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Sad to have missed it! Thx for the photos and report!
Nexus 5?
FiiO- can you share with us which retailers have these cables in stock should we want to try one ourselves?
New Nexus 5 owner here. Very interested to see how it does on the N5 with KitKat. I'm going to see if they have the E18 at e-earphone or Fujiya AVIC.
Sadly I am unable to attend :(  
Starting a thread on the Audio Technica ATH-D900USB which come with a DAC in the headphones.   These Cans Come With Their Own Built-In DAC
Thanks AnakChan! I'm sorry I wasn't in town or else I'd have tried to join the fun.  
Another fan of the M100 & C5 pairing here. Two great tastes that taste great together, as they say.
  Has anyone done the firmware upgrade? What's the benefit? Does anyone know how to check the current firmware version? On Mac OS?
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