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Thanks for your answer @Brooko. Based on your reviews, which I really like, we have similar taste in Audio so this amp has my full attention! Has it been already released, does VE sell outside China? Or should we all just be patient and wait for your review? The price would be interesting as well.
Thank you very much for your contribution and your impressions @Brooko. Also thank you and the other reviewers for helping Bob tuning his babies. Still love my Trinity Deltas, but already can't wait for the Master. Hope Bob will take his time to finetune his masterpiece. 
Hi Brooko, I am also looking for a decent amp for my new HD600. This VE Enterprise you are talking about, what is exactly, DAC/AMP or DAC only? Couldn't find anything about it...
I don't want to argue with you. Of course you can demand anything you want. I didn't demand anything by the way, just wanted to know the reason you're so keen on it. But as far as I understand it is mostly because of the eq. So let it be...The thing is, as far as I know you will lose your warranty with most of the phones as soon as you root it. Of course I know that you can always undo the root, etc...but still there is something to think about if root would be...
@hykhleifthis is not hostile in any way, I just don't understand as well.Viper4a is a driver and it is for sure NOT optimized for Sabre Dacs. For some smartphones it works decently, because it bypasses the onboard driver of the smartphone, but those phones aren't optimized for high end audio! As for the DX200 Ibasso would implement there own highly optimized drivers for the Sabre Dac, that means you would not even greatly decrease the sound quality with a driver like...
Paul sizewise the dimensions of the #1 DX200 on the photos look reasonable. For me it would be important that the DX200 doesn't get too big, so that I can't carry it around with me when I am on the move. Also it would be really really nice if the DX200 could reach battery runtime in realistic real life conditions (high res. flac files, only playing music) of 10 hours or a little bit more.
Thanks now I can save my funds. Any other specs confirmed?
2x sd or micro sd like the DX80 pls!
would be nice to have more informations about the storage. SD- Card slot or micro SD? Single or Dual? How much storage does it have onboard? Second question. Can it play dsd natively?
I am really considering to pull the trigger on the special promotion price... Please let us know what you think when you got your unit
New Posts  All Forums: