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Hey thanks for the reply, will look into the FX850 and Gr07's. Any more input?
Any advice at all? :(
Greetings folks!   I absolutely love my FXZ-200's, but the wires are starting to fail (frequent right ear cut outs) and it is slightly damaged. Ive had them for a good while (around 1-2 years). Alas it's time to move on with a new set.   To give a indication to what i listen to, its mainly quite heavy on the bass side (which the FXZ200's did a fantastic job of). I listen mainly to trance music or music with a heavy beat. I also listen to a good bit of classic...
Just to add I am using JVC FXZ-200 earphones!
Has anyone got the chance to actually test the m8's audio against the z2's? Is there much of a quality different apart from the volume?
Hi all, broke my Samsung S3 so looking to upgrade my phone.I have the option of getting HTC One M8 or the Xperia Z2. I don't really want to upgrade back to Samsung as i just came from one and would like to try something new!   I know both phones are similar sizes. The HTC obviously (personal opinion) looks better and sleek but looks can only go so far. The Z2 i hear has a lot more functionality/features. I am mainly concerned about the sound quality as I use my phone...
So any feedback on the GR07's or RE-Zero's or  Panasonics RP-HJE900E-K's for my type of music?
I've seen the Vsonic GR07 and Headdirect RE-ZERO and Panasonics RP-HJE900E-K's get a lot of praise for the sound quality, above all the other IEM's in the range. How are these for value and would they work around with the genre's I listen too? Would love to stretch my budget for the RE262, but can't seem to :(.
Thanks for the reply :).   Please keep em coming!
Hi all, New to the forum. I am a frequent "traveler" and always listen to my music when out and about, on my Samsung Galaxy S (with a app which has a quite good EQ system). I've been using my Shure SE210's for well over 2-3 years (bought them for around £80ish?), but the fact the extension cables I buy for it keeps going funny and the foam earbuds are becoming unusable and keeps coming off my ear now with the slights pull, no matter how hard I press, I've come to a...
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