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Yeah man. I'm glad we're both enjoying our K3003s. I had the X5 for a long time and enjoyed it quite a bit. It's very good for the money. I just wanted to try the AK100ii or AK120ii The K3003 sounds FREAKING-AMAZING-BALLS from the DX90 with the latest Lurker 2.1.5 firmware. I actually was forced to spend most of the day listening to the SE846 (because I needed the extra isolation), but in the evening I switched to the K3003, sitting in my favorite cafe to get some more...
If you like the white filter, that's fantastic and shows that AKG did a great job of including all the filters.   I was thinking It could also be your chain. The K3003 might just be revealing things about the X5. I owned the X5 since launch until about two weeks ago. I sold it to help fund the AK120ii, but also because the DX90 sounds so much more neutral/linear, not to mention transparent. I think the X5 has gentle bumps and dips here and there that can be pleasing with...
Haha, so funny now
+1 They sounded pretty bad from my X5 but sounds world class on the DX90. Very picky and sensitive to changes in DAPs IMHO, more so than almost anything else I own.
When I tried the W60 I thought it was okay but noticed the same mid-bass thickness masking the lower mids a bit, just like my W4R. To be fair it was a lot less and I prolly wouldn't have zero'ed in on it without my pervious Westone 4R experience but yeah that was concerning. I did think it was nicely detailed, but a little boring and the overall impression I got was, "meh."   I sort of want to go listen to them again soon, as I'm buying up nice IEMs left and right.
I figured that, I had to do a plug for my K812. Haha  Anyway, good luck in your search. And thanks for your brief impressions of the K10. I'm becoming less and less interested. It is much brighter than the Roxanne's though right?
 Ah really? I guess I misread the impressions. I got the impression that people thought they were quite neutral with good treble presence.I would recommend the K812. It's like a SUPER K3003
I'm thinking of the K10U as my next IEM. That and adding the HM901 or AK120ii. I'm curious about how the K10 will perform against the K3003.
   And so it begins...
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