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Some open box specials from KEF. Includes the M200 for $150:
I'm in.
For Canadians, AIAIAI TMA-1 (all variations) for $129.00 (I don't know much about these and the differences between each variation): (can do a search to find the other variations) the same site also has the M-Audio Q40 for $99.99:
A couple deals I just came across on ebay:   Used T1 for $799 I know sonic sense has a better deal on new ones when you become a member but this one offers a 3 year warranty.   Used DT880 - 600 Ohm for $199 (can make an offer and probably get it slightly...
Open box HE-500 for $595 from Razordog's ebay site (warranty included):
Wow great deal! If anyone is willing to purchase one or two for me and ship them to Canada, please PM me. Of course I will cover all shipping costs and I can even cover the cost of a pair for you as well :)
Just got an email from buydig where you can use coupon code "MUSIC2MYEARS" to get Westone 3's for $174. Slightly better than amazon right now.
Great price on the E09K. They're also selling the E17 for $100. Buydig has the same offer: 
Count me in for anywhere! (Preference for Canada though)
Hi there, care to share where you got them from and where are they being bundled with the AK100? Thanks.
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