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Sorry to hear of your troubles macbob I hope everything works out in the end.
Do we have any impressions with the Vahalla 2 yet?
It's seems like Fiio is not making it any secret they're developng the X7. Which will be their ultimate player. Is Ibasso working on a rival? An update to the DX100 perhaps?
You might be right. It's too bad I can never know unless I actually buy it to try.
I see.. that's too bad. I'm pretty happy with the Oyaide right now so if I do order this it would just be out of curiosity. I'm more interested in their other cable because I think it might fit my Spirit Pro.
Hello Sig Pro brothers   We may have another option now...   FiiO RC-HD1 Replacement Cable for Sennheiser HD598 Headphones They might be just the thing for people who wanted a more flexible cable. Not sure if they can deliver the same improvements of the Oyaide.
Anybody know if this cable fits the FSP?   FiiO RC-MH1 Replacement cable for Philips X1, Sony 1R, V-Moda M80/M100 Headphones   Looks like it might from the picture. I'm tempted to try them out.
I drive mine with the DX90 or X5 and I'm quite happy with it, better than the big planar desktop rigs I've had in the past.
I'm happy with 2.1   Sounds clear and open. Rocking the FSP this evening with the DX90, definitely moving in the right direction from 2.05. Keep up the great work Ibasso.
Congrats and welcome to the club! FSP is a very nice headphone
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