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Considering the attendance we had last meet, and that we were using all the tables and space available at the location, we figured it was time for a move. The cost is $500 for the whole day, and tonight we will inquire about other possible fees. The total costs will be split between several of us (the majority of which will be the money we raised in the raffle last meet).In any case, this is why we are going to charge about a $5 fee for those who wish to eat the food we...
Apologies all for the relative lack of updates. So here's the current status: tonight, myself and Garage will be viewing a large room at the Hampton Inn near the airport. There is a very strong possibility that we will meet at this location this summer. It is at about 44th street and the loop 202 freeway. That is near Sky Harbor International Airport, and as such there should also be plenty of food places around and whatnot. Still, Chris and I will attempt to have food on...
It is exciting, but not exhilarating
It's dynamic but not planar
I occasionally choose to use my HD580s out and about. I even have a nice short portable cable for them. Secondhand drum & bass for eeeeveeeryyoonnnee!
It's free, but not Butterfree.It's wobbly, but not Wobbuffet.
Quite curious about how these will turn out. I'm betting they would make a pretty bomb pair of portable cans subscribed
It is fairly large, but not quite huge.
It's cold but not chilly
I love it! It is a bit on the mid-bassy-warm side, but very fun nontheless with gobs of power to boot. I was lucky to find this particular unit chilling (or toasting?) in my grandmother's garage. Was in perfect condition... haven't felt the need to recap, but did give it a good cleaning and deoxit. As you can see though, one of the lamps burnt out finally... and I must confess that there was a little crack-ccident with the wooden case Thanks! Indeed it does I've been...
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