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Thank you. 
I was really looking forward to buying the E10 (amp/DAC), but then I've read in a couple of places that it cuts of the beginnings on songs, not A LOT of the first few seconds of audio, but enough for it to be noticeable/annoying. Anyone else experience this? 
The only standard I have to judge music quality right now is through $10 Sony earbuds I got like two years ago, and I REALLY want to hear music as beautifully as most of you say you do. And, reading reviews and everything, the D5000 seems to be what I'm looking for, good for dubstep/vocals/acoustic.    Though, I know the difference in sound from Sony earbuds to the D5000's would be HUGE, but some people say not to spend so much on your first pair of headphones, and...
Please & thank you!   - $400 used max. - really forgiving of bad source material. (like 142kps MP3) - for dubstep, many other kinds of EDM, acoustic, classical (i pretty much need an all-arounder) - needs at least DECENT noise isolation. - closed. - amp/DAC: E10, to be used at home.
DAC/Amp: Hrt MS II/ Undecided Music: Rap, Dubstep, Hardstyle, Orchestra   - Needs to have decent isolation. - Closed. - Must be a good do-it-all headphones with amazing bass, great mids, and at least decent treble. - $400 used max.   I was looking into D5000's, but the thing is I can't tell a difference between 128kps and 320kps (I don't have trained ears at all, and some of my music is in 128kps), so I wonder if spending like $400 on them is really worth...
I've seen a few white Sony's here and there, don't know exactly which ones though. I saw a guy with XB500's, I kept staring REALLY hard at them trying to think of what model they were.
Looking for HPs to listen to this kind of music: (needs to do well with orchestrated music, especially with songs like the 2nd one)       Price: No more than $375 Source: E7/ Matrix M-Stage or KICAS Caliente   I was considering the K701, would that be good? Though, I also want to know all my other options.
I'm wanting the D2000, E7, and LOD3 soon.
please and thank you.   - good isolation - good for pretty much all types of music (i want a good all-arounder.) - $350 or below. - good amount of bass with mids that aren't recessed (preferably, some recession is okay as long as it's not TOO much.)   will be used with E7/E9 combo, source = iPhone 4, PC.  
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