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+1 on using a portable amp. as stated it is a cheaper way to go compared to buying a new set of phones. Is it worth it? Well that depends on you and how you want to listen to music. You might not want to carry around an extra amp. If money is not an issue and you dont care about spending it, buying the 32ohm might be an option.    Personally, i feel the the money could be better used for other things.    -Chiuy
Not sure if anyone has tested the HRT Music Streamer II with the S3 yet, but it works for me via USB.  
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For the price they are still worth it in my opinion. That being said would i buy them for 400, no. This past holiday season the monster turbine coppers w control talk went for 220 on amazon. i would wait for them to go on sale. Same opinion with sennheisers top iem as they did the same also.  
@gwarmi: I am not looking at a price standpoint but more so searching for different audio experiences. I definitely feel like I may not appreciate a high end system (if price had a factor in audio quality) at this time when there are probably so much inbetween. I would take any considerations. I hope that explains my stand point at this time. @Eric_c: any recommendations and why?   Chris  
Basically trying to figure out where to go next? Should I get new headphones or invest in amps or sources? I've been itching to find new headphones that may open my ears to the next level with trance/electronic. At the same time feel like I may be missing out on different aspects of audio with various other amps and sources. Budget is not really a factor as to quality or diversity of sound. What would you do?   Current Equip:   Main amp and source Jdslabs...
I can understand the kids and loudspeaker scenario as it has landed me more on this forum with an ongoing collection of headphones. Congrats on the purchase.   Chris
I haven't listened to them personally but being these would be your first headphones, more than likely you'd love them. Assuming you are just entering the world of quality sound that is. Just enjoy the headphones/music, you can't go wrong with those IMO.
If you find one you like, check out the price online. You might be surprised how much some of the shops markup can be compared to online.
I breifly listened to the Skullcandy Aviators (BestBuy), and did contemplate on purchasing them also. Imo most retail stores are going to priced higher than any major online retailer. You would have so much more better options as you already know. One good thing about best buy is that if you don't like it you can return it within 30days. Another option if you would consider, i think amazon gift cards can be purchased in many places which you could pick out some...
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