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cool thanks for the tip. I am intrigued to try them, as the original pads get a little bit too warm in the summer. Did Tyll also say something about change of sound using the velour pads, compared to the original?
Great news Paul. Looking forward to the new firmware. Will there be a new windows driver as well? I had the impression that the current one is not as stable as it could be.
Because you mentioned the 9 volt batteries, can they get charged in the device? That would be very important for me, don't want to open the amp every time the batteries are empty.
@Paul - iBasso as I already asked in this thread and got no anwer I would like to ask you. How many dB is one step in the equalizer of the DX90, e.g. if I set 1000 Hz +1 how much did I increase it?
can someone tell me how the eq in the DX90 works? how many db is one step in the eq?
 Hey first of all thanks for your contribution to make the DX 90 even better and sharing your firmware with us.Because I don't understand Thai, as far as I understand there's also hardware modification in your full mod involved, but may I ask about the differences between your full/complete firmware and the one you posted here?
+1 more foreward mids would be great, but from what I've heard and read the chances are pretty low and there is a high chance that the mids on these are even more slightly recessed....
what a pity.... if these have replaceable cables I would buy them in a heartbeat. So I guess it's not just a minority hear on head-fi complaining about the cables... seems like it's consensus that the cable on the re-600 even the newer s version is not durable??
Any news on the 5 driver Rhapsody series? Are your 4 driver models the final versions?? Couldn't find any German dealers who sells them, so wondering if they has been released? My biggest hope for the 5 driver version would be more musical/lush mids. Bass and treble extension have been great with the FA-4 E XB already. Also wondering how the comfort with the new shell is? They look somehow bigger to me. The old FA-4 E XB is quite small and therefore comfortable compared...
subbed! DN-2000J is definitely on my radar. Will you get a review sample tomscy??Hope the new DN-2000j will have lush and emotive mids, for my taste the mids on the DN-2000 are just a tad dry. If the j version can improve in that area and doesn't get worse in other areas it should be a really really great IEM.
New Posts  All Forums: