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I found that page, but couldn't figure out where I got the 15v bias. I'm using 12FK6 tubes, do I'm not sure why I biased so high. Thanks!
Hey tomb, I'm sorry, I can't seem to find the biasing ranges. I found the ones on diy forums, but I also recall that there was a tweak of increasing the tube biasing to about 15V and the mosfets closer to 285 or 290mV. Am I making this up? I just moved and my amp seems to be biased to the values I'm remembering. Thanks!
I think there's a huge potential here that may not have been previously mentioned. This should enable powering the pupDAC using USB on the go, from a mobile device, right, without completely draining the phone immediately, and without the likely crappy power coming off the phone(/wallwart that some OTG adapters can handle)?
I talked to the guys at lend me ur ears not too long ago, evidently the VC1000 has been discontinued by VSonic.
I'm assuming that adding an external power source will allow use with USB On the go for mobile devices. That's pretty exciting. I use my phone to listen at work, and I'd love to use my pup or grub with it.
Not a whole lot to say here. These are the older style smaller pads from the Dt 1350. They have a dozen or so hours of use, but they look like new. $10 + shipping
"If those are the white ones that Samsung also sells separately I wanted to give them a quick listen, yes "I think I still have your address, I'll send them off next week.
Weren't you looking for a pair of the standard Samsung iems? I have a pair that came with my S3, I can send them your way, if you want.
In my experience, sometimes that just happens. It may be that the pot case isn't super conductive, and grounding isn't going to work.
I think it'd be noisey, if powered by that, I was thinking purely for charging, it might allow for a smaller case.
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