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The T1 sounds very thin and bright without a good amp. The HD600 is much easier to drive and sounds decent even out of a smartphone, but scales well with higher end gear. So if you don't already have a decent amp, you will need to add that to your budget if you're thinking about the T1.
Selling a pair of Bose QuietComfort 15 active noise cancelling headphones in mint condition. Comes with the smartphone cable only. Asking $200 shipped within Canada or the US. Buyer responsible for Paypal fees.
 For those of you who haven't figured it out, the high/low gain function has been moved to the airline adaptor. As you can see, the first plug is stereo and the second plug is mono. To use just as a low-gain resistor for a normal stereo mini jack, you fold the mono plug out of the way. The stereo plug is fixed and doesn't move. To use as a normal dual-mono to stereo adaptor, just snap the mono plug back into place.  
 Possibly needs more shaving so that the plug goes in deeper
Sounds pretty exciting, but the biggest problem I think will be the availability of music in the format, especially existing recordings. It's unlikely that every album from every artist will be re-released in this new format, especially for those of us who listen primarily to music that isn't very common.
Still no Android version?
 This one will work:
Using a DAC that costs 10x your headphones is a bit of overkill IMO 
I was hoping there was a specific person or department he called... if you look online there are lots of people who tried calling Bose and were told that a trade-in program doesn't exist.
How did you contact Bose for the trade-in?
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