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I'd be interested in the prospect of the MP as an audio effect, for use in music production. Not on entire tracks, rather, individual instruments.
Looks like a lab of some sort. Needs even MOAR mad scientisty tubes, and a Nixie clock :P
Well, okay so I may be presumptuous a bit- but also, I must confess to often stalking Head-Fi profiles... I am always curious of the music others listen to (and their other electronics), especially in cases of office-space epicness.Surely I can't be the only one in this thread D:
I'm not sure if I've said this yet, but the combination of headphone, speaker, and figures (edit: and PC) in your setup is sublime. Power level is over nine-trillion.Edit edit: excellent music taste as well! 👍
Spooky low-res Halloween tubes
It seems a few different people are using the Mjolnir (or another tube amp) as a preamp for the Jotie. I, too, can vouch for the subjective improvement that a superior preamp brings to the Jotunheim (volume control on Jotie all the way up, used as if it were a power amp) - I had good results using a dedicated solid state preamp in between my DAC and the Jotie, even.    If the Mjolnir works well in this type of scenario, I'd be excited to hear the Freya (which will be far...
Who thinks common multichannel surround sound is cheesey? *raises hand* I'd prefer to blur the sweet spot/disperse the soundstage with different speaker-spacing and less toe-in, long before I invest in a clunky surround system. Unless one is in a larger commercial theater, the side-seats are always going to be an auditory and visual compromise anyway, even with a multichannel system. The (original) primary purpose (of surround) is to spread the sound image to more seats...
Thank you for the impressions! A great read- now I can rest easy, and enjoy the Mimby for eternity. Maybe after eternity, I can justify the purchase of an Yggy :P To anyone who is "considering" or "thinking" about the Mimby, at $250... Cmon, just go for it.
I'd be interested to know! I still have to do the same direct comparison myself, as I've only heard the top and bottom Multibits independently of one another.
I've used my HD800 with my Murano Audio Class-D monoblocks before (IcePower based), and it worked quite well- in particular, it gave the bass a neat quality. However, it did kill off some of the fine microdynamics, compared to a class A or A/B headphone amp. If you want a dead-neutral sound signature, go for it. If you're source is good, it's worth a try at least. EDIT: I will mention, however, that I was using a Robinette Box (see...
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