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Don't see why the K3003 needs to be sold, unless it's a money thing. My K3003 gets along just fine with my precious Layla.   They're friends~
What's kind of been weird is the synergy between the K3003 and AK100ii   My guess was that they would sound really bad/wonky together given the high output impedance of the AK100ii (2 ohms)... but combo has been sublime.. the K3003 has never sounded better, all the soaring details + smoothness/refinement not heard from the X5/DX90. I was going to buy the X5ii just for the K3003 (yes, I love it that much) but not sure what the point is now... AK100ii seems to have given...
Yeah there is something wrong with it scientifically. It creates a time warp and transports you to the studio where the album was recorded. You break through space-time and pop out of thin air and surprise the hell out of the artist and producers. Safety not guaranteed  As for not even trying the SE846 or Layla... why not? It's certainly questionable whether one should own them, but trying them out if you have the opportunity certainly doesn't hurt anything. They both...
The K3003 excels at precisely what the IE800 is good at. It's like a super IE800. As a complimentary IEM, I would just get the W60 or even the lowly SE846 urchin because at least they're good a different things. But If I could only have one universal IEM that is not the K3003. I would get the IE800 over the W60/SE846.   As for the Layla... no, no, no check your seal and tips again. Haha  
ROFL   You guys know my love for the K3003. I rated them far above the SE846/IE800 when many other people rate the three at competitive levels.   As for the Layla, yeah she's all that and more, stunning really, but there some things the K3003 does for me the Layla doesn't. Plus it gets boring just owning one IEM, no matter how good it may be. Variety is the spice of life and I like me some K3003.   I was surprised by how high my serial number was... it's in the 26k...
And... I'm back in the club!   Just picked up number 26,216 brand new from my usual dealer.   Plugged her into the AK100ii and OMG... I missed this. K3003 is a beast!
Subjectively the Layla is one of the most neutral sounding/flat sounding earphones/headphones I've experienced. It's probably my top two of all time. The other one being the Focal Spirit Pros. The difference is that the Layla is 10 times more transparent/clear/detailed and leaves $1,000+ IEMs like the K3003/IE800/SE846/W60 in the dust.   I'm a huge fan of studio monitoring sound, as I go out of my way looking for neutral sounding headphones/earphones. I've auditioned...
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