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I wouldn't bother worrying about the listed frequency response for headphone its amongst the most useless specs and tells you nothing about a headphone.
Only the international version the NA version doesn't.  If you do get the international one though if you root your phone you can install vodoo audio and get the most out of the phones dac/amp supposedly can power 300ohm headphones well.
I would not get the AD700 if your going to be listening to mainly dubstep as well as gaming. The Superflux 668B or Samson 850 would be better for your needs.
I use EAC to rip my cd's to flac and MP3 tag to add album art to songs.  I use foobar2000 as my music player simple and light weight program but very customizable and does exactly what I want to do.  I like the fact that I can quickly browse and select which music I play by the folder structure which I my preferred method of organizing and viewing music to play, I don't like using id3 tags although all my music has proper tags.  Also I don't use playlist I pick an album...
Long cables do suck for portable use but you can always braid a headphone with a long straight cable to a shorter size its what I did with my htf600. Its now a much more manageable 3ft vs the stock 10ft wasn't sure what to do with it before this since I prefered how my eq AD700 sound to it for desktop use and the long cable was a hassle for portable use my iem was more convienent. Got to thank Mr.Nurse here on headfi for sharing the idea shows how the simplest solution...
Yeah I'm currently using my htf600 as portable full size there one of the smallest circumaural headphones around. They sound pretty good for there price and look nice and don't look goofy on your head not very flashy but I prefer it that way. They fit nice and snug on my head went running with my dog this morning with them on and never once felt like they where going to to fall off and did not get wind noise or cable phonics you get with iem. Isolation is poor and they...
Denon HP700 would be good for what you want and fit within your budget.
Denon HP700 for a portable fullsized(has a short cable but is coiled) or M-Audio Q40 if you don't intend to use them for portable use and for a portable on ear with a short non coiled cable look at the recently released JVC H-S500.  
Haven't used them but these sound blaster ear pads should work with some stretching they fit the 668b.  There an old thread where a member tried all sorts of pads on the AD700 and measured the response and pretty much any different pad was better at capturing the bass pressure then stock pads and the 668b pads where the best of the bunch of keeping the overall sound intact while giving more bass response.
I don't think using a sub while using the headphones makes much sense defeats the purpose of using headphones might as well use my speakers then if I'm going to make that kind of noise and low sub-bass is what bother people the most and travels the farthest.  I could see maybe using a tactical transducer with headphones to add some tactical response that all headphones lack but you'd still need the headphone to extend deep enough with enough authority for the heard bass...
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