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Premium vs Pro was messing with my head.  You might be right, I know they are 600 ohm but they might be the premium instead of Pro, not entirely sure (which is kind of embarrassing).  Ill have more information when they arrive on (estimated) Wednesday.  Sorry for the mix up.
I'm not sure what year the ones I got are, but they are not too old, you can buy 600 ohm versions on Amazon
I recently bought a pair of Byerdynamic DT990s Pro 600 Ohm off the sell forums (still shipping), for a pretty decent price.  They are going to be my first real set of audiophile headphones.  Only issue I'm having is finding a way to power them.  For home use I use a RX-v471 AV receiver, which I have heard will do a fine job powering them (http://www.head-fi.org/t/598036/good-headphone-amp-for-home-cinema-use).  Now I would like an portable amp I could use with my Android...
I would but even though I've been looking at this forum for over a year, I only joined yesterday to make this post, so I'm still unable to post in the sell section .
I was looking into the Fischer Audio FA-011, my only issue with them is I'm in the US and there are no retailers I found that are in the US.    http://www.gd-audiobase.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=102&category_id=5&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2 has them for 118.00, which seems like a deal but they are located in Russia so the shipping was estimated at $20 which would put them at 138.00.  Only ~$25 below what I could get the...
So I'm probably going to be getting the DT-770 Pro 80s due to everyones recommendations.  I've been able to find them for 150-160.         I would want to get the most out of the headphones, so if not the E5 what other (hopefully portable) headphone amp should I consider getting?  I have searched around and havent really found any other headphone amps that seem worth it.
I've looked at the top 6 threads when you search "Bass Headphones" and looked at all the recommended headphones.  I'm posting this because I don't think that any of those posts were personalized towards me.   I'm looking for headphones with deep bass.  Deep is more important than powerful but powerful is nice too.  I'd like to keep it to Over Ear headphones.   I've had the Skullcandy Skullkrushers: The bass on these were powerful but not deep at all, were too...
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