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great! i wonder how does that XBA-4 will sound,, hope the price were not on the roof as a lot of us wanted to purchase this babies
mostly it depends on your ear, some find the foams comfortable others are prefer the rubber tips, because it is more closer in the ear canal and the sound travels less which results in more details, but it depends on how your ears will adapt in each of those seals, try them all out and check which suites you well in which you can hear all of the details of the music your listening..
i can say your right in there, PL-50 sounded thin in some areas which the M2 has the advantage.   if your an acoustic live performance lover then go for the PL-50 but if your rock rnb lover go for the M2   its nice to see we have a lot of choice now a days ^^     but im really waiting for the sony's new XBA line up especially the XBA-4
hhmmm,, now i understand the diagram lols,, im my opinion i think,,,     M2- PL-50 -she9850- M1- M6 but i have to agree that M2 was too much bassy at some times, where the PL-50 has the advantage because the lack of bass can be tweaked by the equalizers and after that it will give you a nice clean and controlled bass without loosing a clear mids and highs,, ^^
If you want better bass try SoundMagic PL-30 it is a good all around earphones nice mids and controlled highs plus a rocking bass with bass controller more bang for your buck
both of this earphones sounded different, although quite similar, the PL-50 will give you more clear and detailed mids and high tones and good voice presentation, the only thing that this thing weakness was its mid-low tones as the snare drums and tom toms are quite tin in presentation, which the s4 has advantage but in terms in highs and mids the PL-50 has an advantage, for me, i'll choose the PL-50 because it is more bang for the buck,   regards to its durability...
yes your right regarding the PL-50, however the weakness of this babies was the mid to the lows, as they are some what lacks the punch, notice how the snares and tom toms sounds? they sounded like tinny, but the mids and highs are sound good and well detailed, well after using a cx300 for over a year i can say that the cx300 has a mids to low good as you can hear the tom toms clear and the snares was quite has detail compared to the PL-50, brainwavs m1 and the popular m2...
Brainwavs M2 has more thick sound and punchy bass compared to PL-50 but interms of mids, and highs PL-50 has an advantage, they produce clear mids and high tones, but some what not quite thick sounding, as bass was in a minimal side, only the base drums can be heared clearly, but the snares and tom toms sound thin,, which is the M2s has the advantage, as they represents the snares more thick, M2s represents mids and lows very well, but lacks the details of highs, PL-50...
yes your kinda correct on your opinion, i have the brainwavs M1 and they are good sounding but lack the high and mids that the PL-50 does, i just recieved my PL-50s and still on the burn in trial, what i've noticed is that you need some time to burn this babies up before you get the actual sound as they are thiny at first, yes your right that mids and highs are crystal clear with PL-50s but some what there is a gap, because only the lows are quite noticeable, the...
we all wanted a very good and nice In Ear Monitors or Ear buds, but we have to admit that we all have different opinions, different hearing talents, in this thread you can post all your opinions and suggestions and reviews regarding this IEMs that is available in the market, please respect other opinions as we all have different hearing techniques,,, 
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