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Okay, turning on the gapless seems to fix this issue. Cool beans. Easy fix.
Yeah I noticed this too. Unplugging the headphone will bring it out of a weird coma. I need to regress to 1.20. I think I'll just wait for the offical release. I'm done messing around with beta firmware. It's not for me. *I just turned on gapless to see if the problem goes away. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the new gapless. I will report back if this fixes the issue.
On a side note: I've had the X5 for more than 100 hours now and James @ Fiio, amazing job man. Seriously, this thing sounds just jaw-dropping amazing. The Fiio E7 was my first DAC/AMP like 3 years ago and I had the E17, E10, and X3. Amazing to hear how far Fiio has come. My hat off to Fiio for the X5. I've always been proud to own Fiio, but now more than ever.
 Interesting...I will play with the setting and see what I discover. Maybe it's a bug that has to do with the idle and sleep timer. Hmm... (I do have gapless turned off as I don't really need it. Perhaps I should turn this on?)
Of course man. No hurries. The FSP will be available whenever you're ready.  
They are deep. That's actually the one aspect of the pads they got right. Just order one man, the FSP was made for your ears. Haha.
The momentums were closer to supra-aural for me. I know they're basically the same size, but the FSP's extra width helps me squeeze my ears inside. I think if the momentums fit you then the FSP should be the next headphone you get. Focal has given a blessing to those with small ears and a curse to those with bigger ears. Haha.
My ears are sort of inbetween. I can wear them as circumaural or supra-aural. I usually wear them circumaural, folding my ears inside the cups a little bit, sort of squeezing them inside. Strange how this is still comfortable for me, but it is. I think the crazy awesome sound quality does have me a little bias, trying to see the best side of the FSP.
So I have about 100 hours on the X5 and running the Spirit Pro and it's truly all I can ask for in a portable system. I know there will be better DAPs and headphones in the future but I want to say this is my end game for now. I'm very happy with this combo, such a high level of sound from a portable system that is relatively affordable. Such clarity, transparency, balance, and openess to the sound.   Any FSP owners thinking about X5 I say go for it. You will be very...
I upgraded to the Beta 1.23, and found that the X5 just turns off randomnly after it's done playing a track. This is normal? Again, I'm not complaining I'm just wondering if I'm doing something wrong.   *btw where can I get firmware 1.20 if I want to regress back to it? This turning off thing is kind of getting annoying.
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