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HE-560 for sure if money isn't a factor. Having heard both the HE-500 (which I didin't like at all) and the HE-560, I can say that the latter is a lot better. More comfortable, better bass, much better midrange, better stage... I remember playing few uplifting trance tracks while demoing HE-560 and bass was good, not overwhelming at all!
Momentum probably is kind of a sidegrade (while still being a small upgrade) when compared to COP. With momentum you get little brighter and slightly more neutral sound while still being warm signature. Momentum is also more compact but probably less comfortable for some (smaller earcup size but better padding material). Is there something you don't like about COP that makes you want to upgrade? What kind of sound are you looking for?  
For me these headphones have a nice fit. Outer parts of my pinna touches the pad ever so slightly, but it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all. I actually think that they are somewhat more comfortable than my Denon d7000. I'd say they definitely remind me more of a over ear headphone than on ear one. (Maybe I have smaller ears than average...) 
Easy.   1. W3000ANV 2. AH-D7000 3. Ultrasone HFI-780
Lot of energy in this one 
A new favorite
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