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Really excited about these! I love the QC20 but the wires and the dongle thingie containing the NC and amp circuitry keep getting in the way. Hopefully the QC30 will sound just as good, but without wires! Although I did pre-order the truly wireless Kanoa in-ears, which should ship in another month or so. Not sure about the sound quality or (passive, most likely?) noise cancelling capability so it's a bit of a gamble. I guess I'll try the QC30's in a Bose store when they...
A portable amp will improve sound quality and make the headphones go louder, but that won't increase the headphones' isolation from noise in your environment. Open back headphones are meant for use in quiet environments.
I listened to these QC35 at the Bose store and was reasonably impressed. Unfortunately, I couldn't compare them side-by-side with the QC25 using the same music, but from memory, the QC35 is less harsh (less spiky FR) in the lower treble, which would be an improvement. Can anyone chime in on this?
 I couldn't listen to them. Way too bright in the 5k region to the point of being painful. I think it's fit dependent (ear canal resonances) so YMMV.  Amazing deal. I remember getting them for $250 used. That was a few years ago though.
Too noisy. The HD600 are open headphones. You won't be able to hear your music properly without turning it up and hurting your ears.
I actually can't make it on the 28th  Have fun and please post pictures!
Shipping of the first batch of Kanoas has been delayed until June-July, unfortunately.
Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but what is the situation regarding parking? And how much should we be donating towards the expenses?
Count me in for now :)
Huh, didn't know that even existed. Thanks for the link. It's still a 4-hour round trip to the border though, so it's not worth it unless I'm going shopping in the US... not likely with the current exchange rate :(
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