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Sorry didn't mean to come off like I'm rushing. (I'm not at all actually)   I have the DX90 which is also built on two 9018KMs, wondering how Hifiman will improve upon it. I'm very curious about what it might look like. I think it would be cool if Fang could improve the sound while using lesser chips and less energy to boot.   (just for the sake of fun and pure speculation) could the "s" stand for "small?" which means the 901s will be thinner/smaller verison of 901?...
Maybe I should get the old version before they sell out?
901s?   Sub'ed  
Pretty excited about this.   Sub'ed
My DX90 has been freezing on me today whenever I try to browse my SD Card. I thought it might be the lurker firmware so I reverted back to Firmware 2.0 (just for the hell of it) but the freezing continued. So now I formatted my micro SD thinking it might be the card. Loading new music now. Hope that this solves the issue. I think I will listen to 2.0 for a while and then go back to Lurker version and see what I think.   Edit:   Okay that seems to have resolved the...
I have a D90 that's five years old. I know what you're saying as I'm drooling for the D7100 right now. I can get a new one for $820 from an authorized dealer in this country right now... drool...
Plug it into the Buddha and reach Nirvana
That's what I'm hoping for... If that's the case I will probably get these 100%
It's kind of funny how easily one can get spoiled by quality. I was pretty sure that I would never want anything that exceeds the DX90 but now I'm ready for the next big thing from Ibasso. I'm ready for sucessor to the DX100. I hope they stick with Sabre as I really enjoy the presentation, especially in the upper-mids lower treble region. Such sweetness and clarity that the X5 is missing.
Yes my wise friend. I will spend the money first and ask dumb questions later. Now where is my credit card?  
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