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Something very alluring about the W60. The way I know this is that I keep wanting to go audition it. It's strange because normally I would have bought it by now. There is something about it that's hard to put into words. It's very spacious, seperated, while being smooth. I feel like the delegation of different frequencies is somehow better than my other three IEMs. I'm close to taking the plunge I think.   In short: W60 = Holographic spaciousness/seperation +...
James the CEO of Fiio said it was II and not K so I would go with that for now
Glad to see you're loving them so much Theogenes! I'm so glad I sold them to you  
Also I guess this is only a matter of time, but James is the X5K also planned? Can you guys do a dual Cirrus Logic DAC, one per each channel this time like the Ak120ii? Cuz that would insanely awesome.
I'm wondering if the X3K will be tuned neutralish like the X5 or will it be dark/colored like the X1 and the original X3?
Schiit statement stack running balanced j/k just my humble DX90
Yeah the K812 bass is amazing. I'm surprised how much it's not talked about. It's loads better than the original LCD-2 bass, resolutions, extension, and how tight it is with plenty of slam (although better balanced with the rest of the spectrum)
This is exciting gotta sub
Now these are my subjective impressions (nothing more): IE800 has more sub-bass and does decay longer. Not exactly bloated per se, but yeah it can be characterized like that compared to the K3003. It is well under control though and well-textured and reasonably fast/precise. The K3003 bass hits just right with the right amount of decay and is speedier/more precise (It is not however bass light) The K3003 also has more treble, but not only more treble but more linear...
I have both right here. Let me know what you want to know and I can be helpful
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