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 That's what I assumed too, because that was the naming convention for the 6-driver. But Phil told me this was not the case. The CE4P is the only 4-driver they still have and is the same as the BA4F, not the BA4R. The latter was discontinued completely and doesn't exist anymore.
If you will be making a lot of calls, an inline mic on a cable would be closer to your mouth which should usually result in better call quality. But aftermarket CIEM cables will cost you. For music listening, something without wires like the Auris would be a lot better because no worry about microphonics or tangles.
I'm not familiar with upsampling to DSD. It's called an SACD driver so can only SACD sources be upsampled, or does it also work with MP3 rips of normal 44.1/16 CDs?
The CE4P is the same as the old BA4F. The BA4R was discontinued. It's odd... the standard 2-pin Westone style connector used to cost extra and the linum was default, but now from the website it looks like the 2-pin is default again and the round connectors cost extra.
Patiently waiting for the Kickstarter to launch.   Also, that grey bump on the lower left looks uncomfortable... I hope it's relocated on the final version
Both the QC15 and QC25 have some background hiss, and even the QC20 to a much lesser extent. But it's not bothersome in situations that actually call for noise cancellation.
The T1 sounds very thin and bright without a good amp. The HD600 is much easier to drive and sounds decent even out of a smartphone, but scales well with higher end gear. So if you don't already have a decent amp, you will need to add that to your budget if you're thinking about the T1.
Selling a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 active noise cancelling headphones in mint condition. Comes with the smartphone cable only. Asking $200 shipped within Canada or the US. Buyer responsible for Paypal fees.
 For those of you who haven't figured it out, the high/low gain function has been moved to the airline adaptor. As you can see, the first plug is stereo and the second plug is mono. To use just as a low-gain resistor for a normal stereo mini jack, you fold the mono plug out of the way. The stereo plug is fixed and doesn't move. To use as a normal dual-mono to stereo adaptor, just snap the mono plug back into place.  
 Possibly needs more shaving so that the plug goes in deeper
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