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I thought so too, but I turned it off and had my cousin tried it out. He said the boot is slow. First time slow boot is already expected, since Android is caching the ART or something.
A unit of the DP-X1 just arrived on my end last week. Too bad, I could not try it out since I was sick and didn't feel like trying it. But the build feels so solid just a little bit heavy and real smooth UI too. The only thing that bothers me is that the boot up time took so long until the unit feels real hot (it's using SD810 IIRC, not surprised of the heat at all). By the way, if anyone is still having problems with copying their music into their internal storage, just...
The PHA have basic player built in. Folder based. 64GB internal storage, Micro SDXC(or SDHC?) slot.Anyone looked at the Echobox? How do you think it will compare against the Seiun?
Are there any full tech specs for these?
Your wife is right. They clearly said it can play audio by itself, hence the built in storage.But it could be that the one written those comments, written those by mistake.I hope not. The PHA is exactly what I've been looking for.
I'm sure people are mad because it's a stretch goal that is in no way rewarding at all to the earlier backers.Because if that's gonna be the stretch goal, why not just make another campaign later for it? It can play audio, it have huge battery, etc.$150 is indeed a steal.
It has an LCD and can play audio by itself with built in storage. If it's not a DAP, I don't what is.But they do mentioned that they are doing this because the "power users" are asking for it. They probably they don't want to delay the original products.
Their replies to the comments.
Oh wait, So, why bother with the Pro or Pro X anymore? This is a player itself. I don't get what they're trying to accomplish here. It can even be bought separately (not as an add-on).
Apparently, the PHA is not just a DAC/amp combo, but is also a portable player by itself. It supports some really neat features like USD HDD Connection, but if it have a built in storage, then it's all good to go.
New Posts  All Forums: