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 Thanks. I saw those already however I find the prices a bit too high. Was hoping for something more around $150
 These drops are now live. Just joined myself
Denon AH-D5000's used on amazon for $399 + $5.49 shipping. Some pics available and seems to be in good condition with some cable fraying. May want to compare to deals on the for sale forum first but I thought this was an appealing price.   http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B000MVEC10/
Thanks for running this promotion. Shared. Good luck to all who entered.
Yea I bought mine before it was discontinued for a very good price and sadly I sold it on here when my collection was getting out of control. Wish I didn't as I really miss them. Now I can only find them on Amazon from Japan based sellers 
I'm looking for an MDR MA900 in good condition. Shipping is to Canada or the US. Please PM me.   Alternatively if anyone knows of anywhere that has them on sale, please let me know. Thanks!!
Thanks for the heads up on the price change. I tried to get a price adjustment through their live chat but no luck. I ended up cancelling and re-ordering for $11 less than yesterday. Cheers
Congrats @Sopranino. Thanks Massdrop for the opportunity!
Just another example of what an amazing community this is and how generous the members can be.  I don't frequent the site that much anymore either (wasn't easy at first lol) as I sold off 99% of my gear in order to complete my Masters but I am thankful to know that there are still kind people out there that are willing to do a good deed without getting anything else in return. I think the site could benefit from avoiding users from posting blurry photos to hide the...
Thanks for running such an awesome giveaway. Massdrop username: juggos   Would love to see a drop on Sony's MDRMA900's. Really want one back at the affordable price they used to be. 
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