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Any way we can get some frequency response graphs?
Thank you audeze for backing me there! I'm no engineer but I'm smart enough to know what's a marketing gimmick and what's not. You guys have me drooling at owning a pair, but I'm not sure how soon I'll be able to afford them. TIME TO SAVE!
What I find hilarious is not just the people who have nothing good to say, but the ones who are down right trying to convince other people it's a stupid design, or that somehow IEM's are not allowed to have an open/semi-open design. It's as if overnight these people are marketing/engineering/design experts! I however am excited for these! I used to own a pre fazor lcd2 and loved them! But I'm always on the move so portability is a priority for me now, if I can get the...
Audeze stated on there Facebook page in their comments area on the isine 10 ad on the subject of USB C cipher cables "we're working on it " !
I will definitely be picking up a pair of the 10's!
I would like to see more planar headphone companies more often. More options for bookshelf speakers too. I see too many powered speakers. Seeing as I recently needed cash, I sold my lcd-2 so if I win this I'd be one happy dude! My massdrop username = Jmotyka
Sorry for the late replies fellas I was busy sending out resumes. I see I have quite a few PMs, I will respond to them in order. Given the low prices on everything shipping has to be payed by the buyer. If need be in nice enough to to pay partial shipping but not all.
Make a long story short I left a good job for what I thought was a better job to only get fired 5 weeks in because I took the job from a person who got promoted, the guy who got promoted bit off more than he can chew and got demoted. That guy was my friend for years. It's way more complicated than that but I'm not going to drown you in a complete sob story I just need to sell everything I can.  Below are the items I have available.  Hifiman HE-400s - (sold) These are...
New Posts  All Forums: