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posted before in the full size deals thread. You can also use the coupon code "WALLET" when checking out using google wallet on a mobile phone to get $15 more off
I've been meaning to post this here since the weekend. Sennheiser IE 80 for 199€
I'm with jmoore. If any head-fier comes across excess stock and is kind enough to pick me up an extra ksc75 or iems I'd gladly pay for them and shipping costs to me
I'd be quite interested to hear a review on these. I did stumble upon this post, it came out on top over some decent competition, including the s2 (not sure how it was judged):
Thanks for the heads up. It worked for the Beyer pads but didn't work on the PFE 232's. It also works on the shures
Why'd you link to a $599 pair, instead of the usual ~$140 (for shadow)?   That said, there's a used (good condition) white pearl version from a 3rd party seller for $87 + $7 shipping:
Not sure if it was mentioned yet, but the Fidelio X1's are now $257 on amazon
Guys, I got an email from Woo today stating the following:   "Dear Ryan, Thank you for interesting in our products. For BI3 we have a discount for only distributors. but there are some end users asked the same question as you did. so we decided to offer this for a short period of time due to we just launched BI3s and wanna thanks for interesting to buy our first IEMs for more than a pair. You might buy 5 pcs,the price is 29 USD for each. but we will ship it...
The UE 500s are now going for $22.88 on amazon.
Used Sony MDR-7550 in ears for $165.95 (Condition: 9/10)
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