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So wait... does the Z7 leak like a semi-open can or not? (e.g. Fostex Th600/900)   Didn't Nomax say there was no leakage?   Jude? if you could chime in please?
Is it just me or is the Z7 pretty sexy?   I really wish someone would tell us about leakage. For me leakage is more important than isolation. Given that it's a circumaural type, it's going to have at least medium isolation which means once the music gets going I won't hear a thing. The bigger issue is will the little vents be like mini-speakers or will they be dead quiet?
Hey guys. Any more impressions of the K3003 vs Roxanne?   I went through the search function but didn't find much.   I'm currently using the IE800 with my DX90/X5 and I do like the combo quite a bit. I've auditioned the K3003 a few times and felt like they were freaking awesome, even more so than the SE846/W60 so I kind of had my heart set on that. I come from many years of enjoying a dark/lush signatures like the LCD-2/HE-500/HD650, and I just got really REALLY tired...
Thanks Jude for your impressions and photos too. I love how you tell us the back story and everything.  (this is why I come to Head-Fi and stay here) To say I'm excited about the Z7 is an understatement. The price point is pretty nice too. It's not in the $1000+ category like a lot of new flagship headphones and IEMs I think the most shocking thing from your mini impressions are: "What I will say is this: To my ears, this is Sony's best headphone in quite some time--for my...
Depending on the performance it could be a huge bargain or "overpriced." I guess we'll all just have to wait and see.Sorry I didn't mean to be rude. I was just sharing my own impressions. I do love the H3 quite a bit and came close to walking out of the store with them many times after audtioning them.
The H3 is very nice for the price being offered (very very nice) but the IE800 is noticeably better than the H3 with stock tips. And honestly I don't expect them to compete as they're in completely different price categories.   If the Z5 is the equal of the IE800 or even superior in some ways that would be very nice indeed.
Sorry didn't mean to come off like I'm rushing. (I'm not at all actually)   I have the DX90 which is also built on two 9018KMs, wondering how Hifiman will improve upon it. I'm very curious about what it might look like. I think it would be cool if Fang could improve the sound while using lesser chips and less energy to boot.   (just for the sake of fun and pure speculation) could the "s" stand for "small?" which means the 901s will be thinner/smaller verison of 901?...
Maybe I should get the old version before they sell out?
901s?   Sub'ed  
Pretty excited about this.   Sub'ed
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