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 Who is this? ^^ I like her music even though I don't speak Russian :)My favourite song by her is Znaesh ly ti (sp?), although she's got quite a few good ones.
When using Foobar + ASIO the first and last half-second or so of each song is missed while skipping tracks. It's like almost like cross fade is permanently active and can't be disabled. Is there a way around this?
The bass is the best part of the QC25s' sound. It's very powerful and extended without being flabby or excessive, and actually reminds me of the bass on the B&W P7s, which can only be a good thing. The rest of the QC25s' sound isn't nearly so flawless... a bit recessed here and there, a few peaks here and there. Not as spiky as the QC15 which was unlistenable to my ears, but every time I put them on I wish the mids and treble were as smooth as the QC20 in-ears.
Yeah I wasn't sure if the Senns were that hot a deal. The price on the Denons is nice though. The Canadian dollar just keeps losing value :( Yep, they usually retail for $400 at Bloor Bay Radio and the like, and in the classifieds a used pair is usually in the $200-250 range, so $220 for a brand new pair is a decent price.
Denon D600 $219.95 at Future Shop (Canada).   They also have Sennheisier HD429 for $59.99
 That's what I assumed too, because that was the naming convention for the 6-driver. But Phil told me this was not the case. The CE4P is the only 4-driver they still have and is the same as the BA4F, not the BA4R. The latter was discontinued completely and doesn't exist anymore.
If you will be making a lot of calls, an inline mic on a cable would be closer to your mouth which should usually result in better call quality. But aftermarket CIEM cables will cost you. For music listening, something without wires like the Auris would be a lot better because no worry about microphonics or tangles.
I'm not familiar with upsampling to DSD. It's called an SACD driver so can only SACD sources be upsampled, or does it also work with MP3 rips of normal 44.1/16 CDs?
The CE4P is the same as the old BA4F. The BA4R was discontinued. It's odd... the standard 2-pin Westone style connector used to cost extra and the linum was default, but now from the website it looks like the 2-pin is default again and the round connectors cost extra.
Patiently waiting for the Kickstarter to launch.   Also, that grey bump on the lower left looks uncomfortable... I hope it's relocated on the final version
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