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Pictures please.
You can get one of this:
Does anybody if Korea firmare have English language?
Hello, I have a brand new NW-X100,boght in Korea. Firmware is 1.0, and I live in Europe. My NW-X100 does not have, the so called, 'EU volume cap', so I'm afraid to upgrade the firmware to 1.11. If I download the firmware from, and do update firmare in Europe, Will i get EU volume cap, or will my player be safe, and will not be caped? Is there anybody who have done that, ans sucseed. Thanks and reagards.
Can you post pictures?
AKG highest part of the spectrum is more agresive, sometimes sibiliant. The other parts of sound spectrum is similar as NAD to me. Perhaps I didn't find the right words, just listening to the Nad's is more pleasing to me, as the AKG. So, when I lay down in bed, and listen to the music on my DX50, then I use HP50. When listen something on my comp, then I take AKG, so usage of both are usualy on different places with different sources. Sond on my notebook is darker, not so...
I have both, and IMO NAD is much better.
I use HP50 with iBasso DX50 and for me they sound fantastic. I allso have AKG K545 with Brainwavz HM5 Thick Memory Foam Earpad, but I prefer NAD HP50. Best regards.
Great news, keep on going that way.
I have tried this with gather runtime data enabled and disabled , with same result. In database settings there is a few settings that i don't know the right way to use.-Gather runtime data (works with new build. on older the use produse runtime error),-Initialize Now,-Update Now,-Auto Update.Perhaps someone could explain the right way to use those settings. Sometimes when i try to update database RB tell me that the program is building database in gackground, but he manage...
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