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Still no Android version?
 This one will work:
Using a DAC that costs 10x your headphones is a bit of overkill IMO 
I was hoping there was a specific person or department he called... if you look online there are lots of people who tried calling Bose and were told that a trade-in program doesn't exist.
How did you contact Bose for the trade-in?
Which Target was this? Do you think all locations have them?
What exactly is it? The "how it works" section is blank.
Just force the cable out. It's not possible for one side to be removable and the other side fixed  Most likely it's an issue with the spring not making a connection with the cable connector. It's very easy to fix yourself so I would advise trying it before sending it for repair. Instructions here:
Ok never mind then. Those are low impedance sources.
An amp under $50 probably won't give you much improvement if you have a good sound card in your laptop. Something like the Audioquest Dragonfly or Geek Out will definitely be better but that is a few times your budget.
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