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Awesome. Just awesome... Not sure how much sleep I'll get tonight. So excited for tomorrow.
Yeah I got real lucky. I ordered the X5 a couple of days after I ordered the DX90. Believe it or not. Someone on the X5 thread said HifiMan was about get some in stock so I contacted them and they were like "yup we're getting some X5s tomorrow, look for it on our website." Sure enough 24 hours later it popped up, so I ordered and they sent one out. I think it was sold out super quick. It's not normally a place I go for Fiio products, but I feel lucky because there are...
I believe the technical medical term is "awesomness coma," where the brain goes into shock from too much awesomness.
It is, but for some reason instead of being annoyed enough to start yelling at everyone (which I would have done if it was any other thread) I'm joining in on the fun and updating everyone. I think just too many postive happy thoughts about the DX90 flooding through people's brains. I for one love getting DHL updates of other people (only this one time )
That's very good news. I guess the 560 is more efficient than it's on paper (as I sort of suspected). My DX90 is coming in tomorrow and it does 2.17 Vrms according to "Head-Fi China Jude Equivalent Dude," which is what the AK240 does in balanced mode. Jamato8 was saying how the DX90 can drive the 560 very well, so I guess it can!. Good stuff. 560 = next headphone.
Mine went from Singapore to Hong Kong and is now in L.A. (I think it just cleared customs so it should be here tomorrow?)   It cleared customs in both Hong Kong and L.A.   *OMG, just got a text message from DHL. Delivery scheduled for tomorrow, for both my DX90 and X5. I ordered them on different days and they happen to arrive on the same day? How weird... I wish I had four ears instead of two now.
Mine went from Singapore to Hong Kong now and is in customs? I guess they have a customs for U.S.A. there?   My X5 is in L.A. customs, haha. I hope both my boys pass so I can have them soon.   As for the DX90 powering the LCD-3, that would kind of be unbelievable since I was powering my LCD-2 from a 50Watt speaker taps because I thought the Lyr was choking out on complex passages. But hey, if it can then Ill be shocked and amazed.   Now, the LCD-X, I'm hopeful, along...
I say go for the 560 or upcoming 400i. I'll be going for one of those too.
It's on the move So exciting. (beta-pigs stand by)  Btw, FYI guys I talked to DHL and they said I can just leave a note on my door if I don't have anyone to sign for it.
Anybody else using the M9 with the HD800? I'm wondering how this pairing is.
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