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Current listening setup at the moment: Emotiva DC-1 > MAC1700 vintage receiver > Polk SDA-CRS vintage speakers Things have morphed yet again! This is a temporary scenario, however; the McIntosh is currently listed on eBay, and the speakers are to be used in a surround system once my Parasound amp comes in. Just trading around to find my sweet spot (the B&W 801s were awesome, totally eargasmic, but took way too much space). In the mean time, more gear to enjoy for a...
Hmm... Interesting
 That's absolutely terrifying. I'm going to have nightmares now.
  A thing happened. But yeah, I need to elevate the B&Ws a bit more still, and add about 4" thick acoustic treatment to the entire back wall... In any case, still sounds fantastic! Running off the Emotiva XPA-200 at the moment, waiting for the last of two XPA-100 monoblocks to come in. (The second 801 seems to be cowering behind the monitor)
So this isn't exactly a vintage amplifier, but it is vintage, and it's awesome, sooo...   B&W 801 Series 80 :D
I find that with high power tube amps (expecially those in close proximity to one another; >=100 wpc), a power cable with better shielding can drop the noise floor fairly significantly. However, I wouldn't go beyond the cost of an Emotiva power cord for this. TL;DR it depends.
Hello, I'm sorry you missed this last meet! Generally, we will post a link to the new meet threads in the previous meet thread, so by simply subscribing here you should be guided right to the information once it's up! That is, assuming my brain functions correctly, hah.Stay tuned, we are aiming for September with regards to the next meet. Looking forward to it!
I quite like the Mk3 for modding, personally. Pads are much easier to apply and remove, and the foam insert on the ear side of the baffle is much more ergonomic than the usual dynamat or Silverstone.
http://www.head-fi.org/t/796747/january-30th-arizona-head-fi-meet-impressions YIS
Post your pictures and impressions here!
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