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Bump, need more help :/
Hey thanks a lot. So, then does anyone know which DAC is the best, and if the Galaxy S III is better than the Iphone with it? And yes the impedance is 68, so I guess that means no amp!
Hey there, I plan on getting the Samsung Galaxy S III for my birthday on October 14, and was looking for advice on my purchase. First off, what exactly is a DAC, like is it an internal amp or something? After I root the Samsung Galaxy S III, which DAC should I get? Will the Samsung Galaxy S III have better sound quality than the Iphone 4s? Where can I get the international version, and does the wolfson DAC make it the better version over the USA one? And finally, will it...
Wow, thanks a bunch! Yeah Those are definitely them as they have similar writing on them to this photo: R.I.P. Edit: Oh and what is this "Universe" you speak of =P
  Hey, could you guys let me know what headphones the gentleman above is using? Oh, and please let me know if they are worth the purchase and if you need to more pics to help decipher. Thanks a lot!
After some more research I've decided to go with IEMs as the Yuin PK3s are not very durable, have bad customer service, and don't isolate.   The Brainwavs are out because the M1s are sold out a.t.m. (I'm to impatient to wait =P)   The Soundmagics, Dunu Tridents, and Meelectronic M series are eliminated due to weak mids and too much bass.   So that means I'm done to the Meelectronic clarity series.    The CX21s and CW31s are the cheapest versions:    •...
Wow thanks for the quick and helpful replies everyone! From all of the information given, it seems like the Meelectronics CW31 are the most balanced and cheapest IEM for my budget. So I guess it's down to the Yuin PK3s and CW31s.   Does anyone have any input on the Yuin PK3s? •How bad do they leak? •Is the bass to weak for Hip-Hop? •And would they sound good with Nujabes music (links in my first post)   Thanks.
  Thanks for your input! However, I'm sorry if I made it seem like I am pro mids because I'd really prefer a well rounded and balanced sound. Unless someone suggest that my music interest is better suited with a stronger bass, mid, or treble. The 151s seem like a viable option, but because they are almost over budget, I'd only consider them if they are considerably better than the m6s or m9s.   
I'll go $10 above budget to $50, but I'd prefer to not have to use my credit card.
Hey There, I just received a $50 Amazon Gift Card, and I've been debating over what I should use the money on. I've already decided on spending 10 dollars of it on a new itouch case and LCD screen protector. So that leaves ~$40 for a quality pair of earphones.    After a lot of Google research, I've found two worthy options: • The well-balanced and high quality Yuin Pk3 earphones • And the extremely comfortable Meelectronics M9 IEMs   The most important...
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