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I Don't know if you gonna get the clarity you want from NAD. From what I've read it seems to be more 'smooth' hp.  I think H6 would give you the clarity you want and it DOES HAVE BASS. This is from someone who comes from D7000 and LCD-3. It doesn't have over emphasized bass like D7000. The bass is there, it does not bleed into other frequencies and it is good quality IMO.
I also think they would fit your needs pretty well. I think it does everything you described in your first post (Considering to buy them myself too ).    In case you decide to go for the H6, here is few things to keep in mind:   -People say it sounds harsh straight out of the package, but vastly improves upon burn in. So give them proper burn in. -Be careful about choosing the right colour. I heard the pads of the brown/white H6 get dirty easily, so you might wanna...
T1 is porbably "more save" choise when buying blindly. You might also want to consider something like T90 + matching amp & dac if you think that your gear is not up to T1. Ofcourse you could also go T1 and matching gear if your budget allows that. However T90 is supposed to be close to T1 sound quality. Also I would recommend to keep an eye on the used sales, sometimes you can find pretty good deals there!   Which amp & dac you own atm?
Consider the music you listen to, your source & amp before buying anything. HD800 seems to be regarded as the better headphone from these two, but some people like the T1 more. Also with a lesser source you are not going to get anything from HD800 that you wouldn't get from T1. If anything HD800 CAN sound harsh from a bad source. I can't recommend buying either of these "blindly". You should try them out first with your own setup.
To name few options:   -Beoplay h6 -Oppo pm3 -AT msr-7 -Momentum 2 -MDR-1A   From these I like the H6 most. However I haven't heard PM3, but from what I have read it is supposedly little better than the others. I thought 1A and Momentum 2 were kinda lacklusters, but people seem to like them. Then again few say that H6 sounds thin and bassless which I strongly disagree. Try find a store that has atleast few of these displayed and try them out.   Don't know how PM3...
From the ones you have listed AH-D2000 sounds the best imo. However it is discontinued and it has a long cable (3 meters?). From your list the Sennheiser Momentums probably fits the best for the job.   Some alternatives that you could consider:       -V-moda M100     - Nad Viso HP50     - Audio Technica ATH-MSR7   Haven't heard any of these myself, but overall opinion of these hps seems to be good. Best thing, ofcourse, would be you going to a store and audition...
re-posted in the new thread.
Euphonic: W3000ANV  
HE-560 for sure if money isn't a factor. Having heard both the HE-500 (which I didin't like at all) and the HE-560, I can say that the latter is a lot better. More comfortable, better bass, much better midrange, better stage... I remember playing few uplifting trance tracks while demoing HE-560 and bass was good, not overwhelming at all!
Momentum probably is kind of a sidegrade (while still being a small upgrade) when compared to COP. With momentum you get little brighter and slightly more neutral sound while still being warm signature. Momentum is also more compact but probably less comfortable for some (smaller earcup size but better padding material). Is there something you don't like about COP that makes you want to upgrade? What kind of sound are you looking for?  
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