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The HD700 is an upgrade to the HD600 in many ways, such as detail, clarity, and soundstage. However, in my opinion the difference is not big enough to justify the cost of the HD700. Also, the HD700 pushes details in your face aggressively in order to give the illusion of lots of detail, whereas actual detail retrieval is only slightly better than the HD600, and far inferior to the HD800. In doing so, the HD700 also sounds quite unnatural, if very "impressive" with its...
Yeah I've been to Metro Sound & Music and it was rather awkward - all the headphones are on a wall behind the counter and in packaging. With Bloor Bay Radio there's a wall you can just walk up to and listen, or ask for other ones. There's a good sampling of headphones available for listening at Long & McQuade too, although it's generally limited to "professional" use headphones for DJ or monitoring (Beyer, Shure, Pioneer) rather than consumer brands (Denon, B&W).
Just wanted to point out that Bloor Bay Radio in Toronto has a great selection of headphones available for listening before you buy, including the Denon D600.
Sensitivity usually translates into power requirement, but not always. The HD600, for example, is rather high impedance at 300 ohm, and yet you can drive them to more than sufficient volume using an iPod (although power/dynamics suffer a bit).Anyways, as cel4145 said, if you have a stereo or HT receiver to plug them into, the HE-400 will get more than enough power. Vintage receivers are especially powerful. If you're plugging straight into your TV, the sound will probably...
Sorry I missed that. At that price I wouldn't hesitate to get a pair! They're amazing headphones. If you find that you need an amp, you would still have a bit of money left over for something like a Schiit Magni.
SE846 also has a very different sound signature than the HD800. Way more bass, and treble is much more rolled off above 10k. Plus HD800 soundstage is huge - no IEM comes close, and most full sized headphones don't either.
I have not heard the HE-400 without an amp, so I can't speak to whether it would work for you. My understanding is that planars in general tend to be power hungry, and the HE-400 is likely no exception. Also, my general observation is that used HE-400's tend to be more than $300. If you can find one in your budget and you have even a modest amp, they are excellent. Bass has more texture and detail than the P7 but isn't as boosted.
I wouldn't recommend open back headphones for the bus or noisy environments. You won't be able to hear your music, and other people will be able to hear it pretty much well as much as you can.   In addition to the recommendations above, also take a look at the Sennheiser Momentum and Philips Fidelio series.
Is the new connector better than MMCX? MMCX is not very durable in the long run either.
If you can find a pair of used B&W P7 for $300 that would be my recommendation for HT. The sub bass on these is as close as you can get to a subwoofer, and a very well tuned subwoofer at that. Treble is world class and mids aren't left behind or recessed in any way. The mids are rather dry, not euphonic, which may or may not be your preference when it comes to music, but for movies it doesn't matter.
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