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I don't know about the Senn, but the HARX 700 is a terrific value for the money. Can't go wrong.
Sony XB 1000 -harsh in the upper range Runner up: Beats Solos-poor value, muddy.
You may very well love the XB1000. I don't have an alternative because that is the only 70mm driver I'm aware of. If I was looking in that price range  and a similar bass response, I would probably research a Beyerdynamic DT 990/ 880 or a Ultrasone. Haven't heard them but they seem well-liked here. The best advice you'll get is from a member- MalVeauX. I'm sure there is a "best bass-head headphone for $300" thread in this forum. The search function is your best friend.
I can't recommend it. It was the only HP I've sold and I don't miss it. My issue was with the lower part of the higher frequency range. Voices tended to sound sibilant or distorted. I thought in general it was harsh. Bass was fine, but I don't think the XB 1000 did anything else well. I think retail was $299. The set I bought was from Beach Audio for considerably less. This is all subjective, but  in my opinion there are far better ways to spend $270 on a headphone. Good...
If you are patient you can find the Sennheiser HD 650 at the top end of your range. A terrific HP and highly regarded here.
CDs, an occasional iTune.
+1. I have the repair parts just in case, but the nut driver is a puzzle.
  Well worth it. Spend your "mmoney." The D5000 is a terrific HP and the replacement version of it is something like $700. If you can find a "like new" set for $500ish you'll be glad you made the investment.
Maybe you can find them used on the for sale section here.
+1.  The 600 series of Sennheiser are great headphones. Love the HD650 and if you can scrape up another $100 it would be well worth it. I wasted a lot of money early on by not stepping up. 600 I'm sure would be a good value at $300.
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