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Bump. Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Holiday season. Can the 24th get here any slower?
Not gonna be anything Bluetooth. The data transmission is inherently lossy, which would make no sense with Schiit, especially with Mike.
It's a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2? (Might be a different scarlett like 2i4 or 4i6 though, they all look real similar) Audio Interface and the monitors are JBL LSR308sLol, I have about the same computer case (Fractal R4?), I used to have a scarlett with JBLs, and I have the same monitor too. Dang I don't feel hipster anymore :P I have the same chair too
That would be great!
Syro is a masterpiece. It gets more interesting as you listen on better systems too; there's so much ultra high and ultra low frequency details that you simply can't discern on even most mid-fi systems. Not a bad thing though, because you get a different experience on every pair of headphones/speakers.
Better yet, in the Bifrost/Asgard form factor, a balanced Sys. Of course, that might be a bit pricey, but it would be very nice. And with a much cleaner aesthetic than other balanced passives...
Comes with original box, pleather and velour pads, and carrying bag. Stock everything, like-new condition. These were only used on a few DJ gigs, but as I no longer am focusing on DJing I am going to sell these (in order to help fund new IEMs, possibly customs).   $180, you pay fees and shipping. I am also willing to accept a trade for a brand new RHA T10 (or T10i), if that seems easier than sending money. I say brand new quite literally, as I'm sketched about used IEMs.
Lmao it looks like it's drinking a slurpee through the headphone cable xD
Lol just look for the big Schiit stack and yellow turuntable on the 24th guys, the X2s shall be waiting for your ears
Waste... of... time?! Might as well be blasphemy! Make him a bet, force him to come to one meet... if he doesn't like it then oh well xD a Schiitty bet, but come on who doesn't want to play with other people's expensive gears?We must convert this fellow to the FLAC side...
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