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Does the Lyr 2 still happen to be available? 
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Is this still available?
Great Modern Classical album James Blackshaw and Lumbomyr Melnyk: The Watcher This album was written in 6 hours as most of the writing was done spontaneously. 
One of the greatest pieces of classical music.
Is this still available? 
I listen to a lot of Jam band music. If you want to experience the more electronic side of jam music I would recommend STS9, Lotus, and Papadosio. They all use real instruments, so its not just djing, but they gravitate towards more electronic based sounds.
I live in Madison, I have the v-moda m80, Westone Um2, and Denon 5000 with the Lawton audio mod, but I dont have a good amp to power them with. They are low ohm so they work with out an amp, but with an amp its infinitely better. 
Matisyahu  The Flaming Lips Chester French Panic! At the Disco Fall Out Boy Blink 182 Stevie Wonder John Legend Rodrigo y Gabriella  Led Zepplin 2 Collection of Colonies of Bees Roster Mccabe probably  Less than Jake  Hollywood Undead Jackyl  Rush  Yonder Moutain String Band Kansas Reo Speedwagon Rebelution The Green Pep Love The Movement Skrillex  Alvin Risk Dilion Francis Joe Satriani Maroon 5 Wiz Khalifa Tokyo Police Club Neon Trees Owl City Dread Zepplin Flatfoot...
I bought these Headphones last year. They are in perfect condition and they come with all the original cables and case. They are my favorite on ear headphones, but do to monetary issues I need to sell them. It comes with two 1/8 inch cables. One has 1 button for play/pause. The other cable has three buttons, play/pause, and up and down volume. The down volume button is slightly worn so one needs to push harder for it to work. That is the only issue. The headphones work...
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