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I have two Brand New Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches for trade. It's the Ivory and/or Black colour. I'm open to any trade offers so feel free to PM me with whatever you can think up. Thanks!
I have a Mint Fiio X3 that'd looking to sell or trade, primarily for another DAP but I'm open to all offers. It is in mint condition and comes with the original box and accessories, I can also throw in a brand new  8gb micro sd card. I'm located in Toronto, Canada so please factor that in when making offers. I can do +/- cash to make the trade fair. Please PM if interested, thanks!
It works on the AKG K545 which has been getting rave reviews. The final price I'm seeing is $187.47 but only the Black and Turquoise colour appears when you use that keyword. I have not tried on the other colours. http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_74954_AKG-K545-Black-Turquoise.htmlRazordog's 22% coupon code puts these at $194.96 if anyone is interested in other colours. 
Thanks for pointing that out. I've adjusted the price.
Selling my IE80's as I'm trying to clear out a bunch of gear and move towards customs. Comes with all the original accessories and the box. Asking $240 + shipping (add 3% for paypal fees if not gifted). I'm located in downtown Toronto and would be willing to do a local deal as well. Please PM for pictures of if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.
Seems like I'm a little too late to the party? I'm no longer seeing it as listed. Great first post though!
PM sent. Thanks for giving us all a chance at this opportunity!
Thanks for the suggestion, I did that already but never received any notification or email. Will try again with yet another email.
I'd also be interested in a logitech code if anyone has one they won't be using. I was definitely on that mailing list, I must have unsuscribed from them a while back when cleaning out my inbox :(
Hey guys, just got word from Woo that they'd be back in stock over the weekend. I'm definitely grabbing one this time around.
New Posts  All Forums: