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No problem! You're welcome to share your impressions here if you end up buying a set.
The isololation feels pretty decent. They may leak some sound if you play at loud volumes. The Momentum might be a tad better in this area, but I haven't done any extensive testing on this.
I've been looking into this, and it might be that (his) desktop amps do not support the 4-pin (TRRS) connector that headphone cables with a mic use. The desktop amps may need a 3-pin (TRS) connector. That would be my guess, after reading up on this.
I've been searching for this, but couldn't find the definitive answer: Does the output jack of the E17 support 4-pin (TRRS) headphone cables (cables with a mic), or do you need a 3-pin (TRS) cable?
I did a quick A/B test between the Momentum and the H6 in a store yesterday, and I actually preferred the sound of the H6 over the Momentum. The H6 sounds more open, and the bass is more natural and fuller.Comfortwise the H6 is much better than the Momentum (on my head). The ear pads are just big enough to go around my ears. The headset sits pretty flush to your skull, and you should have no problems wearing it in public.
In a review at Headphonia, the author says about the H6 that "the cable has a mic control, making it impossible to use with all of my desktop amps at home". What does he mean by that? What problems does the mic cause? Would I need to get another cable in order to use the H6 with my FiiO E17?
My search has come to an end. The B&O H6 has all the qualities I was looking for. Bought them today. I think the sound is terrific. Can't believe that anyone find them lacking in the bass. Thanks for all suggestions!
So, I've been searching for the perfect headphone for quite a while now, but still haven't found it. I haven't even found a headphone where I feel the compromises are OK. I need a pair of cans that isolate good, look good and sound good, and are comfortable to wear. All the phones I have tried so far are lacking in one or more of these areas:   B&W P7: Uncomfortable headband. Shure SRH-1540: Does not isolate as good as expected. PSB M4U-2: Too bulky and...
No reviews of the MK2 yet?
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