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I had a girl become interested in one of my (female) friends while I was still seeing her. She subsequently went through a phase where she preferred women. But she's quite a piece of work and goes through any number of random phases.
 From here: 
Funny. Activities like that are supposed to increase your attraction.
It's too bad I couldn't make the Spring meet - can't remember why. Definitely looking forward to a Winter meet!
 I wouldn't want an upper midrange dip though. I'm just sensitive to narrow peaks - I don't mind a slightly forward upper midrange, as long as the frequency response is smooth. In terms of the full sized headphones, the B&W P7 for example has forward upper mids and somewhat dry lower mids, but I still love their overall sound, although I do prefer the very slightly warm but still relatively neutral and very natural sounding midrange of my HD600. I do find that IEMs that...
 That's to be expected. The passive mode of the QC20 sounds terrible too.
 Grados are very aggressive sounding, pretty much the opposite of the laid back HD600. The Grados have great PRaT and attack speed compared the slower and more fluid HD600. If you're used to HD600-type sound you'll find the Grados ear-piercing in the upper mids and lower treble. If you're used to Grado, the HD600 will sound flat and boring. Grados are great for rock but the HD600s are much more versatile.  DT880 is leaner in the midbass (no HD600 midbass bump) but has...
Thanks! Very helpful. I have an SD-2 on the way and from your description it sounds like I made the right decision - if the W40 is on the dark side then it's not for me (cue Star Wars jokes...). I don't mind bass emphasis as long as it stays down low, and I don't mind treble emphasis if it stays up high... but I like everything to be neutral between 200hz and 8k. Hopefully no 2-3k or 6-7k bumps on the SD-2 because I'm especially sensitive to those.
Sounds like a 2.5 to me!
Like new condition, in box with original accessories. Receipt for warranty until June 2016.   Neutral to slightly mid forward, with amazing detail, speed, soundstage, bass texture and midrange tone. Much more linear phase response than other multi-BA systems (e.g. SE846, W4R, UE900) due to their "phase-coherent" crossover design.   Unfortunately, without a deep fit, they're quite strident in the 6-7k area, and the shape of my ear canals only allows very shallow...
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