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I am selling my mint-condition KEF R500 floorstanders in gloss white finish. These were a bit of an impulse buy, but I have decided to instead invest more money in my headphone rig and active monitors. Very clear, detailed sound indeed, and will shine especially when paired with some good subwoofers! The original boxes are not present, unfortunately, however the original bass-port plugs and owner's manual are indeed included (along with associated hardware for the floor...
I am selling my Canton Ergo 91 DC floorstanders. They are in good working condition, with a few cosmetic blemishes here-and-there. There's nothing particularly wrong with them; I've simply decided that I prefer the sound of my Tannoy towers instead. These retailed for $3995 in 1998, if that means anything. Lots of dynamics!   Accepting local pickup in the Phoenix, Arizona area only, due to their size and the lack of an original box. Original metal grilles also included...
Great, hopefully you can make it! And hopefully it'll just so happen to be cool on whatever day we schedule. Everyone bring class-D amps! Just kidding.
Yes, when I play drum 'n' bass on my large system, I can feel the skin on my face stretch and compress along with various low sub notes, and at normal listening volumes. I also find that although I cannot rightly "hear" a whole lot above 10k, I can sense a slight 'tinlge' around my ears up to right about 16k, again changing slightly with frequency.
We'll be glad to have you!So, it seems the 17th of September is our strongest contender for the meet date so far, with the 24th coming in second. I do recall some other members expressing preference for a day later in the month as opposed to earlier, so I think we can eliminate the 10th as an option. Any more thoughts guys? Will likely go down to the library this week or next.
So, for dates it looks like we got September 10th, 17th, or 24th as our options (Granted, we still have to see which days the library has available!). Anyway, which of these dates look to work the best for everyone?
http://www.head-fi.org/t/811224/arizona-head-fi-meet-fall-2016   Go here guys!
http://www.head-fi.org/t/811224/arizona-head-fi-meet-fall-2016   ^Next meet starts here. Gogogogogogo!
Here we go! We've been thinking September, once again on a Saturday, once last time at the Burton Barr branch central library in downtown Phoenix. Thoughts? Suggestions? Our goal is to be able to reserve ourselves a nice conference room (or some such thing) next time!   The usual morning/afternoon times (approx 9-4) still work well for everyone? Can't wait to get this next meet underway!
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