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 I'm likely going to sell my TH-X00, honestly. The Talos are very good and, honestly, because the Talos isolate more, I use them more often. I haven't used the TH-X00 much since getting the Talos. On a technical and sonic level, I really dig the TH-X00. I think it's got a great tuning and it's one of my favorite headphones, but it doesn't have much of a place in my collection right now. At the office, I've been using the Talos for the isolation and at home I've been using...
I've been trying out SonarWorks for the past month or so and I'm impressed. I've used it with the HD800, DT990, and the M50x.   I heavily suspect that the SonarWorks house curve is very similar to the Harman speaker curve or the Olive-Welti headphone curve. The main differences is that I think SonarWorks emphasizes the sub-bass more and is a bit brighter in the upper mids and lower treble region.
I'm actually surprised these didn't have a thread yet. Would you mind posting some comparisons against the PM3?
   The Talos are an awesome planar magnetic at an affordable price. The first reviews are saying that the Talos are better than all of its competitors in the closed headphone space: Better than the Oppo PM-3, MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs, the NAD Viso HP50. Personally speaking, I preferred them to the HP50, but I'll let other folks speak to the other comparisons. At $250, the Talos are possibly both the best sounding AND the cheapest T50RP mod on the market today. If you're in...
It's because the #1 liked post on the home page is based upon the likes in the past 24 hours. If you look at the 7-day likes, Ultrabike comes up as #1. I suspect that most of the likes on Ultrabike's post are not in the last 24 hours -- the post is over 2 days old. It looks like Dan's post has received 7 reps in the last 24 hours. Link here: http://www.head-fi.org/pages/stats/top/range/1day/#posts
 I've edited my post to reflect that the inaudibility of the distortion in this case is constrained to certain individuals and is not universal.
In all honesty, we probably shouldn't concern ourselves too much with the raw THD+N numbers.   We know that distortion at higher signals is less perceptible than distortion at lower signals [0]. Due to the masking effect, we've also observed that even low order distortion as high as 42% can be inaudible to some individuals [1]. Furthermore, the masking effect increases with higher frequencies [0].   For this specific example, the ADP has distortion in lower frequencies...
Sorry to necro this thread, but I've finally gotten around to reviewing my Woodphones. Mine arrived back around the time that White Lotus's arrived, but I had lagged behind on getting my review out.   I'm looking forward to seeing reviews for the Fostex-based model come out!   Review here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/woodphones-by-blake-graham/reviews/12183
 Not always. Amps are commonly limited by two things -- current and voltage. The higher the impedance, the less current is needed to reach the same voltage.  In this case, the LCD-3 is a low impedance, low sensitivity headphone. The HD650 is a relatively high impedance headphone. Thus, the amplifier will need more current to reach the same voltage with the LCD-3 compared to the HD650. So, suppose I had two different headphones. #1 has a resistance of 16 ohms and #2 has a...
  You're right. I'm just contesting that measurements need to be 100% accurate to be accepted, generally speaking. I probably shouldn't have responded to a facetious point, though.
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