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Yeah, I'm here to share my own experiences. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I don't get paid to spend my time here or write anything. I'm here for fun and the music and writing stuff that's in my mind incase anyone out there can relate. I"m not afraid to write whatever I feel is true or my version of it. For me the Layla is a fantastic product all around, a very special product to me. I think only hearing and owning the LCD-2 back in 2011 (during the...
Strangely... I do... don't be surprised if I rebuy it soon
Something odd there since the serial number is written on the K3003 body. Just take the tips off and look. Serial number is actually there. That and of course the steel plate inside the box. Anyway the serial is 3219
Too add oil to the fire, the silicone tips also "break-in" and get softer the more you use them. They create a better seal after a few weeks as they become more pliable. When taking the Layla out of your ears they do indeed create a plunger type of effect.   I agree with Speed in that once something starts "burning-in" they sound noticeably louder at the same volume. This effect can also be heard when you just leave the Layla under a blanket and blast loud music through...
The serial number is 3219 Also you could just ask the dude...
Yes, Layla bends space-time and transports me back to the studio. It's the Real deal. I'm there when the song is being recorded and everyone is surprised some dude popped out of the air smiling like a baffoon
I know you're describing the Angie, but you did such a great job of what I'm hearing with the Layla too. The coehesiveness, the resolution and depth of the detail is indeed stunning. She sounds like a worthy sister to the Layla.
She's never wearing anything
2.2... Wow... masterful   DX90 is now complete   Heavens have opened up and Layla is singing like an Angel
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