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Excited! Because this seems to be a very interesting amp, considering it can be used with sensitive IEMs and has the power to drive some 300 Ohm Headphones. In addition it looks great, is still portable and reasonable priced... Can't wait to read more impressions on the sound! 
Thanks for your impressions, really looking forward to read more impressions on the new revised version of the FA-4. So do you find the mids, slightly recessed when listening to vocals?
Hi Guys,   I'm looking for a good copper cable to pair with my Fischer Amps FA-4E. I think copper should be the best choice because I want the mids to flesh out a little bit and the sound to become fuller and more organic. Of course in general I like the sound signature of the IEM and don't expect it to be a day/night difference.   the cable should also be quite soft and flexible because I intend to use it on the way, on the bus, metro, walking etc... So if I...
Hey, I see that you have the Shure 535 Ltd Edition with a nice after market cable. I know the sound of this earphone exactly because I used to have one, only sold it because of financial reasons. So how would you compare the sound of the DUNU with the sound of youre 535 Ltd? Could you be so kind and write a view lines for us?
Maybe Inear Stage Diver 2? That's only from reviews but should be fairly neutral with clarity but also fulness. Would be interesting how these compare to the Dunu.Also thought of the westone w40 but in the meantime I concluded that the DN2000 should be better sonically, at least for my preference.
So many impressions... Thanks guys pls keep posting. Because I am still saving my funds and haven't pulled the trigger yet I came across the Westone W40. Did anyone who has the DN-2000, listened to the Westone W40? I am curious how they compare. I know it's Hybrid vs. 4 Driver Balanced Amature but I am looking for an IEM under $500 with beautiful lush mids (very important!) on the one hand and also great clarity, well extended but non fatiguing treble on the other, with...
Never mind, I found out that JVC is selling the tips separately . In case anyone is interested: Actually I'm a little bit concerned about the sibilance reported... Hope that I can have it under control with the right tips.
Where did you buy the Tips? or did you own the FX D80?
So what are your impressions so far with that combination? Because very likely I am also going for the Ibasso DX 90 and DN-2000 combination. 
Hey guys, From what I've readso far I think these are the IEMs I was looking for, because beautiful Mids are so important for me. I am so intrigued, I am going to order them in the next few days. As I read, one have to try a lot of tips, so maybe even more than included in the package. Therefore I wanted to ask you which tips do fit the DUNU DN-2000? e.g. Heir Audio, Sony Hybrids, and what are your favourite tips with the DN-2000?   can't wait to read your...
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