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2015 and Kaplan is writing the same article... I, Audiophile
Sadly didnt make it today and booked up tomorrow. Have fun everyone! Tokyo HFers, lets try to meet up on a non-event weekend?
Long time no HeadFi (for me.) I hope to make it that weekend. One day I have a relative's wedding to attend so I'll have to go the other day :)
Sad to have missed it but glad that it was a great event for everyone who went!
Sounds like no one was interested in a casual meet today so I'm not going to trek out to Akiba in the rain.
 Search for Disc Union. They have stores in Shibuya and Shinjuku and elsewhere.
 I think I could do a quick meet at e-earphone at say 4:30. I can't do dinner unfortunately.
Hard to believe...   http://9to5mac.com/2014/05/08/apple-in-final-talks-to-acquire-beats-for-3-2b-deal-could-be-announced-next-week/
Sad to have missed it! Thx for the photos and report!
Nexus 5?
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