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Hi, I bought Etymotic MC5s back in 2011 which look like they're going to die soon. Sound-wise they're absolutely fine, but for well over a year now the cabling has been tearing up.   At first it split open near the jack, and stayed fairly small, but then I noticed small slits near where the cable meets the actual earphone, and now it's split open in several places all along the cable, exposing the wiring (a few different colored wires, and then loads of softer, yellow...
I assume the superglue won't mess up anything inside the housing? Or will I have to be super careful? :S
They're not in warranty and I'm not in the US to call them. I just thought I'd try you guys first before emailing them to ask.
Hi. I own Etymotic MC5s, and I was using them as normal, took them out of my ear, and noticed that the left earphone had come apart. I checked the right one, and sure enough, that one had too. The wiring still seems intact (I think) as I can hear music coming out of the tips if I hit play - how would I go about repairing it? Super glue? Electrical tape?   ^ Here is a picture of my earphones. The line where blue joins black is where it's come apart. Thanks.
I don't have headphones (far too bulky to carry around in a suit jacket). I use Etymotic MC5 earphones instead. I can't see myself getting headphones in the near future, either.
30GB was so bad I've now got a refund for it, so I'm stuck with the 60GB :) I don't see much point in getting another player for < £65 as the chances are it'll be smaller, but it'll have less memory and a worse UI. iPod it is. Now I've got to collect the case for it from the Post Office.. stupid signed delivery
The 60gb is the one in better condition (it's practically brand new due to being kept in a pouch and controlled remotely), so from that I'm assuming I should just keep that one?
Chill out.. .the other thread was an accidental double-post. Seriously you need to calm down I've done nothing to provoke you
Chill out, I'm just not foolish enough to randomly do what others say without first questioning it :)
I'd only be saving about £20 over the iPod (which I bought for £65) though, so isn't it worth just keeping the iPod? My main question is whether there's something *better* than the iPod video for under £80? The Sansa players have a pretty shoddy UI imo.
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