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Yes, Layla bends space-time and transports me back to the studio. It's the Real deal. I'm there when the song is being recorded and everyone is surprised some dude popped out of the air smiling like a baffoon
I know you're describing the Angie, but you did such a great job of what I'm hearing with the Layla too. The coehesiveness, the resolution and depth of the detail is indeed stunning. She sounds like a worthy sister to the Layla.
She's never wearing anything
2.2... Wow... masterful   DX90 is now complete   Heavens have opened up and Layla is singing like an Angel
Describing Layla frequency response as anything other than neutral is just baffling to me personally. Terms like warm/laid back/bright/recessed don't really apply here. It's pretty much dead neutral (in a good way). There is supreme evenness/coherence and refinement. It presents all of the information effortlessly without emphasizing a single portion of it. It lacks coloration, and there is real breathtaking beauty hidden inside the calm.   I think a first time listener...
RoflIf it's about looking good not sure if JH Unis are recommended in general. But I see much bigger bluetooth enabled earphones on subways and buses all the time. Laylas look tiny next to some of these monsters people wear often. I don't even stand out wearing them. On close inspection they look expensive I guess.
Kind of confused about people's impressions that Layla is dark and or lacking clarity/transparency Layla's tuning is very much reference. As close to neutral as one can get without actually being flat studio monitoring speakers. So it's not dark or bright. Traditionally under normal conditions LAYLA's fullness of the notes can only be achieved by cutting treble response and hyping up mid-bass to make things sound thick and dark. Layla does not do this. She gives you the...
 IMHO: The treble on the Layla can be a tad harsh during the burn-in process (if you believe in such things), but after this point, it is the greatest treble response ever (in my tenure on Head-Fi) What I mean by this is that you get the full blast of sparkle/energy/extension/detail/micro-detail while it is super-duper silky at the same time. It's like you get the best traits of both bright and dark headphones. Not sure how in the world JH managed to do this as my brain...
Wait.. was that me?
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