So, you guys think SRM 727 cannot achieve the real beauty and depth of tones in a classical song or Jazz? By the way, thanks so much for all the help!
Also, is 727 Mk II better than 727 Mk I?
So: 727 or GES? Which will actually sound BETTER?
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