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Anybody willing to make and sell me this mod for my He-500s in the uk? Of course, I'll cover labour too.  
How would one know when a grey filter needs replacing? Is there a way to tell other than replace when lost? 
Does anybody know where I can buy a basic he-500 cable with banana plugs in the Uk?  Thanks 
I was using a fiio e12 with phonak pfe232 and found that whilst is helped boost the low end and give the sound more body, detail was lost in the highs and there was a sibilance at high volumes with some tracks. I sold the e12 and now wondering if a c5d is the way to go. I'll be using it with the grey filters. Also would the c5d offer better sq than iphone 6 can pump out or wouldn't there be much difference?
I can get this working great with my Titanium Hd, great for games, but my external Musical fidelity usb dac isnt working with it.  Nothing happens when the eq is enabled.  This is a shame as i prefer to use the Dac directly for Spotify.     Both are ticked in the config.         The eq is a life send for my studio monitors and room correction, thanks so much to the dev.  Any on getting the musical fidelity to work? Thanks! 
Focus or focus A's?
 Best way to solder them together? I'm a beginner at soldering tbh, spent half hour and as the space is quite small i cant get the tip of the wire to melt with the smc tip (live wire). Soldering the ground to the outside is easy. Any tips? Thanks.
Damn, I accidentally knocked the He-500s off their stand and one of the the Smc connectors has snapped.  :(   I've two spare smc connectors in the box, has anybody had any success in changing them?         Thanks.
Hey guys, I've a pair of Yamaha hs80m monitors, room is slightly treated with panels and a couple of bass traps to remove ringing etc, I think they sound great if sitting in the triangle but I know very well these are monitors and I don't use them for that reason. I listen to music, watch movies and play games. I love high quality sound and came across these. How would the dynaudio mc15 compare to the yams for hifi near field listening? The speakers will be 0.75m away...
 By the sound of it, your chain is suffering from ground loop.  Buying something similar to this should eliminate the noise - although some will argue it may affect the dynamics.   I used this isolator for quite a while, which sat in between the speakers and USB Dac, and it worked well to remove all noise - in your case it would be connected in between the speakers and receiver.   I did A/B tests with and without the...
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