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That sounds very disappointing.600-900 Euros just for the sake of their audio implementation when you can get a smartphone at a much cheaper price and buy better amps or DAC on your own, at that price, is just not worth it.Well, to me, any DAP is not worth their price. I guess I'll stop looking at DAPs again.
Game changing or just logically priced?
$770 for the Pioneer version? Looks like my dreams have been crushed.
You actually can just put in in the 'rockbox' directory in your sdcard. It works the same.
There is a theme repo, but it doesn't cover the Android version yet (as it's still in heavy development). There's only one theme so far, and that is DFKT, but only for 480x800.
The ATH-M50 comes in two, M50s (straight cable) and M50 (coiled, expandable). The cable length is about 3 meters. If it's too long, you can simply roll it into a circle and tie it with a rope or something (that's how I do it). It isolates very well, even at loud volumes. It's pretty comfortable too, I enjoy listening to it for almost 6-10 hours non-stop (I don't nothing better to do, haha). I never had any amps, but I don't think amps are necessary though. It should work...
Just got the chance to try the D2000. The SQ is just way too good. Way better than any I have ever tried (and it's the only one above 200$ that I have ever tried). It sounded balanced, and pretty warm. Not too bright either. The pads are also very soft and comfortable. But the pad didn't cover the ear properly and I guess that's why it leaks a lot. It leaks like an open-backed headphones. But it's still a great one though.
I let my uncle listened to my M50 when I first bought it. And he can't stop headbanging while listening using it. I tried talking to him, but he seemed to play at a really loud volume, since he's the kind who listens to music really loud. And it's actually pretty funny when people stares at you, with your full-sized headphones. My response to them (in my mind), 'What? You want to try listening with this too?'
As the guy from previous page stated, I'd rather buy a good pair of headphones for music and another USB mic, since they'd be better. If you're looking for isolation, closed-back are the ones you want, you might want to find the one that offers great soundstaging, since you're going to use them in competitive FPS gaming. Personally, I don't have much experience with audiophile headphones (in fact I only have one and tried only few, I only do a lot of reading), but I have...
Just listen to them regularly. Over the times, you _might_ hear any differences, but I doubt it'd be that much. That is from my own experience, of course.
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