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Here's a trophy picture of my setup as it is right now, before I sell my speakers (GoldenEar Triton 5 towers). Buyer's remorse sucks... but It's leaching from my other hobbies (notice the lack of a real headphone rig).    
I'm - out of sheer buyer's remorse - selling my barely-four-month-old GoldenEar Triton 5 tower speakers. The MSRP and purchase price was $999 each, so a total of about $2000. However, as you may only buy from authorized brick-and-mortar retailers, the about $200 in tax is unavoidable... bringing the grand total to about $2200.    These have been kept in pristine condition and are only $1800 for the pair. I'd say its a great deal! So, whadya say? I'm located in Peoria,...
It's okay, your eyes will forgive you on behalf of your wallet.
With AIO coolers, all one must do is replace the stock radiator fan(s). Unless the pump is super loud of course... I'm running a Corsair H110i with Phanteks SP140 fans, NZXT Sentry fan controller just near the slowest setting. Cools like a champ with very little noise.
If you are still running air on your cpu, simply getting a Corsair all-in-one with either Phanteks or Noctua fans will go a long way to making things quieter. Also, look into the ASUS Strix line of GPUs, as the Strix coolers are absolutely phenomenal for low-noise without going full WC (and much cheaper,as such)
If there's some way to hide those extra molex connectors congregating around the PSU, otherwise I'd say it's as good as you can get it with that case. You could always get some cheap extensions to make things more uniform, but only if you have room in the rear to hide the excess cable length.
While I wouldn't normally condone self-promotion for sales in this thread, I will say that I have my own classified up, for those interested in megabuck headphone cables. Hey, it keeps the thread alive.   This meet will happen this year, I can guarantee that much. It's just a question of when personal circumstances will clear up. I would like to thank all those who were involved in the Scottsdale mini-meet, for keeping this alive. By all means, feel free to use this as a...
Wuwhere but not wink
Cable management is a pay-to-win game? Eh, worth it.
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