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First 5 hours with the PS500.  Extremely happy with it already.  Will share more thoughts after more time.  
Thanks for sharing.  
I sold my Sony SA5k to Hooran. He paid promptly, and the transaction went smoothly. I am very happy to deal with Hooran. thanks.
Can you post some pictures?
sales pending
Hi, I have a Sony MDR-SA5000 for sale. I am not the original owner. It was previously owned by another head-fier. I find myself primarily listening to my speaker now, so I might as well find a new home for this awesome headphone. The right edge of headphone itself has some minor wear. It was always there when I originally bought it. I am looking for SOLD shipped (please add paypal fee if paying using CC) anywhere in the Canada, and I only accept Paypal with...
I am currently using I think they fixed this problem. You just have to refresh browser content, and no longer need to rescan.
Can anyone explain why prefer foobar 0.8.3 over 0.9.x? Is there a sound quality decrease when going for 0.9.x? I am currently using SRC on
PM Sent
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