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So much anger on this thread rofl It's funny cuz in about three months time everybody and their mama will own the AK360 and talk about how awesome it is Since over 10,000 people bought the Hugo for $2500, AK is counting on that group to buy this too.
I'm curious about the tuning of the X5 G2.   I liked everything about the original's sound signature except for hint of the Fiio house sound (he emphasized thick bass and slightly muted highs). I hope Fiio made it more airy/open sounding with neutral bass, let people who want colored sound do it with EQ or with bassy headphones.   Just my 2 cents of course. I hope early reviewers can shed some light about whether Fiio house sound still exists in 2nd Gen.
I tested the Jr. side by side with the AK100ii and AK120ii.   Surprising how similar they got the signature while using a completely different DAC chip. I've never heard the wolfson sound so neutral. I could have sworn all three were using the Cirrus logic instead of Wolfson.   It lacks a bit of refinement and smoothness of the older brothers but it sounded pretty excellent/amazing. I think I would prefer it over the X5 and DX90, just because of the neutral signature....
Hello all,   I'm letting my DX90 go because I just purchased the AK100ii   It's a complete package deal that includes:   Ibasso DX90 + Dignis Buttero Black Leather Case + 3 Genunie Samsung Batteries + 64gb Sandisk Ultra micro-SD   I purchased all three Samsung batteries at offical Samsung stores (Samsung Digital Plaza) in Seoul, South Korea, so it doesn't get any more genuine than that.   Everything comes in mint condition, as pictured. The unit has never been...
Great Review MH. I enjoyed reading it! 
I want make sure nobody attacks audionewbi. You're welcome to share your negative experience  (I do the same on other IEM threads)   In my experience I felt like no IEMs, BA or otherwise could match up dynamic headphones, not to even mention awesome planars. This was in the days of the SE535/W4R/UE900 or even further back the original trio SE530/W3/Triple Fi 10. IEMs were nice but NEVER could approach headphones.   I felt headphones like the HD600/HD650 were much...
+1 The AK100ii was significantly better than I thought. People say the DX90 can be compared to it, but IMHO I think the AK100ii offers a better sound. Not by a huge margin, but significant enough that I care. The UI and build quality is even better of course. The DX90's UI is more than acceptable to me (especaily since I've gotten used to it).
Middle of June? Wow if that's a world wide release for the X5ii, that's very soon, and very cool. I wonder how it will stack up against my DX90 and AK100ii
Can't wait to hear this
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