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Lol the Overseer (I like that name so let's stick with it) is Jimmy's (Grizmo) reward for winning.. something. I'm not quite sure what, but it happened, and thus became the embodiment of his desire to own a Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck. I guess it's full name would be Nakamichi, the Dragon Overseer of Head-Fi.
Nice! It's great that we have so many pictures this time. Let's make this coming summer meet even better guys.
    Manley LAB series 100 watt monoblocks powering my own T50RP mod via a Grommes HA-600 headphone adapter. Sounds quite superior to my Asgard 2 (which is serving as a preamp in this case). Source is a Teac UD-H01 DAC (unbalanced RCA) fed  SPDIF from my Saffire Pro 40 audio interface.   I might have a fetish for having lots of components...
You're very welcome! A large part of our success was thanks to yourself
Darn this meet, now I can't rest until I have a Ragnarok. I'll even give up my overpowered speaker amps for it! Thanks again to all for attending.
Nevermind. Using them to power my headphones via an adapter box.
Lol, I'm using Manley Lab 100 watt tube monoblocks for my 685 S2. I think it may be overkill by just a tad.   Impressions thread^ Post all pictures, feedback, questions, comments, concerns, and future meet suggestions here! All further discussion pertaining to this meet will be in the above linked thread.
Post impressions from the Jan. 24th 2015 AZ Head-Fi meet here! The turnout at this meet was the largest we've had so far, and was a great success with lots of excellent gear. Special thanks to: The Harmon Library, HeadAmp, Garage1217, and everyone else too of course! Without your ears and without your gear, this wouldn't be possible. Will be looking forward to the summer meet with great enthusiasm! It really was fantastic guys, let's keep this thing going.   Please post...
En route to get the sandwich and head to the library. Will be there within the hour!
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