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You can't hear below 20hz or above 20khz anyways, so it doesn't matter.   You would feel a subwoofer playing 16hz even though you can't hear it, but headphones don't make vibrations strong enough for you to feel (and if they did they would blow your eardrums).   Also, asSleep Mode zZ said above, the frequency response of DACs and amps is usually measured at +/-0.1 db, while for headphones the spec is usually +/- 10 db!
 The Beats part is actually great - you get to introduce her to the whole new world of audiophilia, and she'll love you for it!...at least that's how it's supposed to go, in theory.  Ugh I totally get it... there is one girl I know who I find incredibly attractive, at least physically, but we have absolutely no chemistry personality-wise. We have nothing to talk about other than small talk about work etc. Why is it so hard to find someone??? It's hard enough to find a girl...
Thanks for the info. Looks like the anticipated launch dates keep getting pushed back. I'm looking forward to impressions once they actually start shipping... if they ever do.
I'm just going to leave this here:   “Twinkle Tush” Is Glittery Jewellery For Your Cat’s Butthole http://www.buzzfeed.com/caitlinjinks/dont-bum-shame-your-cat#.whdPxzzB9  
That's really too bad - I was looking forward to good-sounding in-ears that are truly wireless, i.e. no cable connecting the two earpieces. Any other options there, other than the Dash? And are there any that actually made it to production, or are they all concepts at the moment?
Bose QC25 for $299 Canadian ($60 off): http://us3.nmb.ly/iec2n   I rarely see these on sale, if ever.
Selling a pair of InEar SD2 that I purchased here on Head-Fi (original ad here: http://www.head-fi.org/t/734593/inear-stagediver-sd2-with-extra-3rd-party-cable)   I barely used them at all as they were just a stop-gap while I was waiting for my CIEMs.   Perfect working condition. Slight cosmetic issue as described in the original posting but does not affect functionality whatsoever.
 Who is this? ^^ I like her music even though I don't speak Russian :)My favourite song by her is Znaesh ly ti (sp?), although she's got quite a few good ones.
When using Foobar + ASIO the first and last half-second or so of each song is missed while skipping tracks. It's like almost like cross fade is permanently active and can't be disabled. Is there a way around this?
The bass is the best part of the QC25s' sound. It's very powerful and extended without being flabby or excessive, and actually reminds me of the bass on the B&W P7s, which can only be a good thing. The rest of the QC25s' sound isn't nearly so flawless... a bit recessed here and there, a few peaks here and there. Not as spiky as the QC15 which was unlistenable to my ears, but every time I put them on I wish the mids and treble were as smooth as the QC20 in-ears.
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