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None whatsoever, the amp is in perfect working condition. It was used at my work place and didn't see a ton of use. It was always properly warmed up before use and was not abused at all.
hahaha, if you want to meet me at splash's to pick it up I'm sure we could arrange something. :D
I have a Hifiman EF2A with Voshkod tube amps. This was the amp I kept at work, it's only seen about 100 hours of use. You'll get the amp, the stock tubes,the power supply and a USB cable for the DAC. I accept paypal only, the price is $175 160 150 shipped to US/Canda and $150+ shipping everywhere else. The amp will ship within a day of payment.   Price drop, $150 shipped
I have a set of UE TF10's for sale. They include the Null audio silver cable and have been used less than 20 times. I have an almost full pack of monster tips I will throw in. They come with their hard-shell case and all the accessories. Original packaging is not included. I'm asking $175 shipped US/Canada, if you're outside of those area's I'll do $175+ shipping. These will go out the day payment is received, I accept paypal only. I'm also selling a Hifiman EF2A...
I'm so in on this, I really wanna try these.
I told him how much they cost but he wanted them then and didn't want to wait for a re-order. I've got like 6 pairs of headphones and IEM's so I wasn't hurting for any but apparently he was.
I just sold my pair to a co-worker for $30. I let him listen to them and he just offered me what he had in his wallet. I normally would have just sold them to him at cost but I'm tight on cash this month so meh. Coming from somebody who has only ever listened to the cheapest crap headphones, my coworker said these are the best headphones he's ever listened to. He pretty much bought them after about 45 seconds of sound lol.   I'll place another order sometime before...
TF10 Pro or Westone UM3X if you can get them on a good sale.
I don't understand why D's is getting hate. He has shown us a cheap IEM that performs much higher than it's price would indicate. I don't expect a $7 IEM to outperform $400 IEM's I'm pretty sure nobody in this thread "expects" that. As I said in my review, I would gladly pit them against $50 IEM's. You won't see them go up against my nice Grado's or my TF10's with Lune cable or my um3x's (when they get in).   I think if any claims were made about cheap $7 IEM's...
Yeah, I have a 1/4" adapter at work and I will try them then with my Amp/DAC I only had my iPhone as source. I'll post a second review tomorrow.
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