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For sale is a brand new pair of TDK IE800 iems. These were purchased as my back up pair but unfortunately I have to let them go (just hoping my actual pair never dies on me). They come completely sealed in the box and never opened (that's why I'm using a stock picture). Tonnes more info can be found on these here: Price is $90 shipped in Canada but I am willing to ship them...
I saw the update #7 email as well. The super duper geek intrigues me but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay the $60 more for the upgrade. If however anyone on here got in at the $119 bracket or lower and is willing to order another one for me (I'd paypal you the cost as well as cover shipping from you to me once you receive them) then I'd gladly update to super duper. Please PM me if anyone is willing to do this :)
Yup same reason I actually bit at the $159 mark despite feeling like I had missed out a better deal
Like Tommy, I am also in Canada. And I'd be willing to repay the favor if there's ever a Canadian deal you are interested in :)
If you guys ever have size S in stock, please let me know. Thanks!
The site that must not be named has actually negotiated a lower price on the Yulong D100 MkII. It's now $320 (if 20 or so more people join). I haven't jumped in just yet but I remember someone in this thread had mentioned in (maybe ds?) so just thought I'd send out that update. If anyone has any comparisons between the Yulong and Audio-gd's 11.32, I'd be quite interested to hear them!
DT990 premium (32 ohms) + Fiio E07k bundle seems like a pretty good deal at $258. Use the VISA10 promo code (must pay with for $25 off the $283 asking price. Only 1 left in stock right now.
I think I need to stay off this thread from now on. You guys have been encouraging me to make way too many purchases recently. I just bit on the GEEK for $159 mainly because of the high hopes from the people here. And this is after I convinced myself to say no when I first came across the kickstarter page at the $139 (might've been $119) bracket. I'm also hoping it'll work on android devices even if you need a portable battery as a power source.  Keep us posted on the...
Great deal! I also posted this in the full size deals thread, but if any Aussie's are willing to buy one and ship it to me (I'd paypal you the costs of course), I'd be greatly appreciative :)
Great deal! If any Aussie's are willing to buy one and ship it to me (I'd paypal you the cost of course), I'd be greatly appreciative! 
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