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BzzzzzT has  graciously provided several hand-made wooden headphone stands which will be raffled off at the meet- tickets will again be $10 each!
I bet those speakers are very transparent!
The meet is nearly only two weeks away! Much stoke. So then, it begs the question... What should I bring? Hmm... Would anyone be interested in hearing some absolutely overkill monoblock speaker amplifiers with their headphones? I have 250w of class D amplification or 100w of tube amplification, your choice! Also, does anyone wish to hear the Audio-GD Phoenix?
Haha, thanks Indeed, that is a cube of amazing games, the same one I had originally purchased with my hard-earned $100 as a young lad. Still going strong of course, 16MB memory card and all!
Ah yes, the lovely overkill! Gustard U12 > Wyred4Sound DAC2 > Jolida Fusion tube preamplifier > Murano Audio P-500S (250 wpc/8ohm class D IcePower monoblocks with Lundahl input transformers) > Robinette Box (speaker amp to headphone adapter, with resistor network) > Balanced T50RP mod ^.^ Moar powaaa
Okay guys, we got it! The reservation is approved! I have also paid the food/drink fee, so that these items may be brought into the rooms (just watch the gear!). Without further adieu, this is what we have scheduled:   The meet will be from 9:00AM to 4:00PM in meeting room A and meeting room B on the first floor of the Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday, September 10th 2016. Food and drink will be allowed, and there will be no entry fee of...
Okay, I went ahead and requested a reservation for meeting rooms A and B at the Burton Barr central library on September 10th from 9-4. This time, we should get it. Food fee will be paid as well.
Okay guys, looks like only September 10th is available, and only the meeting rooms at Burton Barr. So, tell me everyone: reserve the 10th, or wait to see if the October rooms are available? What works best for you guys?
New Posts  All Forums: