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Wow great deal! If anyone is willing to purchase one or two for me and ship them to Canada, please PM me. Of course I will cover all shipping costs and I can even cover the cost of a pair for you as well :)
Just got an email from buydig where you can use coupon code "MUSIC2MYEARS" to get Westone 3's for $174. Slightly better than amazon right now.   http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=WST79281
Great price on the E09K. They're also selling the E17 for $100. Buydig has the same offer: http://www.miccastore.com/fiio-e17-alpen-portable-dac-and-headphone-amp-p-77.html?osCsid=2f8a9a7c3acea7eccd8bc89a5cfa19c8 http://www.buydig.com/shop/product.aspx?sku=FIIOE17 
Count me in for anywhere! (Preference for Canada though)
Hi there, care to share where you got them from and where are they being bundled with the AK100? Thanks.
Thanks! Found it and ordered one!
Like New HE-400. Free shipping for the US. PM if interested.
Selling my Burson HA-160 amplifier. I'm located in Toronto, Canada and would prefer to make this a local deal or stick to the US and Canada for shipping.   Add $10 to cover shipping in Canada or $15 to cover shipping to the US (insurance is extra) + paypal fees or pay via gift. Will upload pictures when I get the chance. Thanks for looking.
Hey guys, has anyone tried the JVC esnsy line? Specifically the HA-SR75S? I'm interested to know how they sound   http://cdn.jvc.eu/esnsy/ha-sr75s.html
Up for sale is my D7000. They are in mint condition and have been reterminated in 4pin XLR so you would need the proper amp or an adapter (the adapter in the pictures is not included). They come with the original leather case but unfortunately I don't have the box. Shipping to Canada is included, for US please add $10, add 3.5% for paypal fees or pay via gift. Will gladly welcome a local deal. Please PM if you have any questions.   Note this sale is only for the next...
New Posts  All Forums: