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DT990 sound like what your looking for(big bass and soundstage) and are within your budget.
Read through the thread and found plenty on the sound but wondering how the isolation and sound leakage is on these also how good is the long term comfort on these like how many hours can you wear them comfortably.
Just got my pair and initial impression with zero burn in are it sounds pretty decent. Has a clear sound with an above average soundstage. Bass extension is good but bass quantity and impact are lacking. Going to burn it in with some bass heavy music for a couple of hours so hopefully the bass will increase after that. Sent from my Atrix 2 using Voodoo Magic.
I have the phillips she3590 which are just like the she3580 and there tiny even for iem and when placed in your ear canel extrude very little and sound pretty good especially considering the price I paid for them.
And as for the AD700 its the most comfortable pair of headphones for long term use I have tried I can easily use it for several hours even with glasses with no discomfort.  I like its sound the most headphones out of those I've tried(MDR V6 and modded HD 428)  Its got a a nice open sound with a large wide sound stage and decent imaging and instrument seperation(although could be better in that regard when things get to complex sounds a bit congested).  Its got good...
They where kinda lose at first but I took the steel wires on top and bent them together inorder to increase the clamp force initially it was kinda tight when I did at first but after some use it losened up to just the right size for my head still can't do serious headbanging with them but they stay or much more securely during normal use.
Try the CAD audio MH310 its a closed back version of the Samson 850/Superflux 668B
The Phillips Fidelio L1 Looks to fit alot of your criteria.   Try this video I uploaded fps games imo benefit the most from good sound and bad company 2 has some great sound in game make sure to watch in 1080p so its the least compressed.
Look better then the beats to me and are probably better built then the $300 studios as well.
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