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I am selling my lightly-used, yellow color Pro-Ject Debut Carbon manual record player with Ortofon 2M red cartridge. Included with this table are the upgrades: Pro-Ject acrylic platter ($125 new) and Pro-Ject record puck ($80 new). Also, I am including Zerodust needle cleaner ($45 new) and a Pro-Ject record brush ($15).  All of this for only $300, but only because they recently released an updated version of this table (which retails for $449).   It has been very well...
I am selling my -almost- new Audio-Technica AD900x open-back full size headphones. Imported fresh from Japan, including original box, 1/4" adapter, and paperwork. They have been used very lightly, hardly at all. I bought them simply out of curiosity, however they are rather entry-level for me. Only $120 + shipping! Free pickup if you live in Phoenix Arizona!
I'm selling my good condition Sennheiser Momentum over-ear headphones. Included is a blue, 1/8" termination copper Zy Hifi aftermarket cable, the original box, and the carrying case. Also included is the original literature. These headphones have served well, and have only a minor blemish to the brown paint on one side. There is also one small torx bolt missing on the headband, however the purpose it serves is purely cosmetic; no creakiness or instability in construction...
I am selling my customized Symphones Magnum X Grados with rare Rhydon anodized black aluminum cups, Headphonelounge genuine leather headband, Sennheiser HD414 yellow earpads, plus included optional L-cush and Auvio headband. These have been recabled (by @funch) with Canare quad copper cable and terminated with a gold-plated black aluminum 1/8" plug. The cable itself is very sturdy, and is colored to match the pads! Finally, the black Grado SR series cups have had their...
Right now, we're gonna shoot for a Saturday between (but not on) June 6th and June 21st. Dan from MrSpeakers cannot come on the 21st, although he could possibly send someone to represent him if necessary. Next week we will be reserving the room.
This would be fantastic, and we will most certainly take him up on the opportunity! Things have been busy; just want to make sure we have a concrete date first before scheduling any high-profile attendees. However I am confident that we will have something set up this next week, stay tuned. Apologies on the behalf of myself and @Destroysall for the delays.
Come down to the Southwest for a listen! Haha
..but not venomous
Unpainted but not uncolored.
Grasping but not holding on to
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