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I've had an Yggy in my main system for about 2 years now, and like it very much. I already upgraded my speakers, amp, transport and cables. I see a lot of glowing praise for the Lampi's, and just wondered if they may offer a decent improvement over the Yggy. Specifically, do the Lampi's offer better/more resolving power than the Yggy? I sometimes feel that I am not getting all the fine details from a recording, and wondered if my dac was the issue.
I just wish that someone would compare the Yggy to a Lampizator Golden Gate or Big 7, as I have an Yggy and was wondering if the Lampi's might just beat it.
Update: the Double Impacts have fully burnt-in now. Been playing some of the Steven Wilson remixes of Yes, ELP and Tull, as well as some Cat Stevens on them. The midrange on these is almost eerie in the way it handles vocals and live recordings, they seem to float in the air. Very detailed, yet smooth. Percussion is very satisfying without being overblown. The goosebump factor is high with these speakers. With a decent amplifier, they will play most anything...
Tekton Design makes a speaker called the Lore which is awesome for small spaces and lower powered amps. Great sound quality for the money.
I just came across these guys a few months back, and thought I would share my experience with them. I bought their Double Impact speakers to replace some old Legacy units that I have been using since the 90's. The Double Impact's are fairly large speakers at 100 pounds each, and 54 inches tall. Out of the box, the sound was quite impressive with bass being particularly detailed, much more so than the Legacy's. The midrange was fine to start with, and really blossomed with...
I suspect my Gumby was defective. The treble was so bright that it was painful to listen to some recordings. These same recordings are fine on the Yggy. Hope this clears things up.
I sent my Gumby back, never could get the harshness to go away. Got an Yggy and have been in audio heaven ever since. Horns, drums and guitar have never sounded this good to me. But as said before, the rest of your system must be up to the task of handling what the Yggy puts out, or it's capabilities are wasted.
The Gungnir multibit definitely is more revealing than the DS Gungnir. So much so that I decided to go all the way to the Yggdrasil. Can't wait til it comes in.
I have a Zana Deux and HD800's. The recordings that sound bad have a bright almost metallic edge to them. They are also very loud, I have to turn the volume way down just to stand them.
So far, I have mixed feelings about my Gumby. On some recordings, it sounds amazing. Percussion and horns have never sounded so good to me before. However, other recordings sound so harsh it's almost painful to listen to them. These are recordings that were fine on my old Gungnir, even good sounding on it. I have 80 hours on the unit so far, and wonder if additional time will smooth out the harshness.
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