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Hi, I'm looking for three $100 headroom gift cards. If anyone grabbed them on sale for $80 and wants to make a quick profit let me know. Alternatively, if anyone wants to purchase mine, let me know. Thanks!
 The officially announced it will work with Android in their latest update. Even more excited now.Also if anyone in Toronto (or even Canada) wants to jump in on a lower bracket, I got in at the $139 bracket and I can always add to my order. It's $20 to ship regardless of how many units you order so we will also split the shipping costs. PM me if interested!
Heads up for anyone who got in on the Geek at the $159 price bracket, there's a $139 spot open right now. Switch your pledge ASAP! ...Ok sorry guys, it's gone. Hope someone from head-fi got it Also still looking for anyone in Toronto who'd be interested in splitting the geek shipping costs with me. I got in at the $139 bracket and I can add to my order/pledge. PM if interested!
 I found the Colorfly C3 on sale from the same seller for $52 shipped. I bit, but may take up to a month for me to receive it
I'm surprised these haven't sold yet but several HE-400s have sold on here for a similar price. Hope they sell soon!
Hey, anyone here speak german? I found this cable on ebay:'d love to know what the description says. I may buy it to try out on my X1's but not for another month or two. Just started back school (Masters) and I'm finding it very hard to find time even to keep up with this thread 
As would I!  x 2
What was the price of the zu mission ipod cable? 35 before any shipping costs?
  Thanks! That's good enough for me to say no to them for now :)
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