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Used Sony MDR-7550 in ears for $165.95 (Condition: 9/10)
I'd be in for this as well, but doesn't seem likely as the website was giving trouble. We can only hope!
It is a great deal! Hope the same head-fier is also kind enough to ship one to USA/Canada...
Great first post indeed. Although not sure if to thank you or block you lol. Thanks mate!   Edit:  Back to the deals, shoreline music has a couple new closeout deals. One of which is the Arcam rLink DAC for $119:
I am from Canada. I promise to review the PAA- 1 Pro and post it at Head-fi and our local forum.
Hey, not sure if you still looking for one of these but there's a few on amazon warehouse for $284 now (mentioned in the deals thread)
TTVJ Deal of the day has HifiMan's HE-400 at 10% off - $359 deal expires 6/30/2013 (today)
Nuforce NE-600X-BLACK on amazon lightning deals for $20. Only $5 (20%) off their usual price, but still a deal:
Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately it seems like the soundmagic coupon code has expired already 
Hi, I was wondering what store were selling these for this price? Thanks.
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