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I'm looking for a B&W P5, looking to pay about $200. Also interested in a D2000. 
my email:
Ipod has been sold.
its 8 GB sorry forgot to mention that.
For sale I have a 6th Gen Ipod Nano 8 gigabytes. This is the newest nano. I received it from apple thru the recall program they are doing for recalled 1st gen nanos.   Apple shipped this to me 2 weeks ago, its brand new and mint condition. They shipped just the nano in a box with the applecare paper but no charger or ear buds. I already have a 5th gen nano and a sansa clip, so i have no use for it. They run 130 new I will sell for 75 shipped.
For sale I have AKG K240 Studio. I purchased these headphones off amazon in june of 2007. They are great headphones and work great just need 2 parts replaced. They need a new cable, it tore and I never got around to replacing it, instead i just upgraded headphones. The cable is replaceable it uses a mini xlr plug they go for as low as $9 on ebay . The earpads are cracked and I recommend replacing them.These would be a great for someone who has the mkII since you already...
hfi-780's are sold.
For sale great condition Ultrasone hfi-780 headphones in perfect working order. I am the only owner I bought them off amazon last February so they are just under 1 year old, proof of purchase will be provided. Headphones are in 9/10 condition some light swirls on the aluminum seen in pics. the pads are hardly used because I had velour pads on them ( I can sell the velour pads with them for an extra $10). If you want more detailed pics let me know i can post more or email...
I heard their build quality sucks, if true i would say not worth their retail price.
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