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Did someone move this thread in the Full Size Headphones category?? Because that is wrong...
I'm using a fast 64 Gb sandisk Sdhc card ans also don't have any issues with Lurker2.1.5 L2 firmware. Did you guys try format the card with SD Formatter?   I did it once before i used it but since then did some quick formats via windows 7 but never had problems. maybe that could help, don't know if windows or mac is formatting the card correctly.
 +1That is in line with what I am hearing with my headphones. Using high gain the DX90 almost sounds "tube" like whereas on low gain and mid gain like a very good and refined solid state amplifier.
very interesting! I've never used high gain with my thinksound on1 because it's a portable headphone with 50 Ohm impedance, which shouldn't be hard to drive. But I was curious after your comment and experimented a little bit with my thinksound. I have to say I am surprised by the result: I thought the sound on high gain would be very energetic and fatiguing, but for me the sound on high gain and lower listening volumes (between 180-185) was smoother/rounder with lush and...
oh really? I Always thought the pure II is a very good amp for vocals because it has lush mids and black black background? So in your opinion what would be a good amp for vocals?
used the search function but I am not 100% sure. Are the cables on this headphone (user-)replaceable?
I'd recommend 2.1.5 Lurker2
Wow it would be impossible for me to have it in my house and not listen to it....Why not letting it burn in during day and every night you come home listen to your favourite songs to check whether something has changed or not?? I did it exactly like that and found that experience really interesting. Don't want to influence you, but waiting for your impressions ;)
Thanks for your answer! It was very helpful   After some quality time, I can confirm my first impressions. It's so enjoyable, it's on the smooth side of neutral but still very detailed, which makes it very musical too. I have to admit that I rather prefer this kind of sound than an overly sterile, cold and extremely detailed sound. Found my go to setup for the winter: Ibasso DX90 + Thinksound On1 is a match made in heaven.
No my friend... already too late, they already arrived. Still was hoping maybe the small or the large one would also fit. But no chance, one is too big the other one is too small... but strangely the ebay seller only sell them in the Small and Large package?? anyhow I have to contact him....
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