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"If those are the white ones that Samsung also sells separately I wanted to give them a quick listen, yes "I think I still have your address, I'll send them off next week.
Weren't you looking for a pair of the standard Samsung iems? I have a pair that came with my S3, I can send them your way, if you want.
In my experience, sometimes that just happens. It may be that the pot case isn't super conductive, and grounding isn't going to work.
I think it'd be noisey, if powered by that, I was thinking purely for charging, it might allow for a smaller case.
I posted from my phone. If you put the item number in, it still works. Nevertheless, it's a company called LiteLong, here's another auction for the same basic item:, if you google LiteLong, you will find that they actually have Lithium Ion batteries rated up to 880mAh, which, if true is nearly an alkaline!I still like the idea of using a qi pad to charge, it would allow for a smaller case. The pads are  ~$5 and only about...
Is there a grounding screw on your pot? The Alps pots in the plastic cases have a grounding screw. Else, ground the case. Is it in a metal case?
Not much different price wise than lithium, but it would mean a simpler charger. I found these at 500mAh: And these at 450:
This is the last sentence of the NiMH wiki. "In October 2009, ECD Ovonics announced that their next-generation NiMH batteries will provide specific energy and power that are comparable to those of lithium ion batteries at a cost that is significantly lower than the cost of lithium ion batteries.[31]"The company made most of the batteries for hybrid cars. It looks like they went out of business in 2012, selling to BASF, who licenses the technology. I'm assuming they're in...
I recently heard that someone (likely many) were releasing NiMH batteries that had higher charge densities than lithiums at a third the price, and with faster charge cycles, supposedly coming out this year. It might be something to consider.
I would still be very interested to hear your thoughts on the KRK line of cans: I've been trying to find an excuse to pick up a pair, but I really have no need. They've gotten spectacular reviews on head-fi.   Having heard their desktop monitors (they're spectacular, anyone looking for monitors should check them out), I'm pretty curious about these cans.   Hope...
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