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If i turn off my Mojo after a listening session but leave it plugged in via usb power overnight, when i next look at it a few hours later there's a blinking white light, when I turn the mojo back on, the blinking light turns Red.. Dead battery.   I have to pull out the usb power wire and plug it back in to get it charging again.     I have to do this each day, each time i return to my Mojo.   Faulty?
I would look towards the Philips X2s.     They're quite easy to drive and don't require an amp.  I've both headphones and the X2s knocks the socks off the 595, especially in the bass region - the 595's are known to be a tad bass light, the x2s low end is present - not hiding away, which gives them a more neutral sound than the 595's.     I find the X2s more pleasurable to listen to and are certainly a more premium sounding can.    They're just a little over your...
Slightly off topic.  Funnily enough I tried Tidal yesterday on my Iphone, took the free trial to find what all the fuss was about.    Comparing to Spotify, I opened up identical tracks on both apps, making sure they were exactly the same track from the same album.   Genres varied between Jazz, Classical and Dance.   Rather than play one track on Spotify then play the same track on Tidal - (by the time you restart the track your expectation bias kicks in) I did...
i've finally hooked up my Chord Mojo to a Titanium HD via Optical for Cmss3d gaming in Rise of the Tomb Raider and it sounds great!  Creative console is set to Headphones with CMSS3D enabled.other settings at their defaults.  Windows sound to 5.1, full range sound set on all speakers. Mojo set to 24/96.  Even though I found the Mojo had a slightly narrower soundstage than my Desktop DAC when listening to music - which isn't a problem as it grows on you and sounds more...
I'm going to give ooyh another shot, this time try different presets. I didn't try any preset other than the default gaming one as that was considered the most suitable - I was gaming at the time, so my first impression was based on that alone. Which presets have others found works best for gaming to top cmss3d?
I also own he-500 and without changing my glasses to thin frames before a listening session I can't wear either X2 or He-500s for long periods without the headphones digging in too much above my ears to cause fatigue. Wearing glasses with super thin frames make a whole lot of difference to comfort. Oh yes he500s make the x2s seem super comfortable and lightweight.
In my experience adding a decent quality amp gives the low end more weight and evens out the highs so they don't appear as thin/sharp at a higher volume. This excludes the Oppo ha2 as this already adds too much sharpness due to the Sabre chip. I've had good results connecting the X2 to a Musical Fidelity Hpa and Chord Mojo.
Tried this with he-500 headphones in Dying Light, I heard a surround effect but dynamics were too flat and visualising of sounds in games were all too distant. I found it difficult to grasp if I was standing next to an enemy or if it was 100 metres away. Would be a great effect to add ambience to a game but on its own it falls short on replicating how things sound in real life. Sticking to Cmss-3d.
Good point.Also if you pull the headphone pads slightly away from the side of your face, just enough to let air pressure out inside the cup, the sound signature of the headphones changes.I can imagine there must be a fair few of us who wear specs, some with thicker frames than others. If the headphone cushion sits on the frame of the glasses (with a thick frame) away from the face, the seal is broken, changing the sound signature slightly.
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