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I usually listen to my rockboxed dx50 before sleep. I have 128GB SD card and about 5000 flac and alac and some hi-bitrate mp3 and aac. To give my whole collection about the same chance, I listen to the music album by album night by night. That way I must  to scroll every night thru list of albums to the album which I listened to the night before. Is it possible to setup rockbox in that way, that after boot and select database/album, the selected album will be the last...
Dear ROCKbox users, could you please describe SQ difference between latest Mango, and rockbox. Do you think that rockbox is better, and why.  
Yes, I have those combo, and walk together nicely hand in hand.
Just copy complete .zip file on internal memory and in the recovery program select that .zip file.
Installing Rockbox is almost so smple as installing the new original firmware, just one more step. After installing you can decide to boot to the mango or to the rockbox. And you get all the functionallity and settings of much better software.
Perhaps they have bigger buffer or more internal memory or both.
The difference between X5 and DX50 or DX90 is in internal memory to use for database. iBasso has 8GB memory and that's why there is no problem with tag numbers in database, so rockbox is not responsible for number of songs in database, and new firmware could not solve the limit problem. But for other stuff like replaygain, crossfeed, genre/artist/album, parametric EQ, gapless.... and many other usefull things ROCKbox is lightyears in front of FIIO and iBasso firmware. 
What about iBasso DX50, and you can install RB and that way use Meier Crossfeed.
It is very important, what you consudered lossless. If hi-res 192/24 is lossless, than flac 16/44.1/48 is loosy (strictly data view). IMO lossless is everything where I dont find difference between two files in blind A-B test.
Well writen. +1
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