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so are there still no lightning to microusb available??? man.. lightning has been out for so long and no company has tapped into this market?
Hey, I'm also an owner of an intruder and wanted to replace my battery. How did you replace them??
Also if anyone has these machines, how's the battery life??
Has anyone attempted changing battery on their RSA intruder or CLAS -db?
wow sweet deal.....
Sorry I will direct my questions here insteadThanks
Would I use soldering silver instead iron? Heard of some cable brands using iron to solder to put together the cable.   As for the wires, if you buy them on ebay, how do you know if they are of good quality. Like if you buy OCC 6N Silver-plated wire, how would you know they are of that quality since you really can't test or know by just looking at them.   I think I'm going to learn about soldering near end of this month when i get two weeks off! Then I'll really...
Hey guys   Is there a thread in the forum OR resources for someone who wants to try building DIY cables? I was looking to build DIY cable for IEM and headphones using nice silver-plated or gold-plated cables
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