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Sure! I won't have time to do a good comparison until this weekend, but I'll post my findings then.
Could I ask how the bass between the two compare?  I have a 627 and one aspect that I love about it is the (compared to my other amps) impactful, precise, strong bass it delivers.
I've actually used these on a treadmill, but I just walk fast on the treadmill - I don't jog.  I imagine they'd fall out if you were to jog.  For walking on a treadmill, if you use a lanyard and a binder clip to support the weight of the heavy cable [so the Y split is resting on the binder clip], you can use the Cardas.
I've also experimented with different depths of insertion and noticed that the sound changes dramatically.  I like a medium to shallow insertion the best.  to me, it sounds more open and the bass is more articulate.  I've found the included white tips to work very well for me.  has anybody tried any other kinds of tips with these?
I usually use my "portable rig" [iPod Nano + CLAS [1st generation] + Portophile 627] to drive all of my in ear monitors, just to get the best possible sound out of them.  I have listened to the Cardas directly out of my iPhone 5, though, and it sounds great. I haven't done any dedicated A-B'ing between the two, so I can't render valid impressions on the differences, if, in fact, there are any significant differences. Glad you joined the Cardas EM5813 club!  There doesn't...
Thanks so much for the input!Btw, I used the portaphile 627 amp to drive the Cardas last night, and it sounds great. More articulate bass and better detail (compared to the Alo Audio National and RSA SR-71b)
Thanks again for your input!I have a National and find that it hisses with the Cardas, but it's good to know that the IE800 thrive on power.   Do you happen to also have the Shure SE846 or have heard it?  If so, would you be able to share your experience with it?  Thanks!
thank you so much for your comparisons!  that's very helpful.  I don't have the HD650 but, from the descriptions, I was wondering if they sounded a like in some ways.  I have the LCD-3 but not the LCD-2 and I don't have the TH900/600, but I still find your comparisons very thoughtful and helpful!btw, are you using Cardas' stock tips?  if so, white or blue?Thanks!
I don't have and I haven't heard the Shure SE846 nor the Sennheiser IE800. Are you looking for universal fit or custom or either? Of the universal IEMs that I have, I really like the JVC FX800.  probably more than the AT CKS1000 and JVC FX200. RedGiant's Ossicle has good bass, IMHO.
Fzman,How would you compare the IE800 to the Cardas EM5813? I have and really like the Cardas, but the IE800 piques my interest.Thanks!
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