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I’ve been “disconnected” for a while, but now I am back with this Project.   It is based on the Earmax / Sense / Phenix G3 / Morgan Jones, with the Cavalli mod that consists of a variable feedback potentiometer that permits to match the amplifier performance with the headphones’ impedance.   The power supply is a Glass-Ware PS-1. Clean DC and enough power to feed the heaters of big bottles like the...
Here is my DIY connector to use the XM6 as a DAC with a Tube Headphones Amplifier  
Thank you for reminding me about the HD650 virtues!. I kept them inside the box when I bought the LCD-2 two years ago, and never used them again. Not because I didn't like them but because I "had to" use the most recent and expensive purchase.   Sine the leather of the LCD-2 is now decaying like leprous skin, This will be a good time to use the HD650 again.
 Talking about reliability issues, this are my LCD-2 after 2 years, very little use, and good care:  Amazing sound, but there is something wrong with the leather. Cheapo headphones last much longer than that. $80 for an earpad replacement  
This is an absolute disaster. It keeps spreading like a disease    
The leather of my Audeze LCD-2 is starting to peel off. I bought them about one year ago, I have not used them too much, and I have always kept them closed inside the plastic box.   This is very disappointing. It is a very expensive equipment that now looks very cheap, and I am currently not in a condition to spend $80 + shipping on new pads. Cheaper brands last longer than this!  
Thank you for the comments.   The reviews of the RE600 are impressive, but 400$ for earbuds is out of the budget now. I would have to feed a piggy bank for a while.   It seems like the RE262 will become a legend because the price/magic ratio was excellent, but I am concerned about buying second hand because they seem to have a very short lifespan. My RE262 did last for about 3 years, and I always took very special care of them. I never played them while walking, always...
One driver of my beloved RE-262 did stop working. I don't know if it was the cable or the driver, but I wrote to Head-Direct to ask for a repair and they kindly offered a RE-400 replacement for reduced price, as a substitute of the RE-262.   I have received the new RE-400 and I don't like them that much. The sound is harsh compared with the sweet RE-262.   I would not say that they are bad headphones, but they cannot fully satisfy my personal taste after having being...
 Hi Ace, Were did you buy the HP50 in Thailand?  
After trying many amps, I've build my own tube amp for the LCD2       The front panel is still provisional (after one year since I've finished it).
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