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UE900's are pretty nice. I had the old version for months without any issues. I did prefer the W4R over them but nothing wrong with loving the UE900.   Why not try the Luker version of 2.1?   You can always revert back to the ibasso 2.1 or even 2.0 if you feel like you're missing something.   The UI response alone and the snappier start up makes it worth it assuming sound stays relatively on par.
Me jelly
Wow thanks imackler. You're the best
I went from 2.1 to 2.1L (Lurker version)
Anybody using the DX90 + 1540 combo?   I tried this at an audio shop yesterday and it was instant magic. I was expecting bloated bass and a recessed upper-mid/congestion but it sounded balanced wide open and pretty darn fantastic. I'm wondering if it was just the DX90 bringing nice synergy with the 1540.
So I went to a audio shop intending to try out the HD800 for like the tenth time and tried out the 1540 on a whim and oh my they sounded great.   I went in thinking the bass would be bloated and the the headphones too dark in the upper-mids, but they sounded surprisingly balanced and the comfort was off the charts. Now I'm kind of lusting for one. They sounded fantastic off the DX90. I will probably go back this weekend to make sure my impressions weren't some kind of...
That's kind of funny cuz I hear a pretty clear difference. He's the smart one so I do believe him when he says something. I guess that's what makes this hobby so great some funny things going on in the ears/brains of audio nerds. All I can say is that Lurker's version of the FW gives me goosebumps up and down listening to the same songs with same headphones (I went in with the bias that it might sound worse cuz it's not "official"). It sounds more detailed/clear with a...
Anybody know any deals for the Shure 1540?
So I tried the latest and greatest FW by Lurker0   and OMG it sounds amazing. The UI response is fast and neat and the new font looks nice and clean. At this point I'm not sure if I ever want to change the firmware cuz it's pretty perfect the way it is.   Lurker you're a genius
Diamond transducers? How exactly would this work? Sounds weird to me...
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