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Hello,   I am selling my Burson V5 Dual Opamp, which is like new because I never used it. As far as I know Burson offer a lifetime warranty on these, I still have the invoice.   Price would be 55$ incl. shipping. If you're interested leave me a message.
nope! it was confirmed here and it's also clearly stated on the trinity web page
Finally pulled the Trigger for Phantom Master 6 before the special offer is over. Order #3172. Now the waiting time begins...
+1 also thought we would have time until some impressions from brooko. How long appx. do we still have time. I am especially interested in PM6.
That might sound a little bit stupid, but did someone manage to open/disassamble the HPA-2C? It's not as easy to open the new version compared to the old HPA-2. I tried to and removed the 8 screws on the side and the 2 screws at the back. I figured out that there is also a screw at the bottom with a warranty sticker. Somehow everything is so tight, I and I am afraid to damage it when pulling to strong.
That's also what I am thinking. What purpuse/function does the cover have, except preventing physical damage? Can the V5 be used without the cover?
very helpful information. I think either Frank's Silver or Copper cable would be a great match for the HD600. It all depends on the taste and the preferences :)Do you still have your HD 600, did you try it with BW, because I have the same thoughts as you and will also go with copper.
I was in the same situation as you and just ordered the BW 22 for my Sennheiser HD600 which is still a great headphone in my opinion.I consider myself a value investor in many aspects of life, so I also try to put things in perspective. Though it's a good idea to keep the Cable vs Headphone price in mind, it shouldn't be rule. I know people who say with that amount of money you could by these or that headphones, dacs, amps... but in my case I am satisfied with my setup and...
Thanks for your answer. My classic arrived yesterday and so far I am very very happy with my purchase. Great Value for money. Also a burson V5 Dual on the way, let's see if it can imrove even further after burn-in and op amp change.
Hi good question, should have mentioned it: it's 4 feet long!
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