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Me to, I think that we all have that line.
Yes, that is simplier indeed, i am sory, i am programmer and i am probably thinking different way. Even in my iPod and iTunes era i have not used auto sync feature.
What is wrong with drag and drop, could be anything more simple than that?
Well, cholero, i share your philosophy and think just the same.
There is a lot of settings in Rockbox, perhaps you would like to read the manual. It is for Cowon D2, not for DX50 , but it will help you to understand rockbox functionality.
ZX Spectrum was also my first 'comp', if it is fair to call that thing 'the computer'.
Never happened on mine, running rockbox or mango.
Sorry, I didn't quite get it.
You have that option with rockbox.
I have NAD HP50 and AKGK545, use AKG with my comp and HP with my iBasso dx50. I listen to HP in bed when i like less agresive upper mids of HP. When working on my comp (I am programmer), or listen to music on comp, then i use K545. I have to say, that sound on my comp is darker than on dx50, so akg pair with my comp beter than HP50, but on iBasso (more neutral sonding) HP pair very well. That is IMO, someone else may have different opinion.
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