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I have both DAPs. I think I prefer the X5 with the FSP.
I e-mailed HIDEF Lifestyle. I purchased from them through Amazon Prime. They're an authorized dealer so I hope they can replace it. Strangely, the headphones are still functional and sound fantastic. The crack is just ugly and does not meet my OCD expectations, plus it almost gave me a heartattack when I heard that "crack!" I wonder if they want just the headphone back or the box and accessories as well? as I no  longer have the original box. Threw them out when I had to...
Hmm... I took the Spirit Pro out tonight to listen to them. I put them on my head and then heard a loud crack. The plastic on the headband where it attaches to the cup has cracked...   So after treating them like a safequeen for the past six-months it's finally happened. Didn't do anything different, not sure what caused the cracking, perhaps stress on the cheap plastic over time?   I started this thread because I was excited about the Spirit Pro's sound but in the...
I have and love the SRH1540/Sig Pros. If I get these I can do some interesting comparisons.   (but what about my lust for the K3003?)
So after getting really into IEMs lately I took a break and tried the K812 and it was like   (Holy Hell!)  completely blows away TOTL universal IEMs (SE846/IE800). rofl   I listened for several hours as usual (only intended to do a quick listen), and they sounded heavenly: completely well-balanced from top to bottom (nothing sticks out or dips), well extended to bleeding edges of bass and treble, super super detailed without being cold or analytical, punchy (dynamic...
A lot of great DAP options out there now. 2014... the future is finally here. Haha. DX90/X5 are both nice for the SE846 as far as I'm concerned.
Wow that's quick Dan. I guess we'll be getting impression pretty soon.
Nice impressions. I've been wondering if getting the AK100 or 120 II would be a significant increase in sound quality for me (I have the DX90/X5). If it's just a touch better here and there I might as well wait for the X7 or DX200. They should both be out early next year (I hope)
Wow Mike. Color me intrigued. I'm probably gonna get the K3003 anyway, but yeah I guess I'll pick up the Z5 too when it's available to see for myself. Exciting
Hey Dan. Any changes to the efficiency from the regular Alpha? Are they any easier to drive?
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