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I am also curious about this. Seriously considering either one or the other.
I have the opportunity to acquire a pair of Audeze LCD-3 for $1k. For the same price, is the Elear worth considering as an alternative, that might be better? What I'd be looking for is smooth, detailed, almost creepy vocals/midrange, precise imaging (an excellent phantom center as well), and great bass texture/performance along with extension. Has anyone compared these cans side-by-side?
I am selling my VTL Compact 100 monoblock tube power (speaker) amplifiers, which are a David Manley design, built by hand in California, originally released in 1988 and produced until 1993. These are very similar to the slightly newer Manley LAB series amplifiers which were released a year after production of the VTL Compact amplifiers ceased, in 1994. They put 100 watts into 8 ohms. The amplifiers are designed to use EL34 tubes, and may use direct drop-in replacements...
http://www.head-fi.org/t/819882/september-10th-2016-arizona-head-fi-meet-impressions-pictures   Post your impressions, pics, comments, questions, criticisms here!^
Post impressions and pictures here!   I would like to thank everyone that participated in the meet, particularly all of our OG attendees (@funch, @Garage1217, and others, you know who you are), @BzzzzzT for the handcrafted headphone stands, and the folks at Audio Video Choices for the T-shirts. Also @Destroysall, the other Head-Fi'er who helped make these meets possible in the first place! @MezeTeam (Meze Headphones) as well, I thank for your gracious offer to send the...
Omw, getting my overpriced Starbucks fix really quick (didn't have time to finish Breakfast)
Finally lined up and ready to go. See you guys tomorrow!
Soundstage width is something that, secondarily to the headphones themselves, may be affected by the level of stereo crosstalk between each channel of the amplifier. Monoblocks typically excell at this, and in my experience frequently do indeed provide a wider soundstage than their stereo counterparts. It makes sense- more crosstalk, more extraneous signal leaking into each channel, slightly less precise separation of each channel, less width. Dual-mono amplifiers also...
I still have oodles of nametags from the last few meets, so I'll bring those!
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