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That is precisely it haha. That, and talk about gear and music and such. Just come right in to the library, we'll be in a big room situated directly behind the front desk. The door to that room should be open. If you're confused, just tell the front desk librarians that you're here for the head-fi meet :) Again, it's not until October 25th (a Saturday), so you got about a month. There will be plenty of outlets and tables, however surge protectors/power strips would always...
Awesome! Can't wait to hear your new stuff
Well, if this meet goes well, it's quite possible that we could schedule a meet during the winter break but like I say, it's a POSSIBILITY :P we'll have a summer meet again too, so there's always a chance
Haha, careful though. Listening to a setup can quite often make you crave it more  (especially vinyl rigs, it's just a special experience). Even if I had a steadier income (I don't for various reasons, and my "job" as a freelance recording engineer doesn't work well with my social skills or lack thereof haha), then I would still be poor all the time XD Music is so essential though...
I can bring my Project Debut Carbon and ClearAudio nanophono. I would have a better phono stage, but I had to place my money elsewhere (sorry funch)Oh and clean power would be nice, I have a Furman 8x^2 however it is rack mount and would be a pain to bring haha
Hopefully! I still haven't heard a single pair of Q701s (or K701s for that matter) in my ... career?.. hah. I'm trying to decide what I should bring... 
Just to make it more clear/obvious:   LINK FOR MEET THREAD -   Be there... or be a dodecahedron!   EDIT: Lmao, tanner116 ^
Bumpitty bump bump. Gonna bring some Schiit to the meet (Sys and Asgard 2, possibly more stuff too, but that's not for certain), newly revised T50RP mod, HD25 with velour pads. My source of choice is yet to be decided... Turntable again perhaps? Cmon people, spread the word!    Best thing ever happens on October 25th in Phoenix, AZ!
Old thread, but just wanted to mention that the price is now $1199.95. Increasing demand = higher price.
I dare not post a picture of my computer's guts. I switched to the other guys  *cough* Intel and Nvidia *cough*   I'm a traitor 
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