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Green is such a nice color... looking forward to impressions vs. the Layla and K10AU
Sold!   Wata Power!
Thanks Buddy   I'm confused as to why this hasn't sold yet. It's way underpriced for what you get... 
Hello Head-Fiers,   Selling because I have an AK320 coming in...   Tempered glass protector on the screen and back. It can be taken off easily   In awesome condition (check out the photos)  Box + everything you get when it's brand new   Purchased June, 2015 from AK authorized dealer   Shipping out from Seoul, South Korea   No Trades Please   Free Shipping via EMS (Post Office)   Please add 4% PayPal fee unless you think I have enough feedback for a PayPal...
Hello Head-Fiers,   Selling because the Angie's awesomeness overlaps with the awesomeness of my Layla   In awesome condition (check out the photos)   Protective film over the faceplates. It can be taken off easily. Check out the photos   No Trades Please   Free Shipping via EMS Postal Service   Please add 4% PayPal fees unless you think I have enough feedback for a PayPal Gift
So I hear the more recent EL-8s are much better and free of problems of the past. Any comparisons of the Sine vs. EL-8C, a good recent pair?
The Legendary Fiio SpongeBob Module for the X7~ Amazing!
It sounds pretty good, and the cable itself is lighter too. The only downsides are that the Y-split is closer to your neck and the 2.5mm jack is a straight jack instead of an angled jack. I've gotten used to both changes. I actually like the Y-split being closer now? The straight jack is okay now but I would have preferred a angled jack if possible. The sounds is great, but not AMAZING. The changes are subtle across the board but noticeably better in every way without any...
There is a slight emphasis on the vocals but nothing like the SE846 or LCD-2 where vocals are thick in your face. I think the Angie sounds pretty neutral overall and even across the board. It definitely doesn't have recessed mids... but to say up front vocals would also kind of be an overstatement IMHO. The vocals are very spacious and airy, lot of lift/air to female vocals especially. Sounds fantastic.
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