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Hi all,   I've recently broke my Sony z2 which was my main portable audio device whilst I was out and about. I listen to a variety of genres, such as EDM/Trance music (for gym) ranging to rock/blues to classical. I mostly like to store 320 bit music or stream extreme quality from spotify. I use my JVC FX850 when out. I do have a beyerdynamic dt 990, but I mostly use that when I am at home with my stereo.   I am in the UK so my choices are, Samsung S6, S6 Edge, Sony Z3...
Hey thanks for the reply, will look into the FX850 and Gr07's. Any more input?
Any advice at all? :(
Greetings folks!   I absolutely love my FXZ-200's, but the wires are starting to fail (frequent right ear cut outs) and it is slightly damaged. Ive had them for a good while (around 1-2 years). Alas it's time to move on with a new set.   To give a indication to what i listen to, its mainly quite heavy on the bass side (which the FXZ200's did a fantastic job of). I listen mainly to trance music or music with a heavy beat. I also listen to a good bit of classic...
Just to add I am using JVC FXZ-200 earphones!
Has anyone got the chance to actually test the m8's audio against the z2's? Is there much of a quality different apart from the volume?
Hi all, broke my Samsung S3 so looking to upgrade my phone.I have the option of getting HTC One M8 or the Xperia Z2. I don't really want to upgrade back to Samsung as i just came from one and would like to try something new!   I know both phones are similar sizes. The HTC obviously (personal opinion) looks better and sleek but looks can only go so far. The Z2 i hear has a lot more functionality/features. I am mainly concerned about the sound quality as I use my phone...
So any feedback on the GR07's or RE-Zero's or  Panasonics RP-HJE900E-K's for my type of music?
I've seen the Vsonic GR07 and Headdirect RE-ZERO and Panasonics RP-HJE900E-K's get a lot of praise for the sound quality, above all the other IEM's in the range. How are these for value and would they work around with the genre's I listen too? Would love to stretch my budget for the RE262, but can't seem to :(.
Thanks for the reply :).   Please keep em coming!
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