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Lusting for Angie... might be my first JH Product.
Honestly, I have no idea. Plus I'm not quite sure I believe them. Let's hope yours doesn't crack Anyway, people who are getting fresh stock prolly should feel a little better about the plastic cracking issues.
Just an update to my whole saga. Focal replaced my FSP within a reasonable time frame. They also tell me there was a problem with the plastic formulation for the first batch of 800 units. Which means the newer FSPs should not have any cracking issues. (This of course is if you believe them). But yeah it looks like they're aware of the issues.   I'm moving onto IEMs for now, so I will miss the sound of the FSP dearly...
I got these as a replacement from Focal. They're brand new sealed in box. Never opened them. They are fresh stock directly from Focal.   I live in South Korea so they will be shipping out from here via EMS Postal Service (Express Mail Postal Service) with insurance.   Shipping:   $5 for inside South Korea $25 for anywhere else around the world.   Looking for verified/confirmed PayPal account holder who is a good member of Head-Fi.   Thanks.   -M-13
Back up for sale
Hmm... makes me wanna try the high filters. I will report back when I do.   K3003's make me smile everytime I put them on. Just crazy-balls-amazing.
I have the DX90 and I'm about to buy the HM901, please tell me more so I don't waste money
Thanks for the reply.  I'm leaning heavily toward the HM901 now. WIll be interesting to compare against the DX90 to see how much more awesome it can be.
Just wanted to say thank you to Lurker again. You were right about one other important thing.   I was getting fade in and fade out bug with my music once in a while so I took his advice. I copied my entire micro SD card to an external hard drive and then formated my micro-sd. After that I copied over my original files so that they would be sequenced correctly. It's been over a week now and zero fade outs, not even one.   You are awesome Lurker0     Also, I have an...
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