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I've just bought a pair of these iems, and would like to know if my Htc One M7 will power them fine and do them justice? As far as I know the m7 has an amp built in, but I'm not sure if it's any good tbh, I have used the m7 with ie8 iems for a while, but the sound quality wasn't anything special - I'm not sure If the iems or the phone was to blame. I'll be playing uncompressed audio and using Spotify at 320kb. I've been looking at the Sansa clip + and zip with rockbox...
Hi, I'm interested in these, are they missing the black filters? 
Hi,Thanks for the suggestion.It's not related to the computer as it happens with just the amp and headphones plugged in to the wall, I unplugged everything else to see if the pc was the cause.I found If the wall plug is the slightest bit loose it sends feedback through the amp producing the horrid noise, I can't see how it is ground loop as the noise only happens for a few seconds at a time??. I've found by plugging in a device into the wall socket on the same oulet (two...
Hi all, I've a little problem with this amp, when I plug/unplug any device into one of the wall outlets in the same room I hear a buzzing / cracking sound through this amp which is passing on to the he-500s. I noticed if I use a square multi plug in the wall outlet the amp is connected to, and tap on it whilst the amp is on, the headphones crackle. It's like a BzzzzBrzzzzZzzzz sound. Is this normal?
Working great using Win 8.1 x64 here, thanks for keeping this project alive, the interface looks fairly decent now!  Would love to see a add to playlist > Create new playlist, option instead of having to add it to an existing playlist. 
 Hi, I had the same issue when cutting both the ground and power wires, a sine wave sound that appears whilst the dac is active, hence why I mentioned both methods in my post.  Did you try cutting the power (red) alone first? 
If your Dac is self powered, cut the red / red + black wire in the Usb cable, this got rid of noise for me.  Of course make sure it's a cheap usb cable. ;)  Since I have upgraded my motherboard to one with a usb power disable feature (Gigabyte Z87 G1 Sniper) has worked wonders and I no longer hear noise.   
Hi guys, I currently own a pair of he-500's hooked up to an Emotiva Mini, and would like to know if stepping up to the he-6 is a side step or clear upgrade - if using the mini. I'm very happy with the he-500s, just got the itch as there's a pair going for a good price. I listen to movie scores, ambient and progressive trance music. Thanks a bunch
Hi, are these sold? Edit, no longer interested.
Imo it's mostly its our mood/health that affects Audio.  If I'm in a happy mood my gear sounds awesome, if I'm tired and fatigued, my mind switches into analytical mode and sub conciously picks out all the flaws and emphasises them, If I have the Flu all the treble seems to be non existent, all these circumstances make me start questioning my Gear.  The funny thing is, the next day the same album I played yesterday could sound a lot better, my gear certainly hasn't...
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