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Guys.. I need some help. Suddenly i lost bass in the left speaker, has anyone experienced this and knows if its possible to fix? I have opened them and checked the wiring and everything seems OK. After seeing Masterminds pics of removed driver i am afraid i will not be able to fix it if the wiring to the driver is OK.
So my local dealer has them in stock, but i don´t know which revision. I know i have to remove the earpads to see the color of the plastic to tell the difference between rev 2 and 3 (is there another way?) but how to identify rev 1?
So how did the HE-400 sound trough the Xonar Essence ST? I have the same soundcard and i am thinking on getting the HE-400 but i dont want to get an amp
How is the sound quality of the LCD2 paired with Asus Xonar Essence STX, does it give the LCD2 justice?  
I am looking forward to the review. I am currently searching for new headphones and was considering getting the D5000 but they are hard to find, amazon has some used for like $470, so maybe the D600 are more worth it.
Are there phonaks with mic that work with Android phones (I have Galaxy S), if not, do the iPhone version work with some kind of adapter or something?   I need new headset, and the only other choice that i have found is the klipsch image s4a which is supposed to work, how do they compare?
Hi   I just registered here to post in this thread and tel you my experience. I have had mine PC350's for several years. I really liked them for gaming, but music.. not so much, so when i saw this mod, i thought.. why not.   I drilled one hole like this:   But i felt the bass was way too much. So I tried to cover up the hole with black tape and make two small holes in the tape with a needle, it worked quite well but i wanted to try some cotton padding...
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