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Thank you for the comments.   The reviews of the RE600 are impressive, but 400$ for earbuds is out of the budget now. I would have to feed a piggy bank for a while.   It seems like the RE262 will become a legend because the price/magic ratio was excellent, but I am concerned about buying second hand because they seem to have a very short lifespan. My RE262 did last for about 3 years, and I always took very special care of them. I never played them while walking, always...
One driver of my beloved RE-262 did stop working. I don't know if it was the cable or the driver, but I wrote to Head-Direct to ask for a repair and they kindly offered a RE-400 replacement for reduced price, as a substitute of the RE-262.   I have received the new RE-400 and I don't like them that much. The sound is harsh compared with the sweet RE-262.   I would not say that they are bad headphones, but they cannot fully satisfy my personal taste after having being...
 Hi Ace, Were did you buy the HP50 in Thailand?  
After trying many amps, I've build my own tube amp for the LCD2       The front panel is still provisional (after one year since I've finished it). http://www.head-fi.org/t/645073/the-ultimate-ear-max-pro-morgan-jones-cavalli-sense-g3-amplifier-with-6f8g-big-bottles
  Hi oqvist, What do you mean, that the bass of the HP50 is more detailed but lower in volume than the Audeze LCD-2 or viceversa? I have the LCD-2 but I need closed headphones when there is noise at the street. I am considering something in the price range of the HP50. Reading this review they seem like a good option.  
Hi kenman,   I've sent a PM.   Thank you!
Hi Kenman,   The new R-Core transformer is only for 220-240V. To change it to US Voltage it would need to be changed to the original transformer that has dual-voltage.
 Mine also gets slightly warm when it is connected to the USB, even when the XM6 is switched off. I guess that it means that some component inside the XM6 gets hot when receiving power from the USB cord, because I have it plugged to the computer USB for days (without using it) and it doesn't drawn the battery while it is warm for so long.
Hi.   Do you know if it would be possible to adapt a Westone UM56 Universal-fit Custom eartip to the RE262?   http://www.westone.com/music/index.php/products/custom-fit/um56.html   I love the RE262, but sometimes I need more isolation. I don't want to spend money on expensive Custom IEM or to replace the RE262       BTW: I bought my RE262 thanks to this review. Thank You ClieOS!!!
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