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Seems like an obvious question but have you tried the SE846?
Yeah that's the one. In South Korea, they're running a promotion where they give you that cable for free with the purchase of a Z5. I was just curious of people's impressions with it. Interesting that it's virtually an unknown factor on this thread...
Has anyone tried the Z5 with the official upgrade cable? Any impressions?
Yeah I read your comments on the EL8 thread. Audez'e will no doubt step up their game before launch.
So this will be out around the same time as the EL8. Can't wait to hear them both against my 1540. I can't believe we're so close to having affordable closed-back planars. I love the future.
Ouch man.. I feel you pain.  Let us know how the warranty process goes.
The SRH1540s are a wonderful headphone. A lot of thought and care went into the tuning and construction.   And umm.. yeah I started the official Focal Spirit Professional Appreciation thread.   I love neutral sound and they sounded too bassy from the X5, but from the DX90 the bass is tastefully done   *Dismissing them as run of the mill bassy garbage is probably a mistake. I think over time and with different sources one might find the SRH1540's are truly magical....
Glad to hear you're enjoying them. The K3003 are supremely awesome
Something very alluring about the W60. The way I know this is that I keep wanting to go audition it. It's strange because normally I would have bought it by now. There is something about it that's hard to put into words. It's very spacious, seperated, while being smooth. I feel like the delegation of different frequencies is somehow better than my other three IEMs. I'm close to taking the plunge I think.   In short: W60 = Holographic spaciousness/seperation +...
James the CEO of Fiio said it was II and not K so I would go with that for now
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