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Thanks guys for the come back.  No I wouldn't spring for a 421a, just happen to see it while looking for a 5998.  On the other hand I guess I didn't read far enough on tube spec.  I took the 7236 to be the computer 5998 not the 5998a.  I can find plenty of 5998a's.  Oh well live and learn.  I guess it will probably still be better than the stock 6080(actually the stock tubes sounded pretty good til' you hear something better).   Thanks again for the info. Bill
I just checked out your profile and I'm wondering if by chance you tried the 7236 in your Woo3 in your Crack just to see if there is much difference.  I just ordered a 7236 for the crack as a 5998 is impossible to find at a decent price.  I found a 421a but it was costing more than the crack.   Thanks Bill
Better jump on this.  I waited a day to long and got nervous and ordered yesterday @$384 as Amazon was out.  Seems someone cancelled their order.  after I ordered the next option was $400.  It would seem that either Senn quit production or they are coming out with a new model as no one has the 600 in stock or even has the option of carrying it. Sorry I didn't wait one more day to order. Good Luck
Crack is fairly easy to build .  Comes with cd for directions.  Take your time and it should be no problem.  I did have a semantic problem because I read the instructions to fast and didn't differentiate between connect and solder so I had to re-solder some connections no bigge.
Frogbeats has the Fa-003 for 115 pounds.
Got mine a couple months ago-black and coiled cable.
Ask and yea shall receive.  On my way to the store ( I live in the foothills) I stopped by my mail box just to check but not expecting anything and to my surprise there was a registered mail slip from Russia.  I just open the box and trying to figure what is right and what is left.  They look nice and nothing broken, the box looked as though it was shipped from San Francisco yesterday.  I hope the're worth waiting for.  Good luck to all that ordered.  One month to the...
I figured as much but even with the tracking # it won't make them get here any faster.  Figured as much and I was going to get in touch with them today til I saw the other posts about the holdup.  Thanks for the info.
I'm sorry I'm not the only one. Ordered on 9/17, confirmed on 9/19, shipped on 9/28?, still haven't heard of a tracking # as of today.  I guess I'll wait a little longer.
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