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Wuwhere but not wink
Cable management is a pay-to-win game? Eh, worth it.
Interesting, Silverstone makes headphone stands haha
Is it crazier that 12 hours isn't even 20% (a la Just Cause), or is it crazier that you're already 12 hours into it? :PEDIT: Okay so my rig finally looks nice enough inside for public displayAs you can see, it's actually WHITE on the outside, but my camera likes to make it red-ish ~.~ freakin' point-and-shoot.Fancy new graphics card (okay it's just a 970, but that's pretty fancy to me).Artsy-fartsy fail.
A query but not a question
Unfortunately, no. I must apologize again to everyone... I have been very busy and so has Destroysall. As soon as we get something setup, it will be posted in this thread. At this point I can't guarantee anything, though. There is uncertainty as to our personal schedules for the next couple months.Thank you all for your continued patience and support. I do hope to provide everyone with an update soon. Stay tuned.
I am selling my lightly-used, yellow color Pro-Ject Debut Carbon manual record player with Ortofon 2M red cartridge. Included with this table are the upgrades: Pro-Ject acrylic platter ($125 new) and Pro-Ject record puck ($80 new). Also, I am including Zerodust needle cleaner ($45 new) and a Pro-Ject record brush ($15).  All of this for only $300, but only because they recently released an updated version of this table (which retails for $449).   It has been very well...
I am selling my -almost- new Audio-Technica AD900x open-back full size headphones. Imported fresh from Japan, including original box, 1/4" adapter, and paperwork. They have been used very lightly, hardly at all. I bought them simply out of curiosity, however they are rather entry-level for me. Only $120 + shipping! Free pickup if you live in Phoenix Arizona!
I'm selling my good condition Sennheiser Momentum over-ear headphones. Included is a blue, 1/8" termination copper Zy Hifi aftermarket cable, the original box, and the carrying case. Also included is the original literature. These headphones have served well, and have only a minor blemish to the brown paint on one side. There is also one small torx bolt missing on the headband, however the purpose it serves is purely cosmetic; no creakiness or instability in construction...
I am selling my customized Symphones Magnum X Grados with rare Rhydon anodized black aluminum cups, Headphonelounge genuine leather headband, Sennheiser HD414 yellow earpads, plus included optional L-cush and Auvio headband. These have been recabled (by @funch) with Canare quad copper cable and terminated with a gold-plated black aluminum 1/8" plug. The cable itself is very sturdy, and is colored to match the pads! Finally, the black Grado SR series cups have had their...
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