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then you can become "golden ears"
That's a nice real world photo of the K10U. Can you take some more in better lighting. Are the gold flakes durable? (not sure if they're applied on the outside or inside)
I wonder how the K812 sounds with Schiit's new endgame Rag/Yggy combo?   It's too bad there's pretty much zero impression of the K812 from RMAF. I guess nobody had these cans there.
I think I've asked this before but has anyone tried the Oyaide Shure cables?
Just saw Amos's video and at the end when he takes off the pads... OMG talk about driver porn. Those 70mm are way too sexy...   *thanks for video Amos it just makes me want to get the Z7 even more now...
 This pretty much sums it up. Most headphones sound like they're missing informatino compared to the FSP. The FSP shows you everything without exaggerating any particular part.  Thanks Claritas. And I agree with you that it's kind of sad that people have to think about the warranty even before spending $350 on a headphone. This is just my guess but I think Focal will eventually update the FSP like they did with their ONE model. I know their official line is "there are no...
Yeah the Dealer I bought it from has referred me to their distributor: Audio Plus Sound, so I've contacted the dude who can solve this thing for me.   I guess it's good that I had this problem as I'm sure many people are wondering about the replacement process. I will update this thread and let you all know what happens if the plastic cracks on your FSP.
I have both DAPs. I think I prefer the X5 with the FSP.
I e-mailed HIDEF Lifestyle. I purchased from them through Amazon Prime. They're an authorized dealer so I hope they can replace it. Strangely, the headphones are still functional and sound fantastic. The crack is just ugly and does not meet my OCD expectations, plus it almost gave me a heartattack when I heard that "crack!" I wonder if they want just the headphone back or the box and accessories as well? as I no  longer have the original box. Threw them out when I had to...
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