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Sorry to necro this thread, but I've finally gotten around to reviewing my Woodphones. Mine arrived back around the time that White Lotus's arrived, but I had lagged behind on getting my review out.   I'm looking forward to seeing reviews for the Fostex-based model come out!   Review here:
 Not always. Amps are commonly limited by two things -- current and voltage. The higher the impedance, the less current is needed to reach the same voltage.  In this case, the LCD-3 is a low impedance, low sensitivity headphone. The HD650 is a relatively high impedance headphone. Thus, the amplifier will need more current to reach the same voltage with the LCD-3 compared to the HD650. So, suppose I had two different headphones. #1 has a resistance of 16 ohms and #2 has a...
  You're right. I'm just contesting that measurements need to be 100% accurate to be accepted, generally speaking. I probably shouldn't have responded to a facetious point, though.
I think we allow leeway with measurements, though. Rin Choi did a comparison of the different measurements, and everyone's raw measurements differ in their own way. Tyll's measurement set up is a bit different than everyone else's. Rin Choi's measurement set up typically has a bit more bass. I think Samsung's measurment set up has a bit less bass. is sometimes just flat out wrong in the bass, so they do two different measurements and say that one type is...
 Alright, responded to your points and I got some graphs out of the psychoacoustics book.
I think the more interesting debate is the effect of pad deformation over time.   Consider the following:   There is a massive difference between the measurements of the HD650 with old pads and new. Pad deformations potentially can change the sound significantly. What sort of effects does this have on most headphones? Does it affect certain pads more than others? If so, how?
 There are people here that will dismiss reviews if someone mentions anything about cables changing the sound. The thought is that "If they hear a difference from cables, how can I trust anything else they hear? Obviously, their ears must suck." I don't think that's a valid response. I definitely agree that there are ergonomic benefits to cables and their microphonics, though.
Just because someone's expectation bias results in them hearing a difference doesn't invalidate their previous subjective observations, though. It's likely not a function of their hearing that caused them to hear a difference with a cable roll -- it's probably just their bias towards expecting a cable to change the sound. If we accept that, I don't see how a review from someone who heard a cable change the sound is any different than a total objectivist user, so to speak.
Hello, Head-Fi Sound Science! I'm looking for critique on my current view on distortion.   Introduction I've been looking recently into the audibility of nonlinearities. As established by studies by both ALMA International [0] and Geddes [1], we know that traditional forms of measuring nonlinearity (THD and IMD) fail to accurately depict the audibility of the nonlinearities. Large amounts (30%+) of 2nd and 3rd order distortion, for example, can go unnoticed to a...
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