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I Edited my post to add the "LBS" to my numbers thats it. I hope that wasnt a disqualification.
42.6 lbs 69.4 lbs 76.3 lbs
Im all over this!
I bought a pair of XBA-3's about 4-5 months ago and have had them warrantied twice. I use my HTC one as my only source because i sold all my amps during a financial struggle i went through. Now everytime i use the XBA-3's with my HTC One i get a weird harmonic distortion when certain bass frequencies hit. Its pissing me off. Im highly dissapointed in the xbas. I however love my pistons, i wish the treble was a little more extended and well behaved but what more can you ask...
unfortunately most of you are wrong. It is not a source issue, an amplification issue nor a media file and or bitrate issue. The xba line if BA drivers all have that issue. Ive researched this myself and even spoke to a sony rep who said the same thing. They are getting warranties in for the xba line like crazy. My xba-1 and 3's both had loud clicking noises as if they were blown right after unboxing. Appearently this happens when the BA reaches its limitation in...
I realize the looseness of the bass bothers some people. But i for one enjoy the quantity of the bass. Im no basshead but i would prefer my IEM or headphone with extra bass quantity and be able to EQ it down a bit then have them without bass and have to EQ them down. Thats my personal preference and thats why i enjoy these pistons so much. I love the the sound is in my face.
I am a graphic designer and i can provide any printing and promotional material. I work at a print shop. Just shoot me a message and ill give my contact information.
thank you. But if someone picks them up before me just shoot me an message. Thank you.
I will pick these up from you when i get my refund from amazon for the aurvana live 2 i returned. 
I ordered mine from ebay(the real ones btw) came from china and got to my work in 8 days!!! Which is flippin phenomenal! 
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