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 The program i used to capture is ScreenToGif, it's freeware.
A gif to demonstrate enabling "Spatial sound" switches default audio to 48Khz and does not revert the change once "Spatial sound" is turned off.   When I mention "Mojo lights Orange" I'm speaking about my Chord Mojo Dac (external portable soundcard), which lights orange when playback is at 48Khz.  
With the Creators update for Windows 10 we have spatial sound as an option.  Enabling it causes shared audio mode to switch to 16bit/48khz  which makes the Mojo light orange.  Turning spatial sound off does not revert the shared mode to how it was set prior to enabling it, it will stay at 16bit/48khz, and the Mojo will continue to light orange until manually changed back.     Seeing how turning this new feature on causes the change to 48Khz, If using 48Khz, will it be...
Solved - solution at bottom of post.    Sometimes Asio won't start with the Mojo.   If i open Jriver i see "playback could not be started on the output "ASIO" " If i open Fidelify i see "could not start asio"   Os - Windows 10.   I've reinstalled Mojos asio driver and it hasn't fixed it.   When it happens i have to reboot the Mojo to get asio to work.  Turning the Mojo off and back on, Asio will initiate and playback starts.   What could be causing it?...
Chord Mojo paired with he-500's imo a good match without going overboard with your wallet.
Hi guys,   Is it possible to use optical without unplugging usb? Is there a way?   Thanks in advance. 
I fired up Amazon Prime Video and played a bit of Destiny, and the color remained constant - Orange.
Just an update, bought this exact model. perfectly. Sound/video quality seems to be unaffected and I've not noticed any delay. Great solution for connecting a slim ps4 to a Mojo.
 Looks ideal, but unfortunately I can't find it in stock in the Uk.   Looking around for an alternative I found this, any thoughts? Thanks
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