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I would like to see more planar headphone companies more often. More options for bookshelf speakers too. I see too many powered speakers. Seeing as I recently needed cash, I sold my lcd-2 so if I win this I'd be one happy dude! My massdrop username = Jmotyka
Sorry for the late replies fellas I was busy sending out resumes. I see I have quite a few PMs, I will respond to them in order. Given the low prices on everything shipping has to be payed by the buyer. If need be in nice enough to to pay partial shipping but not all.
Make a long story short I left a good job for what I thought was a better job to only get fired 5 weeks in because I took the job from a person who got promoted, the guy who got promoted bit off more than he can chew and got demoted. That guy was my friend for years. It's way more complicated than that but I'm not going to drown you in a complete sob story I just need to sell everything I can.  Below are the items I have available.  Hifiman HE-400s - (sold) These are...
He had added the annotation after I informed him of the misinformation.
So I was looking through YouTube for a review of the HE-400s and came across this guy z-reviews whose done a few videos before. But in this video he describes how planar drivers work and is completely false and it's hilarious!! if this is not allowed then mods delete it. I found this hilarious enough to post here.  
I loved the LCD-2! They were without a doubt the best sounding headphone I had ever listen to. But there were two issues. 1) they were heavy and fell of my head all the time, it drove me nuts, if I'm at work listening to them and have to get up repeatedly and or move my head and they won't stay on is a problem. 2) even though I have this expensive hobby of mine I'm in a tough spot in my life where I might be facing homelessness because I'm loosing my home. So I'm trying to...
Some of you are confusing the models. There is an HE-400(old model) HE-400i( newer neutral model) the model that the thread starter is referring to is the HE-400s (newest more smooth brassier model) Now I've owned both of the older models and sold them because I didn't enjoy their sound, i ordered the 400S two days ago and should be here next week. I'm looking forward to the new turning. Especially since I sold my REV1 LCD-2. I also have a noble 5 on the way but that's...
I sent customer service an email twice. once yesterday and another today with no response. I need to have my shipping address changed to my business address. Now i goto the website to check my order status and the website is down. Im beyond angry right now!!!!
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