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That's also what I am thinking. What purpuse/function does the cover have, except preventing physical damage? Can the V5 be used without the cover?
very helpful information. I think either Frank's Silver or Copper cable would be a great match for the HD600. It all depends on the taste and the preferences :)Do you still have your HD 600, did you try it with BW, because I have the same thoughts as you and will also go with copper.
I was in the same situation as you and just ordered the BW 22 for my Sennheiser HD600 which is still a great headphone in my opinion.I consider myself a value investor in many aspects of life, so I also try to put things in perspective. Though it's a good idea to keep the Cable vs Headphone price in mind, it shouldn't be rule. I know people who say with that amount of money you could by these or that headphones, dacs, amps... but in my case I am satisfied with my setup and...
Thanks for your answer. My classic arrived yesterday and so far I am very very happy with my purchase. Great Value for money. Also a burson V5 Dual on the way, let's see if it can imrove even further after burn-in and op amp change.
Hi good question, should have mentioned it: it's 4 feet long!
      Hi,   I'm selling my Toxic Cables Silver Poison French Silk Cable, which I bought last year. Condition is very good, optically and functionally without flaws. I used it for my Thinksound ON1 Headphones, so it has 3.5mm connectors on both ends. I think there are quite a few other Headphones which should work with the cable. Their are some reviews and sound impressions on head-fi just do your research. Besides the cable is soft and comfortable and I am only...
Hi all,   looking for a nice copper cable for my Sennheiser HD600. Preferably from Toxic Cables Black Widow or somethinf from Norne Audio.   Thanks
Lucky you ;)I ordered one at this very moment as well. Can't wait for it to arrive. Because I am eyeing op-amp rolls but still don't know which op-amp is installed by default in the new version, maybe you could tell me which one is installed by default? I have to do some reasearch in the meantime because the waiting for new gear is so hard every time :D
Thanks for the insightful review! I think in that price range it is really one of the best options, especially for full size cans.I read in your review that the Opamp is replaceable? Do you know which Opamp is installed by default? I've read a lot of good things about the Burson V5 Opamp. Do you think this opamp will work in the new Classic as well?
Thanks for your impression! Sounds the amp section is very good.... what do you think about the dac section respectively using the unit as Dac/Amp combo.So I can conclude from your comments it doesn't sound dry, analytical?
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