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 OK, I swapped my EarZonks for stock G-cush from a GS2000/Sympones v7 clone at the Seattle meet this weekend and it definitely made my PS500e have slightly less bass and far hotter treble.  It sounded a lot like the clone I swapped from. Going back to Ear Zonks tamed the treble into the sweet smoothness I've been enjoying with the Zonks for a while now.  Zonks do allow the driver to slightly touch my ears, but are comfortable for hours regardless and remain more intimate...
Does anyone have an extra set of official Grado g-cushions they'd be willing to part with?  I'm curious about the sound, but not $45 curious since I already have the EarZonks (which are very comfortable).  If so, PM me.
Does anyone have or know where to find frequency response charts for the GH1 and PS500e?  I've found plenty of measurements for the original PS500, but not the e version and have never found one for GH1.   I have the PS500e with EarZonk G cushions (and am very impressed), but I can tell the big bass boost does seem to create just a slight veil I'm not used to hearing on a Grado and am wondering exactly how the GH1 differs.
I have to agree that was a blast, and perhaps just the right size (and certainly quality) group to really dig in on the discussion and sharing.  Gefski's comments basically sum up the atmosphere, but hopefully the weather is better for everyone next time so part of the aftermeet could be visiting one of the many beautiful spots in B'ham.   It shouldn't be a problem to host this at least annually for now so long as I'm still with WECU.
Setting up now if anyone is in town early and wants to help move some tables around.
 I'm pretty sure we'll have it, assuming it works OK (won't have support if it doesn't).  I printed out a few copies of the access key to pass around.
 So awesome... I'm hoping we can attach several DACs and amps simultaneously and be able to do some quick A/B with different headsets while the same reference audio stream plays.  I'll bring my TOSlink cable.
It's almost time! The room is looking good; the location of it even better. Also just secured 3 x 16 port APC pdu-style power strips.
The m9xx is going to bring the bass control and focus the soundstage on those Massdrop AKGs.  It did for my old Q701s, anyway. The Purpleheart ought to be like rolling thunder  :)    Definitely let us know how that sounds, as I've been thinking about some kind of Fostex set lately. Anyone using the m9xx with a TH-900?
I have the Grace m9xx with PS500e / G-cush and it is incredible.  Previous amp was a Nuforce HD and the m9xx is a huge improvement in providing a natural, powerful and noise-free sound with its low output impedance.  Even the lower power USB-only mode has plenty of power for Grados.
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