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Bass port mod is done and they sound great, but I upgraded and rarely listen to them anymore. Made in Austria; not China, like the newer ones being sold now on Amazon and maybe everywhere else. $120 firm local pickup. $140 shipped anywhere in the continental US (includes Paypal fees).
I have not heard any hum either, but I don't have anything as sensitive as iems to test with.
Mine is also dead silent on sensitive Grado cans using any of the input modes available. I have a power line filtering device on my PC's power supply though, too.
Here we go!! http://www.head-fi.org/t/802141/bellingham-solstice-meet-june-18-2016
> Bellingham Summer Solstice meet   WHEN:  Saturday, June 18 2016, 10am - 5pm   WHERE: WECU Holly Ed Center                  511 E Holly St, Bellingham, WA 98225 (downtown)     map link   Setup / Cleanup:  There should be 12 folding tables and 60 chairs in 1600 square feet for listening stations.  8 x 2-port power outlets (16 plugs).  The doors open at 10am so feel free to come at this time to set up.  Please start cleaning up by 5:00 pm so we can head over to the...
Mine sounded rolled off too, and with poor imaging before I sorted out some USB problems I had with the xmos interface. My previous nuforce amp didn't have the USB issues I face with the Grace's xmos chip on the same Windows computer.If you guys are on Macs, then maybe nevermind this since they natively support USB mode 2, but have you tried using the toslink to isolate potential issues with USB?
 I secured a spot in downtown B'ham... working on the date with Big Poppa  :)
500e with g-cushions also brings back the treble air and clarity but keeps it a little more subdued against the bass. I'm loving the 500e, but as a limited edition the GH1 might hold its value better in the long run if that is of any concern or you want an all wood look.
Great idea to bring together these communities... this venue might actually have enough parking and room to do it, too  :)   Do people usually do Facebook event pages for head-fi meets or just try and run them out of a meet thread here?  Seems like Facebook events would be far more dynamic.
 Ha!  Digital necromancy can be appropriate at times... like with a long-forgotten thread subscription getting some attention. I now have a potentially excellent space for a Bellingham "local" meet (the space is actually in Ferndale), which might attract Vancouver and surrounding-area folks as well.  Then again, it might be irrelevant with these metro areas being a fairly quick trip from B'ham. Anyway... gauging interest and might start a new thread if nothing much happens...
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